Friday, July 22, 2011

The Gaseous Rhetoric One Is Clueless on Commissioner Ownby

The contracted writer whose name is synonymous with a product that produces gas at E.W. Scripps weekly provider of bird cage liner called the Slopper is losing it. Over at a local group chat room, where cat fights and an occasional dog fight might ensue. The Scripps contracted writer posted on July 20, 2011 at 5:24 p.m. in part "Burchett's still got a pretty solid bloc of votes - Smith and Owenby (sic) being the most faithful lapdoggies - ...." Here is a link to the page where the comment is located.

She is referring to Commissioners Robert Lawrence Smith and Jeff Ownby. First of all notice how lazy the contracted writer is that she is so disrespectful of Commissioner Ownby that she intentionally misspells his name. Secondly, to refer to Ownby as a lapdoggie of Mayor Burchett, it is obvious that the writer has missed something. As he voted AGAINST Midway, which was not what the Mayor wanted. In addition, Ownby voted FOR the Knox County Sheriff's Departments new cruisers, which was not what the Mayor wanted. I mean come on, if that is a lapdoggie then the Gaseous Rhetoric one writes for a Pulitzer prize winning publication and NOT the local bird cage liner. But, we know where she has spent her time writing, the Knoxville Journal, the Metro Puss and the Slopper. No Pulitzer prizes at any of those publications.

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Anonymous said...

Larry is definently not a fan of Burchett. Burchett has WAY to much sense, and is to good of a leader for larry to support. If they aren't corrupt, Larry isnt gonna support them. I bet Larry will run against Burchett in 2014. And will lose terribly. I can't wait!!