Monday, April 11, 2011

Focus Credits Joe Jarret as John Kerrey Lite

This weeks Knoxville Focus headline story proclaims Joe Jarret Gets it Right. Based on the Focus coverage the last two weeks this is a complete reversal from the papers previous position on Jarret. Last Wednesday, Law Director Jarret issued a reversal opinion due to CTAS further research. So, the paper in referring to Jarret got it right after spending two weeks blasting Jarret is like when former Presidential Candidate John Kerry said, I was for it before I was against it. So, Jarret may not appreciate the paper pointing so quickly that he got it right after he got it wrong.

arret in explaining to me about the position reversal said: "The only reason I brought CTAS in the mix is because my various clients became polarized over the issue as sometimes a neutral third party can assist in removing politics from the equation"

It almost seems as if Jarret has been bullied to find a way to make everyone happy, I wonder how many times both sides reminded him his election is next year?

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