Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Richard Bud Armstrong to Run for Law Director?

Word traveling through political circles is that former Eighth District County Commissioner Richard "Bud" Armstrong is testing the waters for a possible candidacy for Knox County Law Director next year. Armstrong was a candidate for County Commission at Large in 2010, so he has the experience of running countywide. With the economy, raising campaign contributions will be his biggest obstacle. With an Armstrong -vs- Jarrett match-up, who will the Knoxville Bar Association and the local Republican party establishment support. As for the Ray Jenkins/Phyllis Severance they are busy recruiting Republicans to challenge Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

Jarrett has made numerous faulty rulings. Republican or not, he is a poor Law Director. Take a look at some of his very bad opinions. Take for example, Jarrett claims the super majority is 7 in County Commission. It isn't. It is 8.

Mayor Burchett needs this straightened out before the budget vote. Do your homework Brian. Jarrett isn't doing a good job. Call Jarrett and ask him. Ask him how 7.2 becomes 7. You cannot have a fractional human being. It has to be 8. Jarrett isn't doing his job.