Monday, July 18, 2011

The Shopper Was Valuable Last Week, Thanks to Dr. Jim Tumblin

Evidently, I didn't automatically throw the Shopper in File 13 last week. In cleaning up my mail and stuff from my office today. I discovered a Shopper News bird cage liner. The problem I don't have a bird cage. So, I flipped through it, to see if surprisingly the blind squirrel found a nut and they lucked up on a good story. And lo and behold Dr. Jim Tumblin authored a superior story on the 1923 six week crusade by baseball player turned evangelist Billy Sunday held in Knoxville.

What a great story. Dr. Tumblin has additional photographs and information located here. I even cut the article out and it is currently sitting on my desk. It is a keeper. Thank you, Dr. Tumblin!

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