Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thomas Deakins Exposes School Board Waste

Sixth district school board member Thomas Deakins this evening asked the right question to publicly expose that last year the Knox County School Board put $1.8 million in the City Teacher A retirement plan for 35 participants. This year, they anticipate putting in $1.2 million in for 30 participants. Five participants have indicated that they will retire this year. It was revealed that this pension plan was closed to new participants in 1974.

Bob Cross, the actuary for the City A teachers plan and Kim Bennet Knox County's Executive Director of Retirement and Pension Plan addressed some of Vice Chairman Deakins concerns. Ms. Bennet was rude and argumentative. It is amazing what bureaucrats do when they are asked questions in an open and transparent process.

Good job Mr. Deakins.

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