Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bo Bennett is Censored Tonight!

Bo Bennett the fifth candidate for Knoxville Mayor will not be on the stage tonight for the Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Debate. We blogged about the censoring of Bo Bennett 15 days ago, read it here. This was a decision made by Garrett Wagely, with the Knox Chamber Partnership and Bill Shory of WBIR (NBC affiliate) Mike Hammond, Operations Manager of WOKI 98.7 FM told me today that even though his station is a co-sponsor of the debate. He was unaware that Bennett was not being allowed to participate. When asked for his reaction to Bennett being censored. Hammond said, that is wrong.
Here Garrett Wagely with the Knox Chamber Partnership is interviewed. Wagely is the man that had to defend the censoring of Bo Bennett.
The man across the street is none other than Brian Moneyhun. Moneyhun was a one man protest for the censoring of Bo Bennett.
Moneyhun's sign speaks for itself. When did you think a good ole' Southern river city like Knoxville would allow a candidate to be censored?

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Steve Mule said...

I hate to break it to you but they're not censoring him - they're ignoring him. Bo Bennett is simply not a viable candidate. He has no money, no support and other than Brian Moneyhun no visibility.