Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WBIR Has Some Family Trouble...It Seems

Yesterday I was perplexed at a headline on newsblues.com that said a Knoxville News Director on leave due to a death threat. Newsblues is an Internet site that serves up tasty gossip from television news stations. 

It seems according to my sources at WBIR that their news director Bill Shory may have had a moment where he said something to someone that could be taken in a number of different ways and he is on a time out away from the station. So, there ya go folks. Watch what you say for little ears to hear. 


Keeping Them Honest said...

This is HUGE!!! Story made the threat or was he threatened? We need much more of this story!!!!

Tamara Camera said...

I remember not so long ago when Gannett canned one of those sportcoasts (none of them wear suits anymore) out there when they would not show the Channel 6 float (and the community participants on it) in the annual Dogwood Arts Festival parade.

Reading between the lines out there, their on camera talent looks pretty stressed out, they look tired, they have lost their "heart" and they are just mumbling through their lines, many of which they have already read for the 10:00 gig over on the Fox channel. Most Gannett stations are not community cheer leaders like Channel 10 is and maybe Shory has told his so called journalists and his on camera talent to get with it or move on down the road.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

BS is an opionated hot head. Little surprise something like this happened. Bigger surprise is it didn't happen sooner.