Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mayor Burchett Takes The County Budget to The People

Mayor Burchett's first stop Tuesday morning was at the Frank Strang Senior Center. The large gathering wanted to ensure that the Mayor is committed to Senior activities. Also, there was much discussion about the limited parking and the current overflow parking. Commissioner Briggs was attending and he spoke to the overflow parking situation. Here Commissioner Briggs is explaining what he understands about the situation.

The second spot was the South Knox Senior Center, Commission Chairman Mike Hammond, South Knox Commissioner Mike Brown and David Wright all attended. Here is a view of the packed crowd for Mayor Burchett.

Here is yet another view of the South Knox crowd, Former Commissioner Craig Leuthold attended as well.
Here is a photograph of Mayor Burchett explaining his budget and sharing a couple of personal stories about himself and a few comedic jokes.

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