Friday, July 29, 2011

Bill Owen City Council @ Large Seat B

Bill Owen City Council @ Large Seat B candidate attended the Knoxville Mayoral Candidate pre-debate rally last evening. This morning he attended the every other week "Pinkston Breakfast" in South Knoxville. He is out early in the morning and late in the evening. This morning, he shared that he is the only candidate in the race for Seat B that is a father, a homeowner, a military vetern and an active attender of worship services.

I have known Bill for a long time. While he and I have disgreed on partisan politics over the years, he is the most active community activists. He is an active Democrat. Another candidate for this seat that is 100% Republican is my friend Buck Cochran. There is one other candidate in this race, that has some serious gaps in his voting record. He has NEVER voted in a City of Knoxville Primary election. So, as you get to chose two candidates in September, consider Bill Owen and Buck Cochran.

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