Monday, March 12, 2012

Mabe Delivers an Excellent Post Analysis on Eighth District School Board Race

My buddy Jake Mabe is a blogger by night and a member of the main stream media by day, working with a weekly publication owned by the dreaded Big Metal Shed on the Hill. Most of his day work is decent (Just Kidding, he is really good at not ticking anybody off) while is blog work is exceptional. 

He delivered a post analysis on the Eighth District School Board Race on his blog early this morning. Read it here. It is an excellent read and excellent post analysis. While Conley's opponent is not known to a Boss Tweed or a Boss Hogg as Mabe says.

However, McMillan, Property Assessor Ballard and Law Director to be Armstrong owe Knox County's version of Boss Hogg and the paybacks they must deliver may cause them to lay awake at night. While Conley Underwood will sleep well for the next four years. Underwood is young enough, beat up personally enough in 2012. That by 2016 Boss Hogg will be vanished from the landscape of Knox County. 


Anonymous said...

Boss Hogg Hunley, LMAO not on a good day. The best place to take a leak with the Tire Man, LOL. These old has beens will have their wings clipped, its a brand new day people. It's all down hill now, and the clock ticks faster everyday in this small town. The sleepless nights will become more frequent, so just get used to them. All of your deals will come back and haunt you Phil, I would hate to known that I was owned like a $3.00 prostitute. Watching you struggle and squirm will be my finest revenge, as I sit in this office silent and watch you destruct. Did you ever realize the wrong doing that goes on in this office versus your health and family issues could just be a higher power coming down on you. You make vail threats to us as employees that you have it narrowed down to three people you are going to file suit on for bringing out your dirty laundry. Well Phil T it up and just hope you get it spelled right because I am so ready for the truth in court pleadings, at least it will bring to light what we already know about you. You have already went to Human Resources and the plan of action is already in place, out with the old and in with the new. As I have seen on here referred to Old Betty, that sow owes a fortune in property taxes and no one is doing anything to her about it. Watch how quick the taxes are paid now that it's been brought to light, is Carla going to jump ship from the trustees office, that remains to be seen. Phil trying to mend fences with people is too late in the game. Just play house or what ever that you call it in that corner office while we just laught at your stupidity. Honestly, do you think you will ever pass the test to become certified after you have failed it so many times. Has Cindy paid that citation for speeding and no insurance? Did she have insurance at the time of her rear end collision? Or did you just sweep that under the rug with another deal. Mortgaged to the hilt with political favors, Phil your owned old buddy and miserable in your home life. The best you can hope for is better health as your carreer disapation light is fading fast, with each day its getting dimmer, just hope that nothing else comes out as your office is in shambles and the current employees know it, just fear we don't open our mouths as the truth hurts. Don't ever threaten another employee nor get rid of the ones whom work, you just might find yourself without a job. Taxpayers have legal rights and with proper legal advise can open up the play pen that you call the Property Assessors office. As your rear end puckers, and Ms. Preperation H has her hot flashes, we are just working diligently as you pass by us daily thinking to yourself, could they really know what goes on, OH YES WE DO!!!!!! Have a great day Knoxville, the Titanic is sinking and the Captain and his mistress always go down with the ship.

Anonymous said...

Just read Mabe's blog about 8th district school board race and the comments. Great article and comments. Wish there had been a way to get truth out before the last election. Maybe we wouldn't be stuck with the "in name only" school board member who apparently is being controlled by those Vegas boys!