Sunday, March 12, 2006

Frist Wins Straw Poll - What Is The GOP's Future

The 2006 SRLC has just concluded in Memphis, TN at the famous Peabody Hotel. The big story coming out of it, is that Tennessee's Senior Senator and the United States Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist won the straw poll, conducted by Hotline.

Here is the story out of today's Tennessean.

1427 votes cast. Frist garnered 37%, Mass. Governor Mitt Romney 14%, U.S. Senator George Allen 10%, a George W. Bush write-in effort 10% with Arizona Senator John McCain and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee finshing up with respectable numbers.

Kudo's to David and Nancy French for their efforts on behalf of Governor Romney. Nancy is a blogger and they have this website. Congratulations, Guys. I look forward to meeting you both someday down the road.

I am too busy to give much thought about 2008, however, I have seen polling with Condi, Giuliani and McCain. McCain is the only one beating Hilleary head to head.

In no order here is who I like.

I like Huckabee for many reasons, one he took over from Bill Clinton in Arkansas and improved it, he is a Southern Baptist Pastor, I like Senator Frist, I like John McCain, I like Mitt Romney, I Like Senator Allen, Senator Sam Brownback, NY Governor Pataki, NY Mayor Giuliani.

Ok, I like everybody, except the Democrats.


Nancy said...


Thanks for the kudos! I literally am still reeling from the news.

Great blog,

Dave Oatney said...

I do not like Pataki or Guiliani-I will not vote for anyone who openly favors aborticide.

Steve Mule said...

I wouldn't read too much into this straw poll. Sen. Frist had the home turf advantage. Had the event been held in Boston Gov. Romney would have won it. The good folks on cable TV news and pundits will make much of it simply becuase it something to make something out of.

Brian Hornback said...

Dave, excellent point. I just don't want a Hilleary or anything with a BIG LIBERAL D beside their name.

Knox dnc's whining about home turf. Romney was the candidate that traveled the greatest distance..if "it" could see past "its" Howard Dean shaded glasses with "its" logic. Huckabee should have come in second with home turf advantage.

Steve Mule said...

Mr. Hornback,
I wasn't whining. It doesn't matter to me at all who won the straw poll. At this point in time it's results are symbolic at best, and probably worthless. There's alot that's going to happen between now and then. I also didn't mean to infer that one Republican candidate is better than other. You all will decide that in good time. I just wanted to make the point that no one should bet the farm on the basis of this straw poll. Straw polls are fun (we have them too) but they don't really count for much. By the way, I'm not posting/blogging as KnoxDNC anymore.

Brian Hornback said...

Mr. Mule,

I don't think anyone is betting the farm on Senator Frist being the nominee, and you are correct the Hotline straw poll was meant as a fun activity for the delegates of the SRLC.

Trust me I don't relish the fact that the Presidential campaign is starting so much earlier every season. March 2006 for a November 2008 election.

We have several excellent candidates, and I would assume that is why they had the straw poll because people were wringing their hands with oh, wo will we choose.

Welcome, Mr. Mule.