Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Only Matters If You Are a Liberal

Poor ole Rachel Craig. She is a liberal, a far left leaning liberal. It seems that she got appointed to MPC as a Commissioner and she only served 2 years, she bemoans on the local liberal forum, read it here. She says she is upset that she is not being replaced by someone south of the river. That at one time, there were 2 appointees south of the river. Rachel Craig bemoaned so loudly that even the Big Metal Shed on the Hill wasted good quality bird cage liner on it, read that one here.

She is upset that Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett appointed Jeffrey Wayne Roth a resident from Karns. Really!?  I wonder if Rachel Craig is a native of Knox County? Is she a native of south of the river? If I were betting I say NO. I could lose that bet, had I placed it. However, I don't actually gamble, I just throw out a hypothetical or two. Here is the rest of the story. I have it on good authority that Mr. Roth is in fact a native of South Knox County. In fact he still have family members that are residents of South Knox County. So, all you flame throwing liberals, go back to bashing Mark Padgett or Madeline Rogero, Nothing Else To See Here.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Brian, you lose. This "flaming" liberal was born in the old Knoxville General Hospital on Broadway. My family has been in Knox County for 8 generations.

Although frankly, I don't care where someone is a "native" of. I care about where they live NOW. And the fact remains that there are now zero MPC Commissioners from south of the river. If there were zero Commissioners from west Knoxville you'd be screaming like a stuck pig.

I double dare you to post this.

Rachel Craig

Brian Hornback said...

Rachel, I don't lose. But you obviously failed reading comprehension. In that I wrote if I bet, which I don't. So if you don't bet, there's nothing to lose.

As to the argument that anyone living in South Knox being on MPC is what the people want, is not what I am hearing except for your little group no loyalist. As for if there were no west Knox commissioners I would be screaming. That is not true, I was raised in East Knox County. During my early years of marriage, my wife and I lived in East Knox Co and were active in a Holston Hills church, where I am an ordained deacon and elder.

we have only been in West Knox County since 1992. My requirements for a Commissioner is not where they reside but that they are fair and impartial. With all the rhetoric you are throwing around, you obviously had an agenda.

You and I have never met or talked with one another. I would be curious if you are as mean, condescending and obnoxious in person as you are on the blogs.