Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dale Smith Said It, When Pressed To Confirm He Said NO

Today the Knox County Audit Committee received and accepted the Internal Audit from Knox County Auditor Richard Walls on the construction of Hardin Valley Academy. The results of the meeting will result in multiple blog posts. 
The beginning of the Audit Committee meeting 
During part of the meeting the discussion came up about who the owner representative was. Jeff Galyon said that School Board Members Thomas Deakins, Cindy Buttry and Karen Carson attending many of the construction meetings, indicating they were owner representatives. 
Knox County Internal Auditor Richard Walls during his presentation of the Hardin Valley Academy Audit
At one point the discussion of the field house came up. Public Building Authority CEO Dale Smith said "that came to be because the Mayor (Ragsdale) told us to" At a point where I could ask a question, I said so because one, two or three school board members attend a meeting, they do not act in the entirity of the board without action of the whole board. Just as one, two, three or four commissioners do not act as the whole commission until they meet together. So, are you saying that Mayor Ragsdale was the owner representative? Audit Committee Chair Joe Carcello asked PBA CEO Dale Smith, "do you want to answer that?" Smith said "no" and then Jeff Galyon of the PBA fielded all other comments and answers until the Audit Commitee voted to send the the audit report to Commission. 

Dale Smith just after saying 'no"

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What is up with Deakins? After last nights performance he does this?