Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Oster Forces a Runoff, The $28,000 of Doug Harris Comes Up Short

In the Third District School Board race, Candidate Doug Harris spent $28,000 but all those thousands could not put away the door to door grassroots efforts by wife, mom and volunteer Gina Oster. Harris received 1,983 votes or 49.46%, Oster received 1,580 votes or 39.41%, a third candidate Bobby Edington received 446 votes or 11.12%. So, because no one received more than 50% of the vote. Harris and Oster live to fight another day. Another day in August 2012.

In the hotly contested school board race in the Eighth District Former County Commissioner Mike McMillan apparently squeaked out a victory by defeating Husband, Father, Small Business Owner Conley Underwood. With a slim 292 vote victory, McMillan owes Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett for the win, the photograph that tabloid news paper Publisher Steve Hunley ran of Burchett shaking McMillan's hand put him over the top.

In the contested race between Challenger wife and mother of three Elaine Davis against  8 year incumbent Karen Carson in the Fifth District School Board race. Carson was able to fend off the strong challenge with a 58.02% or 3,510 votes to Davis 41.98% or 2,540 votes.

In the race for Law Director, Richard "Bud" Armstrong was able to overcome a strong Early Vote victory by Joe Jarrett by winning more votes today. So, Armstrong wins 51.84% of the vote or 19,315 votes to Jarrett's 48.16% or 17,937 votes.

In the race for Property Assessor, incumbent Phil Ballard survived a challenge by John Whitehead. Ballard received 59.46% of the vote or 22,318 votes to Whitehead's 40.54% or 15,214.

Today, I received reports of two separate incidents on activities by Phil Ballard's campaign. The first one was the cell phone photo of Property Assessor employee Rodney Lane working the Halls Precinct. The source called the Property Assessors office and asked for Rodney Lane. The source was told that Lane was  on the phone with a customer.
Here Rodney Lane employee of Phil Ballard works the Halls precinct while voters are told he is on the phone with a customer. He does not appear to be on his cellphone.

This afternoon I received report of another incident. One at Bearden High School where a John Whitehead campaign volunteer was working. It seems that Former County Commission Candidate Ruthie Kuhlman with another female. (reportedly her daughter Hannah) It is reported that Kuhlman asked to see a flyer that was being handed out. Kuhlman got the flyer and immediately began yelling this all lies. While the Whitehead volunteer continued talking to voters in a reasoned, respectful manner. Kuhlman is reported to have yelled that's all lies to people from a distance. After some time passed, Betty Lane an employee of the Property Assessors office is reported to have gotten out of a car and yelled "where is she?" She approached the Whitehead volunteer and demanded that she be given the flyer, the volunteer  reportedly indicated to Ms. Lane where she could get one. But Lane insisted saying no, I want you to give me the one from your hand, *****. This is war. The volunteer walked away indicating that she was calling the authorities because of the abusive bullying. Kuhlman is reported to have told Lane, she is calling the authorities. Lane is reported to have asked if the volunteer wanted to given her name, address, phone # and how to spell her name. The volunteer walked away to make her call.

I contacted Mrs. Kuhlman for a response this evening, her comment was "I did nothing. They JUMPED voters and handed out untrue info. John has threatened my daughtet (sic) for the last few monyhs (sic) and I will ne (sic) glaf (sic) to disvuss (sic) it eith (sic) him and NOT you" 
I replied "OK, just trying to get a response for the blog. You have criticized me in the past for not getting your side."

So, there's the recap. The sun will come out tomorrow. Have a good night folks. 


Anonymous said...

Well Well Well, it seems as if Old Has been wrinkled up prune Betty Lane showed her true colors in the public spotlight. Trash is what I would call this type of behavior, sorry to say she is a prime example of the waste of tax dollars. Worthless employees, begining with That old wrinkled prune Betty, get botox or grease yourself with Preperation H. I am sure you will be able to tell which of the worthless employees of the corrupt property assessors office were up Phils fat rear end yesterday, brown on their nose and red faces from the sun. Vicky you are a disappointment I thought you had class, what a waste. It's nice to know how many of the cult children from that Bible beating church in Powell were paid to work the polls for Phil. Lets see how quick Phil runs to County Commission for funding, new employees do not come cheap. Lets see what old news employees are let go as they have been used and are going to be replaced. Watch how quick the change in leadership of chief deputy unfolds. Introducing now to you the new chief deputy Craig. Ole Phil will start grooming this moron as the next candidate for Property Asseessor. Had to laugh out loud at the Photo of the jail bird daughter in the paper. How quick we mend fences to show true trash, polished up and pregnant, and her trial is when? LOL dang people right under your nose and you fell for it. But what do I care, Im old and set in my ways, just thankful I left while the getting was good. The people in this town do not pay attention until you get in their wallet, so when you write that check for taxes remember what the money is being spent on.

Keeping Them Honest said...

Gina can close this gap....and will...by working hard!!

Anonymous said...

There was another worker at Gibbs Elementary all day. Who was left "minding the store" for the day?

Anonymous said...

There was another worker at Gibbs Elementary all day. Who was left "minding the store" for the day?

Anonymous said...

The 8th district school board race had McMillan workers spewing tall tales giving McMillan credit for getting Carter Elementary, saying he had enough votes on the board to get a new Gibbs Middle School and even giving him credit for getting the land up behind the elementary school on which to build the Gibbs Middle School. If the voters believe those tall tales, surely someones got some land in FL to sell them - real cheap! Right in the middle of the Okefanokee Swamp!
Conley Underwood was clearly the best choice for the school board. Those who voted for the other guy will surely get what they deserve - nothing over the next four years.

Anonymous said...

The gap in the 3rd district race will only be larger and solidified in August. The same way the city mayor race was last year.

Brian Hornback said...

So Anonymous believes that Doug Harris is equal to Madeline Rogero Bahahahahaha Madeline doesn't say stupid different things. I have known Madeline since 1990, while I don't agree with some of her positions, I can and will say this "I know Madeline, have known her for over 22 years. You Doug Harris are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being able to sit in the same bus as Madeline Rogero

Anonymous said...

As always nothing ever gets done in the assessors office. A worthless computer program that does not work and that dumb cracker spent a fortune for it and bragged about it in his campaign. The whole system crashed and no one knows how to fix it, can you say dumb a.... You people make me sick for believing his lies again, but you will feel it when you pay yours taxes, oh brother will you now. LMAO Here in this office it's nothing short of a playpen with Phil and Betty playing house right under Cindy's nose. We were not ready for the new computer system and Phil knew it, and so did Vicky. But as usual heads burried under the bed sheets. So sad that we have to work under these conditions, but life goes on. You lost out Knoxville, NOW PAY FOR IT, DO NOT take my word, sit back like all the rest of us and feel the pinch, raises for a select few, part time employment for others. As the song goes "While the fat mans busy dancing-As the the poor man pays the band". I've read the past blogs and I can assure you all of the comments are true, I work here and I work hard with it every day, I hate this place and that drooling, womanizer liar that is my boss. I thought things were going to change for the best, but you sealed our fate Knoxville, now you get what you deserve, I just hope you sleep well at night knowing there are people like me whom is paid a mere pittance of a salary for hard work, and others whom play with the boss are making a great living.

Signed,A bitter Property Assessor Employee (I am sure there are many others whom feel this way too)