Friday, June 12, 2009

Are There Some Shenanigans Going on in Nashville? Of Course.

Sources in Nashville tell us the Senate is likely to pass the budget today. What about the House? Well, they have adjourned until Tuesday. If they don't pass the budget fairly quickly next week. There are at least four legislators and their spouses going on a trip to Taiwan. Our sources indicate House Speaker Kent Williams, State Representatives Harry Brooks, John Litz and Joe McCord are the ones headed to Taiwan.

Now, it makes since that if State Representative Jimmy Naifeh, State Senator Jim Kyle and the Democrats could keep the budget from passing by end of next week. They could have a plum of a political soundbite. "The Republican controlled Legislature doesn't finish their work and run off to Taiwan."

Our sources also indicate that the cuts while appearing deep, really are not that deep. They are not cutting pre-k. They are simply moving it from recurring to non-recurring.

Oh, the games them boys and girls play while they are in Session with our lives and our money at stake. No Tennessean is safe while the Legislature is in Session. With all the Shenanigans going on, I don't know if it's more like Animal House or Weekend at Bernie's.

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