Friday, April 08, 2011

Knox County Republican Party Leadership Incompetent or Petty or Both?

Other blogs and the Shopper girls have regularly lashed out at me for spelling or grammer errors. I accept constructive suggestions.

When you attend tonight's Knox County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner. Get your free bag of political material and immediately grab that dinner program and check it out. First, it has a union bug for Arlington Press. We Republicans are known for our support of unions. Right? Heck NO! Just do a review of the Wisconsin Republican Governor and Legislature. Curious how the teachers union feels toward Governor Bill Haslam with the tenure law changes. So, why did the party pay an extra 5 cents for union labor?

Let's see how good that extra labor did with proof reading the program for errors. Well first the Crowne Plaza Hotel is listed as Crowne Plaza Hotal. Now, in the
Pelagian Dictionary hotal is an inn or a house for travellers in the translation of Hindi language to English language. Alrighty, then!

With the dinner co chairs listing Mayor Tim Burchett and Trustee John Duncan are listed. But only dinner co-chair Tim Burchett is welcoming the attendees. Duncan does get to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance, that is a slam. While Chairman Jenkins has two tasks back to back, Introduction of the Head Table and the Introduction of the Congressman. Now, they have some spelling errors in the listing of elected officials. First State Senator Stacey Campfield is listed as Stacy Campfield. Obviously the cost of a vowel was too great a burden. Then you have Republican State Executive Committeewoman Sally Absher listed as Sally Absure. Ok, now that is an intentional slam. Absher defeated the Party's Second Secretary and Knox County Republican Party Office Manager Suzanne Dewar in August.

Interesting is that Chairman Ray Jenkins is listed in the program 4 times. Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr is listed 3 times. Wow, what arrogance that he would insist that his name be listed more times than the Congressman.

At the end of the program is a Thank you to our Table Sponsors. The list of table sponsors is Steve Hunley. So, Hunley is plural (as in more than one) not singular?

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Steve Mule said...

Hi Brian!
First, let me say that I've noticed the big improvement in Grammer/Spelling. Well done!
Second, the union bug thing. I noticed that in the picture that you later posted and thought it was odd too. I THINK (emphasis on THINK) I know who the shop was that did the print job. It's local, so the $$ stays local and they do an excellent job; quality printing and on time delivery. However, they are not responsible for errors in the text. They'll print it just the way you give it to them. So... yes, somebody in the Knox Co. GOP screwed up big time - on purpose? I can't say, you're better postioned to know/determine that than I am.
Finally, back to the union bug - that is optional (if the print shop is who I think it is - we used them during the '04 Kerry campaign) - you can request that it be left off. In fact, they'll ask if you want it left off. So ... I really don't know. Purposeful skullduggery or... just good ol' fashioned incomptence?