Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey, Mikey Come Clean With Open Transparency

Term limited County Commissioner Mikey Hammond, of Birmingham fame is stating that he has discussed with several attorneys the issue of his eligibility to run for County Commission at Large. Our sources indicate that the only attorney that he has talked to is Tom McAdams. The Attorney of one former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe. McAdams most recently was the legal counsel for the Knox Accountability Project, Knox Charter Petition Group. The group that proposed taking your ability to vote for Register of Deeds, County Clerk and other Countywide officials away.

Current Knox County Circuit Court Judge and former Knox County Law Director Dale Workman has made no secret of the fact that if someone has been elected twice they are ineligible to seek that same office again. Judge Workman was the Knox County Law Director when the Knox County Charter was first drafted and voted on years ago. If anyone can be considered an expert, it would be Judge Workman.

When Mike was recently challenged at the West Knox Republican Club meeting, he said that if it the issue is challenged and a Judge rules he is ineligible then he will not run. That's just what we need, Mike forcing Knox County taxpayers into another lawsuit because he doesn't understand the words from our Knox County Charter, "no person shall be eligible to serve in any elected office of Knox County if during the previous two terms of that office the person in question has served more than a single term." (Knox County Charter 9.17 A)

Mike must like the perks and power of office. Evidently being Operations Manager of a local radio station and the Public Address Announcer of the Lady Vols doesn't doesn't satisfy his ego anymore. The power of County Commissioner must be his drug of choice.

So, Brian's Blog is challenging Hammond to come clean in an open and transparent manner. Identify the 3 - 5 attorneys that have advised you that you are eligible to ignore our Knox County Charter and to take your pointing finger from the picture above and exchange it with your middle finger and say to the citizens, The Public Be Damned!

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Anonymous said...

Hammond should be investigated for obstruction of justice and interfering in a criminal investigation.


Hammond should be removed from Commission by the law director. This is an ousterable offense.