Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Just State the Obvious

Did you see this profile of Roy Mullins in today's edition from The Big Metal Shed on the Hill. First, of all good job there Big Metal Shed, you all are several months behind Jake Mabe over at the Shopper News. He did a story on Mullins when it was first confirmed he is retiring.

What is interesting in the story is the last line. It is a quote from Roy's wife. "I truly believe that is why he's willing to retire now," Joyce Mullins said. "The school system is in excellent shape." So, what the Mullins are saying is that he was unable to retire during Charles Lindsey's term because the school system was not in good shape. So, the school board that hired Lindsey in 1999 did not do a good job. Let's review the school board that hired Lindsey. Sam Anderson, Paul Kelley, D.M. Miller, Margaret Maddox, Tom Prince, Diane Jabalonski, Diane Dozier, Steve Hunley and Jim McClain. All of those individuals with the exception of Sam Anderson are gone. In addition, all of them were elected OUT of office with the exception of Paul Kelley who saw the hand writing on the wall.

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