Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They Were Once Buds, Deathstar Made Them Feuding Buds

This evenings News Sentinel has this story of two buds that were once close. Interim Administrator of Elections Scott Frith apparently according to his one time bud, former Administrator of Elections Greg Mackay was making inappropriate talk with a couple of college interns. So, when the Election Commission booted Mackay and placed Frith in as Interim, it evidently was important to bring Frith up to speed by Human Resources. Frith's response, shred the document. Probably because if he doesn't see it, it doesn't exist. His response is disturbing. It is an indication of what he may do if he doesn't like a voter registration form or some other important document. What will he do? Shred it!

Tomorrow's meeting should be interesting since Election Commission Member Robert L. (Bob) Bowman is representing a female for a sexual harassment case in Campbell County School System, as reported here.

It is so sad to see one time buds turn on each other like these two are doing. It is almost as if entering the Deathstar has made two once time buds now feuding buds.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ivan Harmon Opens Headquarters This Weekend

This Saturday April 30, 2011 Ivan Harmon will open this headquarters (NOT FOR HIS STATE SENATE CAMPAIGN) but for the Knoxville Mayor's race that he has been campaigning for the past several months. The headquarters is located at the 640 Plaza (Kroger's Shopping Center) on Western Avenue near the I-640/Western Avenue interchange. Come out between 1 pm and 4 pm on Saturday and get hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and a drink. It's all good! The headquarters is on the west end of the shopping center. Help a man of the people go to work for the people.

Tony Norman, show US the Money, Money, Money! MONEY!

UPDATE: Sources indicate that the source of money for the robo calls and the newspaper ad is The Sierra Club.
This weekend while families were enjoying the weather and time with the family members, our phones rang and a robo call was pierced into what would have been a enjoyable evening had we not be interrupted from it by an annoying phone call. Then on Sunday morning the News Sentinel has a full page color advertisement. The robo call stated if you were tired of run off water, call your Commissioner and ask them to vote for the hillside/ridgetop plan. This plan has nothing to do with runoff water. It has to do with controlling and prohibiting property owners from having responsible development on their own properties.

Last month, the liberal extreme wackos raised all mighty of matter about the Chamber Partnership spending money on newspaper ads. Demanding to know where the money came from.

Well, I want to know who and where the money came from for the robo calls and the newspaper ad. The Chamber Partnership was open and transparent about it. These people are far from it. The only front persons they have are former City Councilman Joe Hultquist and County Commissioner Tony Norman. Tony should come forward before 2:00 p.m. and disclose the special interest that are controlling, manipulating and directing him. If he fails to do so, citizens should rise up and mount a recall Tony campaign.

It is sad to see Tony being such a puppet. His father, former County Commissioner Rex Norman was NOT a puppet to anyone. He was a statesman within the Third District and represented the people well. Tony has NOT.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Knox Election Commissioner Litigates a Sexual Harrassment Case Against Campbell County Schools

Knox County Election Commissioner Robert L. (Bob) Bowman according to this story in today's News Sentinel is representing an individual that is suing the former School Board Chair of the Campbell County Schools. The system is also named.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knoxvillian Makes Good on Fitness Commitent

Here the News Sentinel is reporting on Knoxvillian Michelle Robinette and her families fitness invention.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Who Is To Educate The Kids?

Here is a story from today's Tennessean about a lady that is trying to have her children educated in a school where they are currently living as a homeless family. Who is to educate the kids?

So, Big Brother Is Watching US

This story from this morning's Tennessean.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roddy Out of Mayor's Race, Mayor Brown IN

Sources at Mayor Brown's budget luncheon indicate that City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy will announce today at 2:00 p.m. that she will seek the State Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jamie Woodson. However, sources also indicated that Interim Mayor Daniel Brown will likely announce and run for Mayor of Knoxville. Stay Tuned.

Randy Houser Headlines Tonight's Sundown in the City

Tonight on Knoxville's Market Square, Country Music Artist Randy Houser headlines the first Sundown in the City 2011. Here is an excellent article in today's Commercial Appeal about Houser. It will be an excellent concert.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haslam Actions Do Not Match Campaign Talk

This from the Tennessean, certainly doesn't seem the way to concentrate on growing jobs by slashing the ECD by a third. Didn't he say he would grow jobs? Well yes he did!

Could Vines Be Trying To Sabotage Roddy?

Georgiana Vines posted this article on knoxnews tonight. She indicates that Knoxville Mayoral candidate Marilyn Roddy is contemplating a run for State Senate instead of Knoxville Mayor. Nothing in the quotes that Vines attributes to Roddy indicate that she is actively considering the run. However, Roddy doesn't rule it out either. I would have preferred that Roddy stated matter of factly, I am running for Mayor! However, I have to question Vines motive here. Is Vines trying to sabotage the Roddy campaign? Afterall, Vines was pulled from covering the Stacey Campfield campaign due to her involvement with Democrat Randy Walker.

Can He Think for Himself? Is He a Democrat That Is Really A R.I.N.O?

This story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press on the Governor taking the position of the former Democrat Governor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Political Leverage Gets Response from Vice Mayor on Another Shopper Error

Yesterday Political Leverage secured an interview with Vice Mayor Joe Bailey on the article in the E.W. Scripps tabloid, Shopper. On Sunday, I posted here where the same article contained another error. It seems that former Knoxville "I never met a Knox County property I could annnex for revenue" Mayor Victor Ashe is getting a lot of errors.

Vice Mayor responds to Shopper article from Politicalleverage.com on Vimeo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Frith Subliminally Promotes Hunley's Paper

News Sentinel Reporter Mike Donila recently talked with Interim Knox County Election Administrator Scott Frith. Donila details the exchange on his blog Screams From The Porch. It seems Frith is subliminally promoting the weekly newspaper Knoxville FOCUS owned by Steve Hunley.

Where Are Your Friends When You Need Them?

Today at 2:00 p.m. when the County Commission was beginning their meeting. Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey, Clerk and Master Howard Hogan, Register of Deeds Sherry Witt were in the back of room geared up for a fight. Law Director Joe Jarrett went to McCroskey and spoke to her.

Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist entered the room. McCroskey walked up to Quist and said Jarrett just said they are not talking about us (Hogan, Quist and McCroskey) today. Quist said "I figured that". McCroskey left the room as fast as her feet would take her. Leaving Witt as the only one left that was opposed to the move of fee office budgets. The only ones opposed were McCroskey, Hogan and Witt.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Steve Hunley's Focus Gets It Wrong

In a front page story of Steve Hunley's Focus they get it wrong. The article about Knox County Election Administrator Greg Mackay being fired on Friday placed the blame on "the Republican majority on the Knox County Commission". While Knox County Commissioners can be blamed for most any and everything. On this issue the County Commission is wrongly accused. It was the 5 member Knox County Election Commission that fired Mackay.

It seems that not much separates the Focus from the Shopper with the exception of about 4 miles of divided highway and the fact that at least with the Shopper the reporters take credit and blame for their articles. At the Focus the articles simply say "Focus Staff". Who are the ghost writers?

Victor Ashe Gets It Wrong, Probably Clark and Bean Rubbing Off On Him

In tomorrow's Shopper, former Knoxville "I never met a Knox County property I didn't want to annex for revenue" Mayor Victor Ashe gets it wrong. In writing about possible successors to Senator Jamie Woodson. The former Poland Ambassador writes that State Representative Ryan Haynes does not live in the senate district. Ashe got it wrong. In fact Representative Haynes does own property and lives in State Senate District Six.

Ashe was warned that associating with Sandra Clark and Betty Bean would certainly lend itself to making him less intelligent. However, a simple internet search would reveal the correct answer, but then again that is the Clark/Bean effect. Ashe is obviously slipping in his later years.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mackay is OUT! However, He May Be Back!

The Knox County Election Commission dismissed Greg Mackay as Election Administrator yesterday afternoon. Any person interested in the job has until 9 a.m. on April 25 to apply for the job. Mackay is not exempt from applying. The five Commissioners will take 3 hours to examine the applications and submit their top 3 choices to Chairman Chris Heagerty by NOON. The Commission will then conduct public interviews on April 27.

Deputy Administrator of Elections Scott Frith is currently at the helm. He too can apply for the top spot. It has been rumored that two years ago when Frith came in second to Mackay that Mackay hired him as Deputy so that when this day would come that he would appoint Mackay as Deputy Administrator. Time will tell if that will occur. As for Frith being the Administrator, he is reportedly a law student at the Duncan School of Law at Lincoln Memorial University in Knoxville. The position of Administrator needs to be someone that can commit 24/7 to the position that currently pays nearly $110,000.00 a year of tax payer dollars.

Read Mike Donila's News Sentinel report
here.  Read Mike Donila's unadulterated report here.

Too bad, Donila missed that Election Commission meeting on April 9 last year where member Bob Bowman poured the gas on a certain someone and then they "accosted" (the words of the eyewitness reporter) me in the Election Commission office hallway. Good news is that J.J. Stambaugh was there writing every word, read it again, here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, Yes!

The mother of the kindergarten child in Roane County speaks out in today's News Sentinel here. I am thankful that the mother is speaking out. While some comments on the News Sentinel site are criticizing the mother, she trusted the government with her child and they harmed him, emotionally and socially. The teacher must suffer real consequences for her action. A one day unpaid vacation! That don't get it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arnett Fosters Culture of Misconduct and Thievery

The News Sentinel reports here that three employees of Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett are arraigned on indictments of thievery and misconduct. The three employees have plead not guilty today. They are scheduled for early December. It seems that Clerk Arnett fosters a culture of thievery and misconduct.

What Good Is The Legislature? Good for Preserving Monopolies

The bill that would allow the free enterprise system to work by offering wine sales at grocery stores failed for the fifth year, yesterday. Thus allowing liquor stores to operate monopolies. I am sure the lobbyist(s) for the liquor industry is strong. But the people should be stronger. Read the News Sentinel article here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A One Day Suspension? You Have Got To Be Kidding ME!

This article from today's News Sentinel. The teacher should truly be punished.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Focus Credits Joe Jarret as John Kerrey Lite

This weeks Knoxville Focus headline story proclaims Joe Jarret Gets it Right. Based on the Focus coverage the last two weeks this is a complete reversal from the papers previous position on Jarret. Last Wednesday, Law Director Jarret issued a reversal opinion due to CTAS further research. So, the paper in referring to Jarret got it right after spending two weeks blasting Jarret is like when former Presidential Candidate John Kerry said, I was for it before I was against it. So, Jarret may not appreciate the paper pointing so quickly that he got it right after he got it wrong.

arret in explaining to me about the position reversal said: "The only reason I brought CTAS in the mix is because my various clients became polarized over the issue as sometimes a neutral third party can assist in removing politics from the equation"

It almost seems as if Jarret has been bullied to find a way to make everyone happy, I wonder how many times both sides reminded him his election is next year?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Fitness Challenge - Change the shape of your city!

Foster Arnett Long On Commitments, Short on Results

The News Sentinel reports here today that a previous commitment by Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett is still yet another miserable failure. Halls Has IT but it is NOT an operational Clerk's office.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lincoln Day Dinner Speaker Communicates Message through Satellite

As I predicted, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma could not get out of Washington due to the looming federal government shutdown. So, he spoke to the Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner via satellite link up. The generous count is that 350 attended tonight. If that number is accurate, 100 tickets were purchased today.

I received a communication this morning when I predicted Coburn would not make it to the dinner that I was wrong. It was stated to me that Haslam would send a plane to get him. First, I thought the idea that Haslam would pick up an activist Tea Party Senator would be shocking and as usual I was right. Senator Coburn is a class act. Thanks to Senator Alexander and Congressman Duncan for bringing a Tea Party influence to moderate establishment Knox Co Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner.

Knox Co Republican Party Speaks Hindi

Earlier today I posted this about the incompetent petty attacks that the Knox Co Republican Party unleashed toward Republicans they do not like, support. To prove that our source was correct, here is Ray Jenkins Hindi language cover.

Knox County Republican Party Leadership Incompetent or Petty or Both?

Other blogs and the Shopper girls have regularly lashed out at me for spelling or grammer errors. I accept constructive suggestions.

When you attend tonight's Knox County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner. Get your free bag of political material and immediately grab that dinner program and check it out. First, it has a union bug for Arlington Press. We Republicans are known for our support of unions. Right? Heck NO! Just do a review of the Wisconsin Republican Governor and Legislature. Curious how the teachers union feels toward Governor Bill Haslam with the tenure law changes. So, why did the party pay an extra 5 cents for union labor?

Let's see how good that extra labor did with proof reading the program for errors. Well first the Crowne Plaza Hotel is listed as Crowne Plaza Hotal. Now, in the
Pelagian Dictionary hotal is an inn or a house for travellers in the translation of Hindi language to English language. Alrighty, then!

With the dinner co chairs listing Mayor Tim Burchett and Trustee John Duncan are listed. But only dinner co-chair Tim Burchett is welcoming the attendees. Duncan does get to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance, that is a slam. While Chairman Jenkins has two tasks back to back, Introduction of the Head Table and the Introduction of the Congressman. Now, they have some spelling errors in the listing of elected officials. First State Senator Stacey Campfield is listed as Stacy Campfield. Obviously the cost of a vowel was too great a burden. Then you have Republican State Executive Committeewoman Sally Absher listed as Sally Absure. Ok, now that is an intentional slam. Absher defeated the Party's Second Secretary and Knox County Republican Party Office Manager Suzanne Dewar in August.

Interesting is that Chairman Ray Jenkins is listed in the program 4 times. Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr is listed 3 times. Wow, what arrogance that he would insist that his name be listed more times than the Congressman.

At the end of the program is a Thank you to our Table Sponsors. The list of table sponsors is Steve Hunley. So, Hunley is plural (as in more than one) not singular?

Knox County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Speaker May NOT Make It to Knoxville

Information from Republican leadership in Washington to members of the U.S. House today is: Good morning. The House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning hour and noon for legislative business. Following One Minutes we will begin general debate on H.J.Res. 37 – Net Neutrality. At approximately 1:30-1:45 p.m. we will have our first and only expected series of votes for the day. Members are advised that additional votes are possible after this series. As I am sure you all are well aware, the current CR expires tonight at midnight. As negotiations continue throughout the day I will do my best to relay any and all information to you in a timely manner. SCHEDULER NOTE: There is a chance that we are here and voting tomorrow. Members are advised to keep their schedules flexible today, tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Thank you for bearing with us as we go forward. As always, don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions.

So, Senator Coburn, Senator Alexander, Corker and Congressman Duncan may not make it to k-town tonight. So, maybe Mayor Burchett and Trustee Duncan can entertain the dinner attendees with a review of open and transparency -vs- smoke filled backroom shenanigans.

Will The Looming Federal Government Shutdown Force Knox Republicans To Talk Among Themselves?

Tonight at Knoxville's Crowne Plaza the Knox County Republican Party will have their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The only BIG fundraiser that the party hosts. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is the guest speaker. However, with the looming federal government shutdown will any Congressional or Senate members be able to escape Washington. Both houses must debate and vote on any proposed agreement that John Boehner, Harry Reid and President Obama come up with. The last flight out of Ronald Reagan airport that would get the Senator here by dinner time is 1:45 p.m. Dulles is not much later. So, if the Speaker and Senators Alexander and Corker and Congressman Duncan can't make it. That means the local Republicans would have to talk amongst themselves, which is a fight in the making. So if you are not one of the 250 persons that have bought a ticket. You may want to show up, cause it is all about "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!"

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Shock and Awe (aka Brian's Blog) Got the Latest Fee Office Development Right First

Last night, Brian's Blog posted about the latest fee office development at 10:34 p.m. here. While another blogger went up at 7:30 p.m. he was believing that the opinon applied to all fee offices. I have text messages and facebook messages from him stating that he was right. The problem last night was the opinion was only in the hands of the 11 County Commissioners as Law Director Joe Jarret sent it at 4:30 p.m. to only the Commissioners.

One of my sources actually read the opinion and understood it completely, so while I was a couple of hours posting the story. It was the accurate version. The problem with this "other" blogger is that he is employed by a negative front publication for an agenda of backroom secrecy and not open transparency. The problem is as a blogger or a legitimate citizen journalist you should NEVER become part of the story. Young Mr. Andrews will have to learn that lesson one day and quit trying to be the sidekick of a legitimate News Sentinel reporter or carrying Betty Bean's water

Young Andrew's has blogged so much using my name and my blog name it is as if he is wanting his blog to pop up from my search engine searches. He has made it known that he is unhappy that Doug McCaughan and I are the go to blog guys in Knoxville by legitimate media. Andrews called me yesterday and said he was watching my sitemeter numbers during the time and immediately following my appearence on the Ed and Bob Show on WNOX FM 100.3 yesterday. 

News Sentinel Silent on Haslam and Tax Dollars, but Allow Slams on a Church

While every legitimate newspaper in the state has criticised Governor Haslam on his awarding huge pay raises to his crony cabinet members. The News Sentinel has remained silent. Haslam awarded Madeline Rogero a similar pay raise when he was Knoxville Mayor. So, while the Sentinel turns a blind eye to Haslam, they print this letter to the editor blasting a local church with no detail of the alleged sham that was carried out by the church or if the author's tale is legit.

This is proof that the editor Jack McElroy and Publisher Patrick Birmingham ain't from around here. Even if we (native East Tennesseans) don't believe in a particular denomination, we still respect the entity. Not McElroy and Birmingham! Evidently.

Bill Cosby is a Buffoon

Bill Cosby was on the Today Show this morning and went off on Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate. Cosby dismissed Trump as a nobody. Well, let's see Cosby is a blow hard that does nothing but run his mouth and acts like a buffoon with his idiocy on the ground. Trump as a businessman provides jobs for thousands or millions of families. The money he has helped to provide to charities through Celebrity Apprentice is a fraction of what Cosby is worth.

Why is Birmingham and McElroy Ignoring Haslam Payoffs?

The Chattanooga Times Free Press here is publishing Breaking News about Governor Bill Haslam giving huge bonuses to his cabinet members. What coverage has Patrick Birmingham the Publisher of the News Sentinel or Jack McElroy, the Editor of the News Sentinel publishing and editing about the issue? Not one darn word. Why is that? Could it be because Haslam's company buys thousands of News Sentinels every Friday to give away? 12,000 state employees are set to laid off due to a budget crisis, but before that Haslam increases his cabinets salary. Seems like City of Knoxville circa 2003.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fee Office Opinon is Fluid

Sources indicate that Law Director Joe Jarret sent a letter to Commissioners this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. indicating that CTAS (County Technical Assistance Services) has researched further the issue of the fee office budgets being incorporated into the county budget. Based on that additional information, the merger of the Circuit Court Clerk, Criminal Court Clerk and the Clerk and Master's budgets could lead to a legal challenge. However, Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist has already endorsed the proposal so it will mean that the Criminal Court Clerk and Clerk and Master budgets will likely retain their independent budgets.

Sources indicate that the Register of Deeds and other county fee office budgets are still permitted to be combined. So, Joy McCroskey Criminal Court Clerk will have to defend in the next election why she fails to collect 89% of the fees accessed to her to collect by the Criminal Court Judges.

Cardboard Testimonies.....What Say You?

Ray Jenkins Has Put The X on Burchett

UPDATE: Within one hour of our posting Ray Jenkins called the web guy and told him to fix Burchett's picture. It is now fixed.

Hubert Smith of the Hubert Smith Radio Show and One on One With Hubert Smith sent me a note today and asked if I had noticed that the Knox County Republican Party website has a nice color photo of all Republican officeholders except Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. When it rotates to Burchett, it comes up with a X. So, when Jenkins talks about Republicans disgreeing without being disagreeable. His actions is to just put the X on you. But Jenkins expects Burchett to sell lots of Lincoln Day Dinner tickets. Jenkins expects the guy that got 85% of the vote to Chair the Lincoln Day Dinner. But that same guy is not worthy for a real picture on the parties website.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Eight Candidates Apply For Criminal Court Judgeship

The Knoxville News Sentinel this afternoon released here the names of the eight individuals that have applied to the committee to be considered for the Knox County Criminal Court Judge vacancy. The committee will submit to Governor Haslam three names from the eight. The candidates are District Attorney prosecutors TaKisha Fitzgerald, Steve Sword, Leland Price and Del Holley. Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Andrew Jackson VI. Also attorneys Scott Green, Charles Burks and Randy Reagan.

In my observations the three strongest candidates are TaKisha Fitzgerald, Judge Andrew Jackson, VI and Randy Reagan. I do believe Scott Green's experience would be beneficial to the position as well.

My concern with Governor Haslam selecting Judge Jackson is that his move to Criminal Court Judge would cause a vacancy in Jackson's current General Sessions Judge. The appointment for that vacancy is the responsibility of Knox County Commission. According to sources in the City County Building, Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins and his confidants are expressing confidence that Jenkins would receive the appointment of Knox County General Sessions Judge by the County Commission.

Knoxville Needs A Mayor That Looks Forward, Not Backwards

Read Georgiana Vines story here today about the campaign opening of Mayoral candidates Marilyn Roddy and Madeline Rogero. Vines details how Rogero has campaign signs and material from her County Commission win in 1990. Her mother talked about that race with those attending the opening. Knoxville doesn't need a Mayor with an eye on 21 years ago. Knoxville needs a Mayor looking forward.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Fools Day - Lindsay Duncan is Winning with Friends and Family

On Friday Lindsay Duncan (wife of Trustee John Duncan III) posted on her Facebook page that Baby Duncan would be here before the November election. While there were a few commentators that expressed skepticism with the announcement, most took the bait and were so happy for her and John. Sure enough Lindsay announced later in the day that it was an April Fools joke. Lindsay has evidently pulled this on her mom before but now lots of other people were had. I reminded Lindsay that with John's brother Zane getting married later this year, she may just slip into out law status versus in law status. But, I gotta admit Lindsay is a great prankster and got more personality than is humanly possible to have. Gotta love Lindsay! Now, if I can just get her to start a blog. That would be awesome.