Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hardin Valley High School still Over Budget

In September 2006 the Knox County Commission authorized an additional $6.0 million dollars to the Knox County School Board for the Hardin Valley High School. The HVHS project already at $44.0 million on the fourth Monday of September became a $50.0 million dollar project.

Imagine everyone's surprise that at the October 17, 2006 Progress meeting where no Knox County School Board or Knox County School District employee attended it was revealed that the project is still $1.3 million over budget.

From the progress meeting notes on page 4 of 5

Section 1.14 Construction Estimate:

Update - The current estimate is still approximately $1,300,000.00 over budget. the project team is working on additional measures to reduce the cost and will continue to work on the current bid packages out.

Action - MCI will provide the revised construction estimate on 10/24/06

Note: MCI = Merit Construction, Inc.
10/24/06 Progress meeting notes will be reviewed by the Brian's Blog team.

The question: Is the $1.3 over budget, over the intial $40.0 million dollar budget, the revised $44.0 million dollar budget or the approved $50.0 million dollar budget.

Either way that bust the PR balloon that the KCSB and KCSD has the project on time and on budget.

KCEA Encourages its Members to Coerce and Intimidate an Elected School Board Member

KCEA is encouraging its members to coerce and intimidate a Knox County School Board Member. In a written correspondence to its members the KCEA President informed them of the following:

Don't know if you have read today's paper, but there's an article about last night's board workshop. Cindy Buttry stated last night that she is going to take personal privilege and pull the health insurance item off the agenda on Wednesday night..........

Now, Mrs, Buttry is trying to get some numbers, and I believe she may be asking that the board pay MORE towards our insurance. BUT, if she pulls the item it will affect our December paychecks, January will be a retroactive adjustment, and it will be confusing for employees,..........

The notice gives Mrs. Buttry's email address and home phone number encourages the members to be polite when contacting her and telling her not to pull the item. (is it necessary to inform them to be polite?) It also ask them to attend the board meeting on Wednesday evening and tells them it is the room where Commission normally meets (Do the teachers not know where the Main Assembly room of the City County Building is?)

This notice was apparently sent by KCEA President Kim Waller.

A couple of observations from Brian's Blog. If it is delayed for 30 days, it would be brought back to the board at the December meeting, not the January meeting. If she desires Mrs. Buttry could delay for two weeks, until the November 20th meeting. The Board Chair can also call a voting meeting at anytime with a 48 hour notice given to KCEA and the media. This comes from Knox County School Board policy BCBB 1/2000.

If Mrs. Buttry is successful in adding more money, that would be a good thing. It would continue to reduce the employees contribution thus giving more money in the employees paycheck. If they are successful, KCEA is for leaving money in the school budget that will NOT impact the teachers salaries and paychecks.

John Kerry

The following comments were made by former Democrat nominee for President. Kerry should be removed from office as a United States Senator.

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq."~ John Kerry

As Tennesseans, we must remember who served Kerry as the Tennessee Campaign Chairman, the Democrat nominee for Senate from Tennessee the man that votes more like Kerry than any other candidate. You are known by the company that you keep.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day XI

By location

Downtown West 1,818
Farragut Town Hall 1,118
East Town Crossing 950
Halls 793
Chapman Center 397
Courthouse 463
Five Points 223

Total for October 30, 2006 4,702
Total for 11 days of Early Voting 42,394

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day X

By location

Downtown West 1,184
Farragut Town Hall 659
East Town Crossing 651
Halls 467
Chapman Center 235
Courthouse 56
Five Points 225

Total for October 28, 2006 3,477
Total for 10 days of Early Voting 36,632

Monday, October 30, 2006

Knox County School Board

You read it here first. Last week, Vice Chair Cindy Buttry wanted the people to speak at the November 20 th workshop. The Board Chair said No. Alot of information has been communicated to the communities. The Knox County Council PTA newsletter has a statement from County Council President Anne Haston saying read the letter in this mailing from the Board Chair there will be NO public forum at the November 20th Board meeting. The West Valley PTSA newsletter states that the meeting is November 29th.

And then this meeting tonight. Thomas Deakins mentions that he would like to have public forum at the Nov. 20th meeting (just like Cindy Buttry suggested last week) and it appears they may public forum on the 20 th. I guess it depends on who ask the question and what kind of mood the Chair is in.

Then there was some questions raised about some previous board actions that stipulated being brought to the board in November. The Board Chair said that doesn't matter. To which another board member raised point of order.

By the end of the meeting the Board Chair declared this meeting is dismissed. With microphones still on. Former Chair Dan Murphy pointed out you should have taken a motion to adjourn. The Board Chair said I don't care we are done.

Well, technically you are not done. The meeting is still under way, if you haven't adjourned the darn thing.

You really need to watch the board meetings, its the cheapest ticket in town. With adults acting like the students in your local middle school.

It appears that the honor roll, those students that act more like a governing school board are Cindy Buttry, Thomas Deakins, Robert Bratton, Rex Stooksbury, Dan Murphy, Sam Anderson, Indya Kincannon and Jim Williams and then there is the character in the corner of the classroom with the cap on their head.

Awesome Political TV Commercial

BREAKING NEWS: Knox County Election Commission in a Compromising Position

UPDATE: Beginning tomorrow the KCEC will begin using a Tim Graham property for an early voting site. The Expo Center located at the corner of Merchants Drive and Clinton Highway. Graham Development owned by Tim Graham is the sole benefactor of this one man one vote land grab ballot question by the City of Knoxville.

Keep in mind the husband wife legal team of Pam Reeves and Charles Swanson are in the mix on this one. Pam Reeves, Chair of the Knox County Election Commission and Charles Swanson is the legal counsel for the City Council of Knoxville.

UPDATE: The Knox Conty Election Commission is required by law to provide a sample ballot for all ballot contests. There is and has been no sample ballots posted at the early voting locations. The Democrat controlled Election Commission should not be allowed to follow the laws they want to follow.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in. It appears that Citizens for Home Rule has caught the Knox County Election Commission in a compromising position.

The questions are:

Is Greg Mackay at fault?
Is Election Commission Chair Pam Reeves at fault?
Is the State of Tennessee Election official Brooks Thompson at fault?
Is it collusion on the husband and wife team of Charles Swanson, Attorney for the City of Knoxville City Council and his wife Election Commission Chair Pam Reeves?

The facts are simple:

1) An item was placed on the ballot without the full Election Commission's consent. Sources have confirmed that Paul Crilley a Republican member was never asked and the item was never brought to an election commission meeting to include the city charter amendment.

2) A sample ballot was not published in the daily paper until the first day of early vote. It must be published 5 days prior to early vote.

This issue needs a district attorney at a minimum or a grand jury investigation immediately.

Here is the letter to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale from Citizens for Home Rule.
Dear Mayor Ragsdale:

Another greedy sales tax grab by the City of Knoxville is looming, this time aided and abetted by shady dealings at the Knox County Election Commission. Here are the known facts at present.

1. The City pays Tim Graham $2 million to agree to annexation of the new Lowe's on Chapman Hwy south of John Sevier Hwy. This is OUTSIDE the urban growth boundary. The only authority cities have to annex outside their UGB is by referendum.

2. Greg Mackay and/or Pam Reeves have authorized a ONE VOTER "referendum" without authorization of the Knox County Election Commission itself. It is my understanding that this single voter is an employee of Tim Graham who took up residence quite recently, just long enough to register to vote there. This situation has led Commissioner Paul Pinkston to wonder whether it constitutes bribery.

3. The City Council's attorney, Charles Swanson - husband of Pam Reeves - assured the Council that the payment to Graham and the referendum are legal. Reeves caught her husband and herself in a grotesque conflict-of-interest by bypassing the Election Commission and ignoring election law.

4. There is NO sample ballot for this single-voter-referendum which is a violation of election law. TCA 2-5-211 (a) says, "The county election commission SHALL provide two (2) sample ballots for each polling place. . .".

5. The notice of the "referendum" was placed in the News-Sentinel on Oct. 18 the day early voting started. This violates election law 2.5-211 (b): "The county election commission SHALL, at least five (5) days before the beginning of an early voting period and at least five (5) days before an election, publish a sample ballot in a newspaper of general circulation."

6. The description of the area subject to the annexation "referendum" in the Oct. 18 notice is gibberish. It refers to two separate Exhibits (one of them a map), neither of which was published.

All of this points to a hasty, error-plagued, conflict-of-interest ridden, illegal scheme for the City to raise lots of tax revenue without a tax increase. Under the color of "democracy" the City is using a referendum - which was engineered to deliver a known result - as a smoke screen to transfer wealth to an already wealthy developer who was constructing the development anyway. It is morally bankrupt to tax average working people for the benefit of well-connected, well-heeled investors. It also robs Knox County coffers for the benefit of the City, thereby transferring a greater part of the burden of government to County residents. When the City picks the pockets of County taxpayers it cannot be said that they are being a good neighbor or a partner. Partners don't steal from each other. I hope you will order the Knox County Law Director to challenge this election and preserve the Knox County tax base. If you fail to act I fear this will be the first of many such annexation "referenda."


John A. Emison
President, Citizens for Home Rule, Inc.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Check out this new TV Sitcom of and about the Democrats in Arkansas

Arkansas Governors race and the "Gay" Issue

Halls Had It

You hear the old saying Halls Has It and then Hump over in Powell trademark's penicillin will cure it.

Well, my friend Jake Mabe over at Musings from Mabe. BTW, Jake. How about them Cardinals. Back to the story, this post over at Jake's blog has it that Halls has lost its one and only movie theater.

The movie theater was owned by Danny Wallace, a former State Senator and one of them good Democrats. O.k. There are three or four good Democrats and Danny was one of them.

From time to time mine and Danny's paths would cross. Boys Club basketball, where both of our boys played or when we both got our haircut at the same place. By the way Danny. I have lost most of mine, I don't need to get it cut much anymore.

It has become increasingly difficult for the little guy to make it with digital movie projectors and the like. Regal Cinemas is headquartered in Halls and maybe they can bring a theater to Halls. If the number 1 employee at Regal Halls guy Ted Hatfield has anything to do with it. I am sure they will.

Best of luck and God speed to Danny and the family.

Bad Boy

I have just completed reading John Brady's now out of print book. Bad Boy The Life and Politics of Lee Atwater. I purchased it off of amazon.com. I am surprised that I missed this one, when it first came out in 1997.

Lee Atwater was a complex individual having witnessed tragedy in his life at an early age. He developed into a focused man working through the grassroots College Republicans up into the RNC Chairman.

In the 1988 Bush - Duakakis race, Atwater was credited with the creation of the Willie Horton ad. He didn't create the ad, as a loyal Chairman he did not come clean with the identity of the creator. As a young Republican National Committee Chairman on the top of the world, he developed a brain tumor and continued to live life to its fullest.

The last conversation Atwater had with Mary Matalin was when she telephoned him to wish him a Happy Birthday. He said the economy will get worse and Bush and Sununu were going to face a bad economy in '92 and wouldn't know how to handle it. And for Mary he offered on bit of advice: "Quit dating Democrats."

He was prophetic about the '92 issues and how Bush and Sununu wouldn't be able to handle it. I only wish Mary had heeded his advice. No one should marry someone unequally yoked.
Atwater was an interesting political figure. He accomplished so much in so little time. As individuals involved in politics, Atwater is the study and the one we all wish we had the Atwter touch.

RIP, Lee. You deserve it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day IX

By location

Downtown West 1,571
Farragut Town Hall 993
East Town Crossing 737
Halls 721
Chapman Center 331
Courthouse 258
Five Points 91

Total for October 27, 2006 4,702
Total for 9 days of Early Voting 33,516

Friday, October 27, 2006

Compare the Two Party Candidates for the U.S. Senate. Fair and Balanced

Compare the two party candidates (that's Republican and Democrat, for any tabloid journalist reading this) positions on the issues. Here is a great comparison piece.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day VIII

By location

Downtown West 1,460
Farragut Town Hall 907
East Town Crossing 774
Halls 704
Chapman Center 410
Courthouse 318
Five Points 161

Total for October 26, 2006 4,734
Total for 8 days of Early Voting 28,454

Knox County School Board Breaks Promise to Community about discussion

Here is the current schedule for establishing a zone for Hardin Valley High School this is taken from the Knox County Schools website:

Monday, Nov. 20 Andrew Johnson Bldg. Board Work Session, Boardroom, Presentation/Board Discussion of proposed zone for HVHS

Monday, Dec. 4 Fulton High School, Auditorium, Work Session, Public Forum of proposed zone for HVHS

Wednesday, Dec. 6 City/County Building, Board of Education , Large Assembly Room, Public Forum and Action Concerning HVHS Zone.

The Vice-Chair of the School Board Cindy Buttry made a point at the meeting this past Monday about the previous announcement of public discussion to be held on Nov. 20, 2006. The School Board Chair said that Vice-Chair Buttry was lying. Buttry and School Board Member Thomas Deakins attended all three meetings and stayed until the last parent left. The same can not be said for the Board Chair.

Here is a post from October 19, 2006 on Thomas Deakins blog.

HVHS School Zones - Meeting Schedule

Just in case you thought you should be at the meeting this coming Monday, October 23.

The School Board will meet this coming Monday night for our middle of the month work session. We will receive a summary of comments and suggestions from our community meetings. The School Board will not be presented with the proposed zone for HVHS.

We will not discuss the proposed zone until our meeting on November 20.
I will keep you posted on upcoming meetings.


The second slide in the presentation at the community meetings say/said (Because Brian's Blog is sure the slide will change after this post. We have a copy in the archives)

Monday November 20 - Andrew Johnson Building - Board Work Session Presentation/Discussion of proposed zone for HVHS

Monday December 4 - Andrew Johnson Building - Board Work Session Discussion of proposed zone for HVHS

Wednesday December 6 - City County Building - Board of Education action concerning HVHS zone.

Apparently the word discussion has separate meanings from the slide of Nov. 20 and Dec. 4th. The Board Chair has moved (NOW) the only meeting for Public discussion 20 miles or more away from the communities affected. To a location without an interstate exit ramp. The Broadway exit off of I-40 east is no longer present and available. Email the Board Chair here, or phone 865-675-0236 or 865-300-6443.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rick Santorum

This is why Brian Hornback likes Senator Rick Santorum. No going along to get along career politician. An elected official that takes a stand and doesn't give an inch. There are too many rubber stamp behind closed doors off the record politicians. We need more individuals like Rick Santorum

Chad Tindell is at it again

UPDATE: I have been told that Chadwick B. Tindell is now saying that he has never used the word blackmail. I am relying on the stories that have been told to me by several members of the Knoxville media that have asked me for background information on what Chad has said to them off the record since the Saturday newspaper hit the streets. I have NEVER shopped a story off the record to make a story appear in the media. Chad can say these are his friends. He maintains that is talking to his friends and they just happen to work for the news sentinel, citadel or a tabloid. Whatever.

Sidebar; Chad wasn't pleased on Saturday morning that his friend released his emails to her employer for publication or at least that is what he communicated to me.

This post is directly from Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog.

I have been contacted in the past three days by various media representatives in Knoxville. They are asking about background information and trying to determine if the latest contact they have received from Chad is accurate and what is the motivation for him talking to them 10 months after the alleged incident occurred.

I have been active in Republican campaigns since 1982. I am known as an activist Republican. When Chad made the decision not to run for Chairman in late 2004. I was approached by many individuals and made the decision to run.

This past Saturday some emails were published on the knoxnews website that were sent back and forth about my election as Chairman. In these emails Chad would say to various media persons "You didn't hear this from me" or other off the record type comments. The various media persons responded back with some personal views of their own about and toward me.

I am accustomed to individuals having a different or opposing view regarding positions that I take or have taken. A person that has been active with political campaigns for as long as I have and/or has served as an elected official for four years as I have understand that people at times become juvenile and say things that they may or may not mean in the heat of the moment. It is interesting to note in the emails that were published Saturday that Chad was attempting and in part was successful in spreading dissension and attempting to create dis unity within the party. I am proud to say that during the local 2006 elections the Knox County Republican Party was more unified than it has been in a number of years.

In the conversations where the media have contacted me the past three days. I am being told that Chad is communicating off the record through phone conversations to various media and that he may have even said on The Voice on AM 1180 on Monday that he was blackmailed in January 2006 with these emails. I do not know if he was or wasn't. I will leave that up to whomever conducts the investigation into Chad's claim. What I find interesting in this latest Chadwick incident is that he is now again spreading a rumor to create a story.

Had I been in his shoes as a judicial candidate I would have stepped forward in January and created some sympathy for my candidacy. In hind sight if I didn't jump on it in January and report it to the authorities at the time than I probably wouldn't report it 10 months later.

2006 was not the first time Chad has been unsuccessful for elective office. In 1998 Chad was defeated for a seat on the County Commission by County Commissioner Phil Guthe. There was a vacancy in 1998 in which the seat was up for grabs.

I feel it is unfortunate that Chad's emails were taken and spread about town as they have. I have been a victim of theft and I find it is a violation of your person and your property. It could be as sinister as it has been portrayed or it could have been someone with access using his username and password. That could be identity theft or a person with authorization. I do not know the answer to that. That is for the appropriate authorities to figure out.

My wish is that

1) That folks do not feel so motivated to resort to name calling and using dirty mouth language.
2) That individuals report incidents when they occur.
3) That individuals do not resort to whisper, rumor, innuendo and anonymous postings or communications about people or positions.
and finally
4) As Republicans let's work for a sweep of all Countywide elected offices and a Super Majority on County Commission. A Super Majority is 13 and for the next 4 years there are 14 Republican County Commissioners. On August 3, 2006 the Republicans swept every Countywide elected position that the Democrats challenged.

Ford uses racial slur

UPDATE: The Ford machine spun into overdrive yesterday and this morning, convincing Sean Hannity and others that Ford, Senior said Trakker. Brian's Blog has listened to it several times and it still comes off as Krakker or Cracker not Trakker. It is hard sometimes to completely understand a recording.

Have you noticed that when Ford, Junior says Don Sundquist, it comes out as Dunn Sundquist.

This video first reported yesterday on Brian's Blog has Ford, Senior trying to strong arm the Fox affliate television station in Memphis to remove their cameras from a National Right to Life press conference.

A source of Brian's Blog identified a racial slur that came out of Ford's mouth. Upon further review, Ford in fact refers to the while gentleman with the National Right to Life as a "Cracker". "Cracker" is a racial slur.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day VII

By location

Downtown West 1,369
Farragut Town Hall 925
East Town Crossing 711
Halls 700
Chapman Center 339
Courthouse 341
Five Points 150

Total for October 25, 2006 4,535
Total for 7 days of Early Voting 23,719

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day VI

By location

Downtown West 1,411
Farragut Town Hall 882
East Town Crossing 732
Halls 710
Chapman Center 357
Courthouse 252
Five Points 108

Total for October 24, 2006 4,452
Total for 6 days of Early Voting 19,184

Ford, Junior believes women should be covered up

Ford, Junior just appeared on Fox and Friends and one of his statements regarding the last RNC commercial is "she looks naked from the shoulder up"

What does he want, all women to be forced to wear veils? Is an exposed neck acceptable with Junior? Because with Junior's statement exposed shoulders are not acceptable. If the neck should not be exposed. What is acceptable to be exposed?

Maybe Junior doesn't believe women should be seen at all. After Junior's statement, there are many questions that need to be answered.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Congratulations to Taylor Jones 8th grader

This from todays Knoxnews website. Read the story in Thursdays edition of the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Taylor Jones is a former winner of the Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair. The SASEF is open to middle and high school students throughout East Tennessee. The 2007 fair will be the 55th and will be held at Thompson Boling Arena March 5-7, 2007. The deadline for entry in this years fair is February 21, 2007.

I currently and for the past four years have served on the board of SASEF. A PSA (Public Service Announcement) was cut yesterday and will begin airing soon. Check out the SASEF website, here.

Ford, Senior says it isn't Fair

Here is the link to watch Senior.

Ford, Senior was upset that a Pro-Life press conference was being held in front of Ford, Junior's campaign headquarters. So, he does what a Ford does best, he calls station management to lean on them to remove their camera. "this isn't fair", Senior said.

Hey, Senior at least the representatives of National Right to Life didn't crash little Junior's press conference or crash a Democrat BBQ. Have you witnessed the recent actions of your young'un?

Apparantly, NOT.

Ford, Junior Crashes another Republican Event

UPDATE: Here the Chattanooga Times Free Press has an excellent article about little Junior crashing another Republican event. Additional thoughts about little Junior crashing these events brings to mind that when he was growing up he wasn't taught better. It's O.k., little Junior. We realize you just don't know proper etiquette.

This evening Ford, Junior crashed another Republican event. The event was the Duncan Family BBQ held at the Knoxville Coliseum. Brian Hornback spoke with Congressman Duncan's staff and Junior was NOT invited to the event it is "open" to the public. Brian and a few other Republicans were standing around talking when Junior walked up and stuck out his hand to the Chairman.

The Chairman did not shake hands with the Ninth District Congressman for a couple of reasons 1) Junior has failed to respond to the email correcting the Congressman for when he shouted and called the Chairman a liar on talk radio when the Chairman correctly identified the voting record of the former Ninth District Congressman and 2) This was a Republican event.

There was an exchange between Junior and former Councilman Ed Bailey. Chairman Hornback asked Junior what is the deal with you crashing events? Do Democrats not have events that you can attend? Junior walked off and left the event shortly there after. A reporter for the Junior's hometown paper the New York Times approached the Chairman and Chairman Hornback opted to speak with a Washington based Chattanooga newspaper reporter. The reporter for Junior's hometown paper the New York Times approached again. The Chairman indicated he really didn't want to speak with a reporter from a paper outside the state of Tennessee. He initially responded to one or two questions and then it was time for Congressman Lincoln Davis. More about that later.

Blogger Voluntarily Conservative witnessed the Lincoln Davis conversation and some of the Junior exchange. We are sure he may report on his view of the evening. Go check it out.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day V

By location

Downtown West 1,141
Farragut Town Hall 777
East Town Crossing 618
Halls 518
Chapman Center 296
Courthouse 209
Five Points 80

Total for October 23, 2006 3,639
Total for 5 days of Early Voting 14,729

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bob Corker and the Secret Weapon

The secret weapon has been unveiled by the Bob Corker campaign today in this television commercial. Our Democrat opponent has no secret weapon like this.

Bob Corker on the Two Biggest Endorsements of the Campaign

Check out the two most important Endorsements that Bob Corker has received in this election. Will our Democrat opponent have any endorsements like this?

School Board Vice Chair Cindy Buttry takes a stand to hear from the people....While the School Board Chair decides to rescind a previous decision

Last evening at the School Board Workshop Vice Chair Cindy Buttry took a stand asking that the HVHS zone line be released prior to the November 20, 2006 Workshop where the zone lines will be presented with Board and public discussion. The School Board Chair immediately said, No there will be NO public discussion on November 20. Cindy Buttry said that is not what we told the communities.

Cindy Buttry is right. Cindy Buttry attended all three community meetings and stayed for the entirity of all three. Brian's Blog had numerous reporters at the Farragut High meeting and Brian Hornback along with various reporters attended the Bearden and Karns meetings. Even Russ Oaks last night indicated that they had informed the communities that they would be able to speak on November 20.

The Board Chair can not recall the statement from the Farragut meeting, because she attended less than one hour of the two and a half hour meeting.

To add insult to the communities injury. The Board Chair announced that they could not and would not hold the meeting at Andrew Johnson Building. The Small and Large Assembly rooms of the City-County Building are not available. School Board Member Robert Bratton said "Let's go to West Knoxville." The Board Chair said No. The communities will say we are favoring one community over another. The answer the Board Chair has come up with is to hold the meeting at Fulton High School on the north side of town in the shadows of the I-40 construction mess. There isn't even a Broadway exit from I-40 east, just past downtown for those traveling from West Knox County. Instead you will have to travel through the woods and over the bridge and through many red-light cameras. This could be a revenue scheme for the City of Knoxville. Increase traffic through the red-light camera intersections in hopes of catching a few West Knoxville cars running a yellow light.

TV Commercial - For God's Design

Check out this new television Commercial For God's Design.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Former TN Governor Winfield Dunn

Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn is the Chairman of the Jim Bryson for Governor campaign.

Brian Hornback has long admired Governor Dunn. When Brian talks with community groups and Republican clubs he often credits the former Governor as the architect of the modern day Republican Party in Tennessee. In these speeches Brian often uses a quote that Governor Dunn used in announcing his candidacy for Governor in the early 1970's. The quote "Support me if you can, oppose me if you must, but above all participate."

Brian is pictured here with Governor Dunn as they waited for the first Gubernatorial debate of 2006 to begin at West High School. The photo was taken by Suzanne Dewar.

Bob Corker on National Security

This commercial highlights the National Security plan of Republican Bob Corker. What is his opponents plan? He votes against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act.

Bob Corker on Healthcare

This commercial highlights Bob Corker's plan for Healthcare. Where is his opponent on healthcare? His opponents family has made thousands off of TennCare business.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day IV

By location

Downtown West 746
Farragut Town Hall 349
East Town Crossing 293
Halls 253
Chapman Center 125
Courthouse 37
Five Points 29

Total for October 20, 2006 1,832
Total for Early Voting 11,091

Sunday, October 22, 2006

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

Recently Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman was in Knoxville. He made a few media appearances, including an interview on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show on The Big Talker FM 100.3. He also attended a breakfast meeting with volunteers at the West Knoxville Victory office.

The following bio of Chairman Mehlman is taken from GOP.com

Ken Mehlman has served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee since January 2005. When elected, he presented four goals for his term as Chairman: Enact and articulate our reform agenda; Deepen and broaden the GOP so we’re growing our party; Work to elect the best candidates in 2005, 2006 and 2008; and, Institutionalize the grassroots focus.

Before his election as Chairman, Mehlman served as campaign manager for Bush-Cheney ’04, where Michael Barone called him “the structural engineer who turned the plans into reality.” Mehlman served from 2001 to 2003 as White House Political Director. Charlie Cook said that under Mehlman’s watch, “the White House political office has reached the greatest prominence in this administration that it's ever had.”

Mehlman was National Field Director for Bush-Cheney 2000, where he worked with the campaign leadership in all fifty states and the Republican National Committee to execute winning political plans and mobilize strong grassroots.

Before joining President Bush, Mehlman was Congresswoman Kay Granger’s (TX-12) Chief of Staff and Congressman Lamar Smith’s (TX-21) Legislative Director. He practiced environmental law in Washington and assisted campaigns in Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Georgia, as well as the 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns.

Mehlman is a graduate of Harvard Law School and received his undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

The photo of Chairman Mehlman and Brian Hornback was taken by Suzanne Dewar .

Saturday edition of the News-Sentinel

UPDATE to the UPDATE: 7:52 p.m. A certain tabloid publication with a tabloid Editor reports that as of 6:00 p.m. October 22, 2006 there was no Update. The time stamp is 4:31 p.m. for the Updated post. This tabloid inserted this item as a "Gossip or lie". Since this item is clearly a lie. Can anything this tabloid editor print be considered truthful? Enquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE: The posting of this item was pre-mature and a knee jerk reaction. Please accept the apology of Brian's Blog. Brian Hornback after studying the story and the emails on the knoxnews website has made the decision to not focus on comments from a few detractors and a couple of tabloid journalists more than 19 months ago. One of the detractors was unable to garner more than 25% of the votes in the May 2006 Republican Primary.

Chairman Hornback will continue to led the Knox County Republican Party. In his efforts the Party is unified and in the countywide election of August 3, 2006 the results were a County-wide Republican Sweep. ("The Countywide Sweep" is all races Countywide. District races are not Countywide. This explanation is inserted for the sole use of tabloid writers and editors of tabloid publications. The productive members of society, do not need an explanation.) The Knox County Commission is currently led by a 14-5 Republican majority due to Chairman Hornback's efforts to unify all members of the Party.


Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog read the Saturday edition of the Knoxville News-Sentinel online this morning. A couple of Scripps writers have written a story in today's paper. In addition Scripps published some emails on the Knoxville News-Sentinel website that discuss Chairman Hornback and the Republican Party Re-organization some 19 months ago.

Brian this morning and afternoon will be coaching the 2 youth soccer teams that he has coached since August 2006, he will enjoy the UT -vs- Alabama football game with family and friends. Sometime this evening and into tomorrow he will discuss with advisors closest to him what if any response is needed.

Any statements that will be made, will originate from Brian's Blog. This morning is the second time that Scripps reporters have failed to seek comment from him on stories written about him. The first story resulted in a complaint being filed with Scripps Publisher concerning a breach of journalistic ethics by one of its reporters.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day III

By location

Downtown West 1190
Farragut Town Hall 800 (BH of Brian's Blog was one of these early voters)
East Town Crossing 606
Halls 484
Courthouse 250
Chapman Center 316
Five Points 96

Total for October 20, 2006 3742
Total for Early Voting 9256

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sad News

Brian's Blog has received word that Rev. Bill Romines of Glen Oaks Baptist Church this afternoon has departed this life, to receive his eternal reward.

Brian's Blog request that you keep Rev. Romines family and the family of Glen Oaks in your thoughts and prayers.

Interesting Thought

Brian's Blog received the following in an email. While we are sure it is meant to be funny, but, when you think about it.


I don't know why the media is making such a bid deal over Bush having trouble with his Generals.

Clinton had trouble with his privates.

Ford, Junior takes a stand FOR a State Income Tax

Last evening, he attended an event for Bob Rochelle. He endorsed Rochelle. Bob Rochelle a Democrat from Wilson County was the State Senate Architect of the State Income Tax. While, Jimmy Naifeh was the Income Tax daddy of the State House.

Now little Junior is supporting the two daddies of the State Income Tax. You are known by the company that you keep. Ford, Junior wants you to have a state income tax. Shame. Shame.

A vote for the Demo is a Vote for a state income tax.

Ford, Junior Desperate and Drowning for Attention

He his beginning to snap. He crashes a Corker Press conference. Corker confronts him about his desperate actions. He begins to unravel and says I am going away. He probably had an appointment to go retrieve some porn industry contributions.

Don't take word of Brian's Blog of it. Check out the video. Junior can't lie about this one.

Knox County Early Vote Numbers Day II

By location

Downtown West 918
Farragut Town Hall 578
East Town Crossing 471
Halls 445
Courthouse 185
Chapman Center 241
Five Points 60

Total for October 19, 2006 2898
Total for Early Voting 5513

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Knox County Early Vote Numbers

Today was the first day of Early Voting. Here are the number of Voters by Early Vote location.

Downtown West 798
Farragut Town Hall 518
East Town Crossing 360
Halls 339
Courthouse 280
Chapman Ford Center 227
Five Points 93

Total for October 18, 2006 2615

Early Voting Starts Today and a New Bob Corker Commercial

Check out this new television commercial from Bob Corker.

Early Voting starts today and ends on November 2, 2006 at the following locations. The hours of operation are 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (Closed on Sundays)

Downtown West - Suite 4 (Formally Ladies Choice Fitness Center) 1637 Downtown West Boulevard.

Farragut Town Hall - 11408 Municipal Center Drive, Farragut, TN 37934

Halls Center - Knox County Clerk's office - 7028 Maynardville Highway

Chapman Ford Center - 6510 B Chapman Highway (next to Goody's Family Clothing)

Knox County Courthouse - 1st floor lobby - 300 Main Street

East Town Crossing - 4738 Centerline Drive

Knox County Clerk's office - 2364 MLK, Jr Avenue
On October 31, November 1 and November 2, 2006 the hours will be expanded until 8:00 p.m. with two additional locations. They are:

Knoxville Expo Center located at 5411 Clinton Highway. At the corner of Clinton Highway and Merchants Road.

University Center - 1502 Cumberland Avenue.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Candy Factory Lofts Auction

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog attended this evenings auction of the Candy Factory Lofts. If he got it correct the highest bid was $315,000.00 for a loft with an opening bid of $197,500.00. The square foot price is around $250.00 a square foot. Downtown Knoxville is now garnering more than West Knoxville in square foot prices. The foundry was nearly at capacity. The atmosphere was Great.

A revitalization of Downtown Knoxville is within view.

Hardin Valley High School Zone Line Parent Meeting at Karns

Brian's Blog apologizes for the delay in posting this recap of the Hardin Valley High School Zone Line meeting conducted at the Karns High School Auditorium on 10/12/2006. There were nearly 125 persons in attendance. Assitant Superintendent Roy Mullins, presented . Superintendent Charles Lindsey was absent and no announcement was made about his whereabouts.

School Board MembersRex Stooksbury, Jim Williams, Thomas Deakins, Cindy Buttry, along with the fifth district school board member were present. The Knox County Schools Central Office staff that were present included, PR guy Russ Oaks, Transportation guy Rick Grubb, Assitant Superintendent of Administrative Services Bob Thomas and Director of Secondary Education Ed Hedgepeth.

A similar (a few changes) presentation to the one given at Bearden High the previous week was presented. The floor was opened for citizen input and discussion. The following are general snipits from each speaker.

1) A Lady made a comment that she has one daughter at KHS that participates in the ROTC, and loves the academic aspect of KHS. She has another child that is under consideration for rezoning. She would like to have ROTC and classes offered at HVHS that are offered at KHS. Russ Oaks stated that the Supt wants the same HS experience as all other schools at HVHS.

2) Dr. William Nichols asked have you thought outside the box – he presented a proposal to make KHS a Junior High, keep Votec – students going to KHS split to Farragut and Bearden. KHS Jr. High would pull from Farragut/Bearden. Pull ninth grade out of the population, the numbers would stabilize and would be o.k. There is a lot of development in HVHS. Campbell Station Rd is to be re-configured. Campbell Station to end at the entrance of HVES. The exit @ Hardin Valley Rd. and Pellissippi at 8:00 a.m. is deplorable.

3) A lady spoke about how her community was rezoned two years ago, for the past 10 years her community had been rezoned to Bearden, Farragut, Karns. She commented on students that are Seniors driving on two lane roads . She also asked if ROTC will be offered.

4) A lady commented that she attended the Farragut meeting and that in discussions with others in the community since the meeting a week ago that in the area that houses 400 students. How many students are you looking to pull out of FHS, BHS and KHS? WVMS will be divided into three high schools. What sports will be offered? Her daughter is a cheerleader, the distance along the Pellissippi to HV is 13 minutes. In the early morning hours it is very difficult. Russ Oaks indicated that 400 students need to be moved out of the current enrollment of 2200 at Farragut. Approximtely 200 students need to be moved out of Karns and Bearden. She also asked how many students do you plan to have in the Freshman and Sophmore class?

5) A mother challenged Russ Oaks about re-zoning on Francis Rd. She indicated that she is a city taxpayer.

6) A students that identified herself as a Sophmore said It is wrong to do this without talking to the students, You are screwing with our lives. You are creating alot of pissed off kids. Kids that have anger issues may led to blowing up schools.

7) A parent asked about 35 minutes from FHS to HVHS on a bus and asked if transit time would be considered.

8) A mother from the Piney Grove Rd commented about time of the opening that her children will be Fr/So/Sr. – So/Sr will be on Varsity football, Fr will be a female involved in cheerleading/dance. Fr/So will have to go to Hardin Valley due to grandfathering. Sports and playing in college is the goal of her children. They plan to play football in college. She doesn’t want 2 sons on opposing high school teams.

9) A mother spoke about how her daughter was zoned for Hardin Valley Elementary and was then transferred to Cedar Bluff Primary. When will a decision be made? Russ Oaks said Dec. 6, 2006 18 months before the school opens. The plan is to appoint the Principal in time for the Principal to learn the students.

10) A mother asked about Robertson Road off Middlebrook Pk. Russ Oaks said nothing we have considered. Rick Grubb stated not one of the areas to be considered.

11) A gentleman asked if the slides in the presentation are available – Yes, on the web at www.knoxschools.org

12) A mother spoke from the Piney Grove area. She said that she had attended Karns High School, but that her kids do not want to leave BHS. Russ Oaks commented on going from a bulldog to a beaver.

13) A father spoke from personal experience that siblings in other schools wasn’t a problem. He is a geographer and would like to see how the school district arrive at its decision, so that he can check it out.

14) A FHS senior indicated that this is my third school change. Friendship will stay, if it is real. She moved from Arizona, 1800 miles. Education is what you make of it. Study habits are critical.

15) A mother from the Piney Grove area talked of how the right side of the road attends BHS and the left side attend West High. Instead of being rezoned to KHS go they be rezoned to West High School.

16) Where is Oak Ridge Estates, off of Oak Ridge Hwy. It is in Karns PRZ zone.

17) A students that identified herself as 12 years old indicated that she is now zoned for KHS and now now maybe rezoned to HVHS. She said have you thought about listening to the kids. She said that she has spent 4 years of elementary school years away from her best friends due to a previous rezoning.

18) A parent said to take Bearden out of the equation. BHS already gets split up from WHS. Russ Oaks said what you are saying makes absolute sense.

19) A student in the 7th grade at WVMS said I don’t care as long as we are all together. Doesn’t matter what HS as long as all my friends are there with me.

20) A father said that he is not as concerned of friendships, kids need a good learning environment. Why take so many kids from such a far distance from across the cities. He went on to point out that when you answered we will have to talk to TDOT about the traffic situation at Pellissippi Parkway and Hardin Vally, It sounds like you haven’t even considered it. Russ Oaks said, We haven’t. The father went on to say, You shouldn’t take from far sides of the city and transport them. Will you be busing. The Traffic is crazy.

21) A parent that lives in the gray area. Which consist of Snyder Road. As for the people with a Senior at Farragut High School, a Sophmore at Karns and another HVHS. He asked that the school district grandfather all students. There are currently 3 high school buses in his neighborhood with them going to separate schools. This is a little much. Will there be AP classes at HVHS. Knox County has a booklet that identifies the classes offered, but KHS doesn’t offer them all.

22) A father pointed out that HVHS in an area that is not densily populated. Was MPC data used. Russ Oaks gave an evasive answer. Was the option of expanding the three existing high schools with no new high school.

Russ Oaks indicated the projected enrollment would exceed 3000 students.

That means that the projected increase is 50% over an unknown period of time. Resulting is these capacity numbers.
FHS – 2200 – 3300
BHS – 1900 – 2700
KHS – 2300 - 3450

23) A father indicated that he had just moved from Maryland . He was thankful that the school district is building a new school. He asked that the school district look at development growth.

24) A parent asked When will the board decide what model to use; small community academy, traditional high school. The School Board Chair stated that she hopes the Superintendent will name a Principal first.

25) A man from Hardin Valley asked about sports. He asked that I know its in the plan, but if you’re plan falls short where will they play ball. Russ Oaks said it id the Superintendent’s intent to offer it all.

Junior want's you to Pray with him and for him for $12.50

The Rep, State Representative Stacey Campfield received an invitation to a Ford, Junior prayer breakfast for $12.50 here in Knoxville on Wednesday. If it is neccesary for Junior to have a fundraiser, then fine call it Bagels with Junior. But to insert a religious theme and charge people for it, is lowest of the low.

To pray it is now neccesary to pay Junior $12.50? This is shameful. Is this what he learned when he was forced to attend church? Do you recall what Christ did when he discovered the money changers in the temple? Here is a modern moneychanger.

Here is The Rep's posting from the Frank Cagle Comes Clean post on Brian's Blog.

The prayer breakfast for Ford that costs $12.50 to pray at (I would pray that he looses) is Wed Oct 18 at 7:30-9:00 am at the Crown Plaza Hotel ,Summit Ballroom. I wonder if the next time Jr. is on Gene Patterson will he say "I cant help it.I love Jesus!...And you can too for 12.50!.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Frank Cagle Comes Clean

This morning on The Voice, Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog asked Frank cagle if his endorsement of the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate had anything to do with his role in the failed Republican campaign for Governor four years ago.

Frank Cagle said The final straw could have been the hiring of Tom Ingram to the Corker campaign. Frank's endorsement is a grudge for four years ago. Corker never had a fair opportunity, unless he had hired Cagle like Van Hilleary did four years ago. Did Metro Pulse editors and ownership know that this endorsement was the result of a personal grudge?

After Frank answered the question in the affirmative. One question would have to be. Did Frank take some less than intelligent pills, this morning?

Hardin Valley High School Zone Line Parent Meeting Tonight in Karns

This evening at Karns High School at 6:00 p.m. will be the third and last parent meeting for discussion of the zone lines for the Hardin Valley High School.
Brian's Blog has been given a proposal that is being circulated within the Town of Farragut. This is an attempt to make Farragut High School exclusive for the Town people. Brian's Blog will be following up with a story about the history of the Town of Farragut and its relationship with the School System, within the next day or two.

Proposed Zoning Recommendation
For Farragut High School when new Hardin Valley H.S. Opens

If you have not already heard, there is a very strong possibility that all the residents of the Town of Farragut may not be zoned for Farragut High School when the Hardin Valley High School opens in the fall of 2008. Some non-Farragut residents may be zoned for FHS. Our community, the Town of Farragut, is about to be dismembered. This decision affects all of us with children and those without children. Because whether your child is in kindergarten or 8th grade, this decision will affect them. Do you want your child's friends to be sent to a different school once they reach 9th grade? I think we need to get EVERYONE in Farragut to see this as a common goal -- not just 7th and 8th grade parents. If you don’t have children, this could effect who wants to purchase your house someday.

Many people, often without good information, purchase homes in Farragut with the understanding that they would go to schools named after Admiral Farragut, the town’s namesake. The Town of Farragut doesn’t manage or own the schools. The schools are a function and responsibility of Knox County Government and the Knox County School Board.

However, other than the City of Knoxville and Town of Farragut, there isn’t another incorporated town or city in Knox County. We believe that makes us unique. While many moved here for the schools, others moved here for the deep sense of community. Farragut Schools were first built more than 100 years ago by the people of the unincorporated area now know as Farragut. Many years later, Knox County built new schools. The old school house was where Food City stands today – in the heart of Farragut. It once housed grades K-12 and was torn down in 1976. It was the people of the Farragut community who built the athletic buildings and fields for the current school buildings. Boundaries of the Town of Farragut have not changed since it was incorporated back in 1980. We feel that the residents of the Town of Farragut should have first priority for zoning to Farragut High School.

Here is how you can help. We need to work together to apply pressure on all levels of government leadership and the Knox County school administration to keep our community TOGETHER. The decision will be made before the end of the year. Schedule of events:

October 3, 6:00 p.m. in the Farragut High School Auditorium
October 9, 6:00 p.m. in the Bearden High School Auditorium
October 12, 7:00 p.m. Farragut City Council Meeting
October 12, 6:00 p.m. in the Karns High School Auditorium

Residents with students enrolled in the Farragut, Karns and Bearden High School zones were individually notified of these meetings in letters mailed through the United States Postal Service.

The current meeting schedule for establishing a zone for Hardin Valley High School is:

Monday, Oct. 23 Andrew Johnson Bldg.
Board Work Session-Boardroom Overview of Community Meetings

Monday, Nov. 20 Andrew Johnson Bldg.
Board Work Session-Boardroom Presentation/Discussionof proposed zone for HVHS

Monday, Dec. 4 Andrew Johnson Bldg.
Board Work Session - Boardroom Discussion of proposed zone for HVHS

Wednesday, Dec. 6 City/County Building
Board of Education - Large Assembly Room Action Concerning HVHSZone

We need people in each Farragut subdivision to act as liaisons to spread the word through emails and subdivision newsletters and sign get petitions signed for every neighborhood. We need people to attend the above meetings to show support for our community.

The attached PDF is a complete list of the government leadership in Knox County. As you will see, the Town of Farragut and City of Knoxville are the only city forms of government outside of Knox County. Obviously, the City of Knoxville is too large to have all its residents under one school. But Farragut is not.

Below is our proposal for the new zoning.

Recommendation Number 1: Start with the Town of Farragut Boundaries
The goal is that the rezoning will put Farragut far below its 90% building capacity. If everyone who resides in Farragut remains in the FHS zone, we would be below the 90% factor with room to grow.

Recommendation Number 2: Prioritize feeder schools such as Farragut Middle School
Until forecasted capacity is reached extend the area outside Town of Farragut boundaries to include students in the current Farragut Middle School zone.

Recommendation Number 3: Put our money where our mouth is!
Allow the Town of Farragut in exchange for the above zoning to purchase land to build a new K-5 primary school in exchange for keeping the above recommended zoning. Donate land to the Knox County School Board in the southwest sector of the Town for a new K-5 or K-8 school. OR purchase land in the SW sector of the Town and offer the land to the Knox County School Board for a new K-5 or K-8 school. In exchange for the Town donating sufficient land to build a K- 5 or K-8 school off of McFee Road or on another suitable site within the Town, the following conditions should be met:

1) If the Knox County School Board does not proceed with building a school within a fixed period of time (probably five years) the land would revert back to the Town without conditions.

2) If the Knox County School Board abandons the building as a school, the Town would have the option to purchase the facility at a fair market value.

3) The site plan and building must comply with the Town of Farragut regulations. This will result in a review by the Town of Farragut Municipal Planning Commission and inspections by the TOF building codes staff.

4) Other cooperative and joint uses of adjacent parks, playgrounds, and facilities should be enacted by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Alderman and the Knox County School Board.

If you agree with this proposal, please get involved.

If you would like more information or have additional suggestions please contact Pamela Treacy at Treacyfam@aol.com and 675-3949

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WBIR demonstrates Bias

Last evening following the U.S. Senate debate that was aired on WATE Channel 6 (ABC) and WBIR TV 10 (NBC). WBIR anchor Bill Williams, a Chattanooga area editor and Knoxville Attorney Don Bosch had an on camera "follow-up" panel discussion and interviewed the candidates.

As Knox County Republican Party Chairman, I received many phone calls and emails complaining of the nature of the follow-up broadcast as the attorney panelist took a different tone with Corker than with Ford, Junior. Many grassroots Republicans believed that it showed bias on the part of WBIR and Gannett in its ugliest form.

Today, I was informed that later this week, WBIR will tape a 30 minute segment with Corker and a 30 minute segment with the Democrat nominee. WBIR and Gannett have made the decision to not have the normal Inside Tennessee panel that would include Susan Richardson Williams and instead have Bill Williams (who participated in the episode, last night), Robin Wilhoit and John Becker (the new anchor, that I have personally met and believe he provides real promise for the station) The two 30 minute tapings will air as a one hour Inside Tennessee this coming Sunday.

As Chairman, I petitioned that Susan Richardson Williams be included on the panel. Bill Shory said No. I petitioned that Susan Richardson Williams be allowed to participate on the panel with the Congressman. Bill Shory said No.

Bill Shory contends that his on camera appearance this evening (during the 6:00 p.m. newscast) acknowledging "mistakes were made" and that WBIR and Gannett violated the Code of Ethics that as Shory's indicated are posted on the wall of the newsroom.

Interesting to note that in my conversation with Bill Shory less than 30 minutes ago, immediately after his on camera statement. He said. "I stand by the performance of Don Bosch last night as a panelist."

Right after Shory acknowledged bias and mistakes were made. The station launched a "news story" about a recent RNSC television commercial against who the Democrat nominee.
This race for the U.S. Senate has now reached fever pitch with WBIR and Gannett showing bias in the same manner as CBS and Dan Rather.

It is critical that we wage this war in the grassroot trenches, put out more yard signs, talk to more neighbors, send emails to your entire address book, make phone calls. We must stand with our candidate, Bob Corker, we MUST expose this Democrat candidate's real voting record. We are now not only running against the Democrats, but now the mainstream media that reside at 1513 Hutchison Avenue.

We all need to work a little harder for Bob Corker, Jim Bryson for Governor, Congressman Jimmy Duncan, State Senator Randy McNally, State Senator Tim Burchett, J. Randall Parker for State Representative, State Representative Park M. (Parkey) Strader, State Representative Bill Dunn, State Representative Frank Niceley, State Representative Stacey Campfield and State Representative Harry Brooks.

Contact Information:
Bill Shory email or 865-637-1272
Jeff Lee, WBIR General Manager email or 865-637-1010

Gannett Co., Inc.Headquarters 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22107 (703) 854-6000

Fighting Bias against Republicans!

Brian Hornback
KnoxGOP Chairman

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

FREE lunch..Today

FREE LUNCH today, October 10, 2006 with Bob Corker. 12:00 noon until 1:30 p.m. at the I-75 Expo Center, located at the corner of Clinton Highway and Merchants Road. Tennessee’s Senator and United States Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. will be a special guest at this FREE LUNCH. Come out enjoy lunch and support Tennessee’s next United States Senator Bob Corker.

New Developments in Tennessee U.S. Senate race

New details about a comment the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate made on Sunday. Check it out here.

Hardin Valley High School Zone line Parent Meeting at Bearden

The crowd numbered about 200, Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog along with numerous sources were spread throughout the auditorium. The meeting started at 6:02 p.m. The Superintendent of Schools began the meeting with the comment that this is the beginning of a solution for 4 high schools over the next 10 years, the intent is for all 4 high schools to house 1800 students. Today, BHS has 1900 students with mobile units. The potential impact to Bearden High School is minimal. He stated that the presentation from last week at Farragut High School has been "tweaked". The Superintendent then introduced a few guests including the Knox County School Board Chair, Vice-Chair Cindy Buttry of the 3rd district and Thomas Deakins "the new board member" Deakins actually represents the sixth district. The Superintendent must have forgotten. The board has directed staff to collect information and the information will be tweaked again before the Karns meeting.

The Schools Public Relations Representative indicated that there are some subject matter experts in attendance representing transportation, high school, curriculum, schools facilities, pba, two representatives of mpc and the Asst. Superintendent of administrative services.

On 10/23/06 an overview of information received at the three meetings will be presented to the School Board. Slide 10 of the 23 slides represent 21,000 students. The school system does not want to zone from one schools prz (parental responsibility zone) into another zone. The gray area from Karns to HVHS represent 350 students. The blue area location of Farragut would need to stay at Farragut. The pink area would need to stay at Bearden. The belief at first blush is these areas do not need to be rezoned. The yellow area need to stay at Karns. The entire white area is in play to remain or to be rezoned to Hardin Valley.

Comment cards were made available for those present to fill out and or to take and mail in to the central office. At this point the floor was opened up for discussion – "you will have more questions than we have answers."

It was revealed that properties entering westland drive like Bennington subdivision, Roefield and Manor @ Roefield are not in consideration. Gettysvue subdivision – is under consideration a parent that resides in Gettysvue said “we can get out on Ebenezer Rd, if we need to.”

A student asked will Hardin Valley High School have Football, track, soccer etc. – The PR guys said “that is our intent”

The questgrandfatherthering was raised. The answer was that no recommendation has been made to the bograndfatherthering. In the past, they have not zoned juniors and seniors. How about Transportation? – the board has never provided transportation for grandfathered students.

A well intended woman asked about allowing companies to provide tiles on a wall of fame to contribute to the new school. She stated "You are setting limits on our students." Brian's Blog will be interested in purchasing a tile for the Hardin Valley Wall of Fame, provided it says http://brianhornback.blogspot.com and www.brianhornback.com We will spend our one year advertising budget for a tile .

A resident of the Woods @ West Valley said "the property the school board first considered for the high school." "I am pleading with you I went to BHS, I have a student that will be a Junior at BHS and a freshman – two students at separate schools. Your job is to make it right on paper. Please consider grandfathering." A review of the traffic patterns around Geo. Williamsnecessaryneccesary.

A question was asked about Honors and AP classes at Bearden -vs- Karns and now Hardin Valley. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog three years ago examined the Honors and AP courses offered at Farragut, Bearden and Karns and they are comparable. The school district will examine how to manage the Honors / AP classes. It was commented that the school districts intent is to offer it all.

A question arose about grandfathering in juniors / seniors. Brian's Blog notes that this is rarely approved by the board.

Debby Monroe – a local PTA Representative spoke about the difference in intent / action and then insulted everyone present by saying "if people would attend commission / school board meetings, the outcome would be different." She spoke about Mr. Hedgepeth recently speaking to a parent group about , small academies acadamies, "students that stay together and form relasucceedips succed." She asked that Middle schools stay together.

A gentleman asked, Are the 4 high schools going to met our needs in 10 years?

Another gentleman asked about the Cedar Bluff community map. "My daughter just graduated from FHS, I have a daughter that is a junior at KHS and son that is an eighth grader." They could all three graduate fseparatee seperate high schools. The school system staff replied that we will need to look at areas recently rezoned.

Another gentleman asked about this "Intent –vs- reality: what consideration for students with gifts, athletic or academic."The Reprepresentativeresentative said that it is all speculative. The gentleman stated "If you add up Farragut white plus purple istudents50 studnets. The PR Representative then said "and the Farragut people say, Thank you."

A PTA Representative spoke about Parent friendly school – "if you parents drive out 10 – 20 miles, it isn’t parent friendly. Look at school districts – Have some faith – people will move. There is lots of land out there. She indicated that she graduated from Farragut High in 1988, a class of 688. She said, I had a parking place, never realized it was overcrowded." She concluded, "Sometimes we get caught up in numbers."

Another woman asked that the school district provide the number of transfers granted every year @ BHS and the number of guardian transfers every year @ BHS. The comment was made that Bearden High School is closed to transfers with the exception of
three types of transfer 1) Racially identified 2) NCLB. 3)we will have to report back the third.

Another citizen asked a question, How many zoning alternatives will there be? No answer was given.

A resident of Woods @ West Valley indicated that her oldest would be a freshman, there is a new subdivision being built across the street, with another subdivision under consideration. Traffic is a problem and transportation is a concern along George Williams Road.

Another resident indicated that she travels the backroads to West Valley and every morning Pellissippi Parkway is backed up, with traffic sitting, what time will the buses have to leave in order to arrive on time.

The PR Representative indicated that they waccumulateue to accumalate the list of options for the staff and board to consider. The School Central Staff will develop it into a proposal, it will then be posted on the website.

A resident rose and said "we know that you have conflicting needs, keep kids, families together, transportation. How would you do that at HVHS with onsophomoresen and sophmores. No band, no football. The schools PR Representative said "obviously there will have to be growth in the area. Comparable assets."

A gentleman rose and said "Do the builders that make good bucks. Are they in any way responsible for providing help? If not, can they?" What he is actually speaking to is impact fees. When a piece of farm land is developed into a 120 home subdivision, it provides a large amount of property tax revenue to support the school district. The Schools PR Representative said that these would need to be taken to the funding body - County Commission.

A gentleman rose and said. "The problem you have is there is a credibility gap with the Knox County Schools. Your talking to people that have poured their heart and soul into BHS and FHS to make it more than the normal minimal education requirements." "If the school system really means what it says, you will not force one kid to go to HVHS until you have everything, band equipment, sports etc.""If you canÂ’t do it right, donÂ’t do it."

A female speaker then rose and said her student has attended. Lotts, West Valley and now Bearden. She said the meeting last week with the residents of Farragut, they said that only Farragut residents should attend Farragut schools. She said, "Stop naming schools after communities, Farragut is an issue. Put the feeder schools together."She asked for the two repremetropolitan the Metropolitian Planning commission to identify themselves. "When you plan, think. Planniyou'remmission get you'r act together."

A resident of Cedar Bluff spoke and said "I have a student at Cedar Bluff Middle, I can’t vote for the fifth district school board member. My daughter goes to Karns High School, Cindy Buttry represents Karns High School, I can’t vote for her. Thomas Deakins – I can vote for you, you do not represent any schools that my kids attend."

A resident pointed out that traffic at Hardin Valley and Pellissippi Parkway is deplorable

A gentleman pointed out that the growth capacity at BHS is at 90% and FHS at 70% "What criteria will you use to determine which kids in the white area will go."

The PR Representative said that Traffic and Egress is a factor. That is why we are here.

A gentleman said "You have to be able to explain why your decision is what it is. You have to be able to quantify it."

Another resident explained that she and her family recently sold farm land in Hardin Valley near the High School. The Subdivision will have 120 houses and 5 other subdivisions are planned, nearby.

A lady ended the evening with "transportationpecurriculumsporation, curriculmn etc to quantify the plan that is presented. If you can make rational and quantifable reasons, I will go."

Monday, October 09, 2006

Brian's Blog Source was In-Accurate

Here Brian's Blog reported that a source indicated that Commissioner Ivan Harmon had pulled his sponsorship of this resolution. On Friday October 6, 2006, Brian's Blog was informed that Commissioner Harmon had not withdrawn his support. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog has talked with Commissioner Harmon this afternoon and he has indicated that he is still a sponsor.

This Brian's Blog correction is much better than anything the printed journalistic media in Knox County resort to. When Brian's Blog have a source that is in error, when we determine that we made an error, we always correct it.

Our apology to the Brian's Blog readers for getting this one wrong.

School Board Members Continue to Discuss Hardin Valley High School Zones

This morning on talk radio, Knox County School Board Member Robert Bratton and Southwest Knox County resident and journalist Leslie Snow had a conversation. Member Bratton indicated that in his opinion, he could take anyone along Northshore Drive to Hardin Valley quicker than to Farragut High School.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hardin Valley High School Zone Line Parent Meetings

At 10:21 a.m. this morning (Sunday, October 8, 2006) the Chair of the Knox County School Board sent a general email to everyone that has contacted her since the meeting on Monday. The email has also been sent from several schools email list.

In the email she states, "I have requested a few changes for the presentation on Monday and Thursday (at Bearden and Karns)" "I have asked that street names be labeled. I have asked that we spend more time really hearing what people are saying and less time defending. I have asked that we keep our own list of suggestions, (like, what would the impact be if we kept our middle schools together, or kept zip codes together) and we look at those things."

Brian's Blog concludes that if you attended the Farragut meeting, you need to attend tomorrow's meeting or Thursday's Karns meeting as the information will NOT be the same.

Monday October 9, 2006 Bearden High School at 6:00 p.m.
Thursday October 12, 2006 Karns High School at 6:00 p.m.

Hardin Valley High School Part IV

Board hires PBA for school project

Published on June 25, 2005, Article ID: 417067558

The Knox County school board did an about-face and voted 6-3 Friday to hire the Public Building Authority to oversee the new West Knox County high school construction project. But it's not a done deal.

The vote came with a condition -- the Knox County Commission must agree to pay PBA's $550,000 fee if PBA is unable to prove it saved the school district that much money.

The savings, PBA officials said, would come in part from closing

This is an article that was published on June 25, 2005. County Commission in September 2006 approved an additional $6.0 million dollars bringing the project to a $50.0 million dollar price tag. PBA has failed to keep their commitment to save the school districts price tag and maintain the $40.0 million dollar price tag.

Campfield Wins First Debate

State Representative Campfield debated his opponent for over 11 minutes on Tennessee This Week, this afternoon. Rep. Campfield proved to be the most experienced, articulate candidate in the race to best represent the citizens of the 18th District. Here is the photo from the WATE website. His opponent didn't even get face time on the photo.

Junior's perfomance in last nights debate

Hat Tip to Harold Fraud,Jr for this recap of the misstatements and the real record of the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Karyn Frist will be in Knoxville, Sunday October 8, 2006 for a book signing

Karyn Frist, wife of Tennessee Senator Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. will be in Knoxville on Sunday October 8, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. at Books A Million located at 8507 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 The phone number at Books-A-Million is 865-691-2665. Mrs. Frist will be signing her new book; Love You, Daddy Boy: Daughters Honor the Fathers They Love

Love You, Daddy Boy is a collection of short stories written by daughters about their dads and the effect their love and support had on their lives.

The title comes from the letters written from Karyn’s father to her while she was in college, always signing off with “Love you, Daddy Boy”

Among those who contributed to the book are First Ladies of the United States, Grand Ole Opry artists, Olympic Gold Medalists, a college basketball coach, prominent political figures, a Holocaust survivor, and an American soldier.

The women and their fathers represent a wide range of cultures and backgrounds – including women hailing from five different countries and twenty different states (including, of course, Tennessee….)

The book is not political, but is personal to the relationship between fathers and daughters; the women who contributed to this work include Democrats, Republicans, independents, as well as apolitical figures.

All proceeds go to three important charities: Eagle Nest, Childhelp and Autism Speaks

Please go to www.loveyoudaddyboy.com for more information.

Ford, Junior misleads the public..but, then again it's a family tradition

Check this and then this. Two different occasions where little Junior calls himself something he isn't. Surprise. Surprise. Just a family tradition.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hardin Valley High School Zone Lines

According to published school board member comments, the school zone lines are NOT set. That is contrary to the comments that the Transportation Supervisor for Knox County Schools has stated to two Brian's Blog sources.

In two seperate phone interviews, Mr. Ricky Grubb has indicated that all of the color portions on the slide presentation are zones that are set for the high schools with which they are identified.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Dems Can't Defend......

the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate. His record of more than 60 privately funded junkets, or more than 365 missed votes. So, what do they play? The race card. They say it is just like Willie Horton. Let me remind you that the facts on Willie Horton were correct and it is appropriate to take unflattering photos of your opponent and use them. No body forced Michael Dukakis to ride around in a tank. Looking like a groundhog on a merry go round.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Breaking News: County Commission Resolution

Here at Gene Patterson's blog, Gene is reporting that a Resolution calling for an investigation into the Mayor Ragsdale / Harber affair will be on the October 23, 2006 County Commission agenda.

It was reported elsewhere that Commissioners Moore, Cawood, Lambert and Harmon are the sponsors.

Brian's Blog has confirmed that the resolution has been presented and will be on the October 23, 2006 County Commission agenda. Brian's Blog sources indicate that Commissioner Ivan Harmon has withdrawn his sponsorship of this resolution.

Breaking News: News-Sentinel Showing Bias Against Bryson

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog has reported identifying at least 6 News-Sentinel employees at last night's debate. He spoke with Jack McElroy, Tom Humphries and Dianna Morgan. It is obvious that they are concerned about the Bryson performance and concerned with the Democrat nominee's performance last evening as they put this Breaking News on the Knoxnews website, this evening.

Bryson not the outdoorsman he claims
October 4, 2006

NASHVILLE — Though he described himself as a "hunter and fisherman" during a Knoxville debate, state Sen. Jim Bryson has never held a hunting or fishing license in Tennessee, according to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency records.
More details as they develop online and in Thursday’s News Sentinel.

No reporter is named on the byline. This Breaking News appeared after KnoxGOP Chairman sent the following email to the knoxnews webmaster at 1:28 p.m. this afternoon. If you view the story online, there is an opportunity to leave an online comment. Here is the on line Question:
Comment on the debate between Gov. Bredesen and opponent James Bryson.

The Chairman's email read:

Subject: Comment Link for Gubernatorial Debate

Comment: Why do you have Senator Jim Bryson listed as James Bryson? He is currently a State Senator. He has never been listed as James, ever in this campaign. What kind of bias, are you using?

Brian Hornback KnoxGOP Chairman

This appears to be the New-Sentinel showing Bias toward the preferred candidate of the democrat variety for Governor.

Breaking News: New Bob Corker TV Ad

Be the first in your neighborhood to see it. Here is a new Bob Corker television ad.

Metro Pulse on the PBA

A recent Metro Pulse "Ear" item is very revealing much about the PBA. (Public Building Authority) The agency that is responsible for the new Hardin Valley High School. The high school that is $10 million dollars over budget. How long and how costly could lawsuits drag out the high school?

On Time, on Budget?

The Knoxville Convention Center was (and often announced to be) built on time and under budget. Denark Construction, after completing construction of the Convention Center, has continued to bill the Public Building Authority for $900,000 in costs disallowed by then-project manager Dick Bigler. At the last negotiation the amount has been reduced to $300,000.

The on-going dispute has been the subject of meetings between Denark and the PBA since the convention center was completed in 2002. Recently, the city law department filed suit against Denark and the architect over some “warranty issues” having to do with the convention center.

Here is the link.

Parent Meeting at Farragut High School about Hardin Valley High School

UPDATE: One of the Brian's Blog reporters has revealed that last night at the meeting, the comment was made that Concord Road and the lake would make natural borders. But, they say that no lines have been drawn. That appears to be "borderline dishonest", in the words of the Democrat nominee for Governor. The reporter also indicated that the school district made the statement last night it will take many years for the Hardin Valley community to sustain this high school on its own. All the more evidence that this site location was a poor choice.

There were comments how those individuals living in the new Farragut zip code of 37934 should go to the high school exclusively. It appeared to many at the parent meeting last night that Farragut's 37934 has become the East Tennessee version of 90210. The Town of Farragut is home to the recent Super Sweet 15 as detailed in the News-Sentinel on Sunday.

First of all, Kudos to Thomas Deakins and Cindy Buttry (Sixth and Third District School Board members) for attending the entire parent meeting. Others couldn't stay. One previous engagement was revealed in a previous post.

Second, The Knox County Schools PR Department refused to provide handouts to those in attendance. The information is not even on the Schools website, which should have been loaded onto the website this afternoon, prior to the meeting. The PR Representative said they would try and load it onto the website tomorrow.

Third, the Transportation Representative indicated several times that it is 8 miles from Westland Drive to Hardin Valley High School on the Pellissippi Parkway, thus indicating that Hardin Valley High School will become the West Valley Middle School Northwest.

The Town of Farragut appears to be holding the current Farragut High School hostage to only be used for the town folks. The transportation Representative evidently hasn't driven from Village Green to the Hardin Valley site, however a Brian's Blog reporter has been dispatched to do that.

Placing bus loads of students on the Pellissippi Parkway with speed limits of 70 mph and crossing I-40 is a short sighted fix. Short? There is a line there. Brian's Blog is digressing.

So it appears to the several Brian's Blog reporters in attendance that if you live in the West Valley Middle School zone, you likely will be zoned for Hardin Valley High School. There will be another meeting at Bearden High School on October 9, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. and Karns High School on October 12, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.

One parent rose at the meeting and informed the School Board and staff. "You are not ready for this meeting." Many parents left in shock of the lack of preparation on the staff and Boards part.

NRSC New Television Ad

Here is a link to a New television ad that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has for the U.S. Senate campaign in Tennessee.

Demo nominee refuses to answer Hallerin Hilton Hill question

During the debate, Hallerin Hilton Hill asked two rapid fire questions of Republican candidate and State Senator Jim Bryson. The second question was Have you had a ticket fixed? Ever? Jim Bryson's answer was No.

The Moderator asked if he wanted to ask the Democrat nominee the questions. The Democrat candidate said No.No. The panel including Hallerin moved on to another question. For some reason the Democrat nominee didn't want to answer the questions.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Demo nominees Security Detail for Tonight's Debate

The Democrat nominee for Governor was in town tonight for a debate with State Senator Jim Bryson. Sources close to Brian's Blog identified two individuals with the Demo nominee's security detail and disclosed that between the two persons they have contributed more than $2,499.00 in his second campaign for Governor in 2002.

Now, that is an example of Cash for Promotion.

League of Women Voters not sensitive to persons with Handicaps

Just prior to my locating a spot in the auditorium for watching the debate, I was walking out a door and a Knox County School employee is attempting to take the center bar between the doors that enter the auditorium down. Moderator Bill Williams is giving instructions and this employee says "Brian, we can't get a wheel chair in here!" My comment back was "We (KnoxGOP) didn't select the venue, that's the League of Women Voters"

As I entered the auditorium two ladies were in wheelchair's outside the auditorium, I was dismayed that the LWV would be so insensitive. The ladies were able to eventually enter through a side door, after the debate began.

Democrat likely Supporters Protest at Debate

As previously reported a non-profit organization brought a grim reaper outfit in protesting the Demo nominee. Just prior to the beginning of the debate an environment protection organization began protesting. Both of these organizations would normally support a Demo nominee. However, here they are protesting.

The Demo nominee made the following comment, "A re-election is a referendum of the past 4 years." Based on your "friends" with non-profits tonight, You are in trouble, Mr. Demo nominee.

Demo Supporters

This evening at West High School, the local Democrats didn't have enough individuals to support the Democrat nominee for Governor. They have enough locals to fill a phone booth in the Old City or Shono's on Market Street. That is about it. So, what did they do? They bussed in state employees from Nashville, TN. Yes, indeed.

There were two buses, one with advertising that said General Jackson (that is the Nashville version of the Knoxville Riverboat and then they had a generic charter bus) the state employees off loaded and held a little rally for the arrival of of the Democrat nominee and Deputy Governor Dave Cooley. When Dave Cooley and the Democrat nominee appeared. The Democrat nominee said "Thank you for coming. It's hot. We are working hard" and he then proceeded into the air conditioned school. Leaving his bused in state employees in the hot sun. By the way, it was obvious there were NO African-Americans on the bus.

Jim Bryson appeared with his group. I met the Senator at his bus and we went through a huge crowd of screaming state employees. Screaming "Big Mistake" I guess the meaning of that is it is a Big mistake to challenge Dave Cooley's boss.

Prior to either candidate's arrival, a non-profit brought a volunteer in a grim reapers custom with a sign saying I support Phil. Some overzealous Demo supporters began to push the grim reaper with their 4X8 signs. KPD and the Knox County School Security had to be summoned to encourage the Demos not push the grim reaper. The Democrats haven't learned that you shouldn't play with death.

The Demo's present were then blocking the view of the poor school teachers as they were attempting to exit Sutherland Avenue. The Demos had to be reminded to be courteous to these teachers as the last thing the teachers needed was a car wreck. The Demos response was "we're on the sidewalk" Yeah, but your sticking signs out into the road. She can't see.

O.k. so at 6:00 p.m. the doors are supposed to open, but the Demo nominee is still walking through his sound check and the state employees are outside in the heat for at least 2 plus hours, now. The state employees are saying some mean things to the people at the door about the heat. They were reminded that it is because of their Demo nominee that they are still out there.

At about 6:20 p.m., the doors are opened. The Republicans had many of the center aisle seats behind the Demo nominees reserved seats. And we were getting ready to start.

To be continued.

Brian's Blog to post on Gubernatorial Debate later this evening

It has been a busy night in Knox County. Several Brian's Blog reporters were present at the Farragut High School Parent Input Meeting regarding zone lines for the new Hardin Valley High School.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog and several Brian's Blog reporters were with the Jim Bryson campaign at the Knoxville Gubernatorial Debate between Tennessee Deputy Governor Dave Cooley's boss and State Senator Jim Bryson at West High School. There is a lot to report and Brian's Blog will be working to post it through the night.

Superintendent ducks Community Meeting

This evening at 6:00 p.m. the Knox County School Board held a meeting to discuss possible zoning options and parental input for the Hardin Valley High School. Many emails and voicemails have been received at the office of Brian's Blog from individuals present at the meeting.

The Superintendent and Knox County Board Chair (the board chair represents a significant portion of the affected area) was at the meeting for a minimal amount of time. The PR representative of Knox County Schools announced that they both had previous engagements and would not be able to stay for the entire meeting.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was unable to attend this meeting as his responsibilities as KnoxGOP Chairman had him at West High School from early evening until the Bryson party were on the road. When Brian Hornback was informed of this information. Brian reports that he witnessed the Superintendent walk into the Knoxville Gubernational Debate at West High School take a seat and use his blackbery or similar type device throughout the meeting.

Come to the Knoxville Gubernatorial Debate and Support Tennessee's Next Governor, State Senator Jim Bryson.

Bryson Supporters need to arrive at 4:30 p.m. Senator Bryson will arrive at 5:00 p.m.

Our Democrat Opponent and his followers are planning for the Democrat candidate's arrival at 4:00 p.m. If you can arrive at 4:00 p.m. to offer a counter balance, that would be Great.

The debate is tonight at 7:00 p.m. (Doors Open at 6:00 p.m.) The debate will be held at West High School 3300 Sutherland Avenue Knoxville, TN 37919. Arrive by 6:15 p.m. (General Seating Limited to First Available)

This will be a great opportunity to see the distinct contrasts between Jim Bryson’s BIG vision for Tennessee and Phil Bredesen’s small thinking and administration’s ethical lapses. Come out and Support Jim Bryson!

Note: Campaign or Political Affiliated T-Shirts, Buttons, Lapel Stickers, and other related material are not allowed inside the auditorium.

Directions to the debate location:

From I-40 East or West take Exit 383 Papermill Road and travel south to Kingston Pike. Take a left on Kingston Pike heading east towards downtown Knoxville. At the 5th traffic light take a left on Newcom (Kroger will be on the right at this light) and go approximately .10 mile straight until you reach the stop sign. At the stop sign turn left on Forest Park and travel .10 mile to the intersection of Forest Park and Sutherland. Take a right at the traffic light on Southerland and go approximately half a mile and West Knox High School will be on the right just past the National Guard Armory and at the intersection of Tobler and Sutherland.

Redeem the Vote

Here is an excellent website, geared toward the younger crowd. This website is targeting fans of Christian rock bands. It encourages young people to register to vote and get involved and that my friends is a good thing. Check it out.

Redeem the Vote.