Monday, November 09, 2009

Daddy Haslam's Boy Needs a Handler, No He Needs a Muzzle

Thanks to Political Leverage for this post about this Mike Slater radio interview of Daddy's Boy Candidate for Governor. A few quotes are "I don't think I would be for that one, I will let it go" "What's a few million among friends." He speaks in favor of a city or government in purchasing land to have in "inventory" for prospective employers.

"we never got a tax break for anything" Really? A review will determine if Daddy's boy is factual on this one. "As Mayor I see, our engineering department tells one thing and planning review tell one thing" "As a State you have to have capital" Where is he going to get the capital without raising taxes?

"We are in the gas business." Really, he stepped down from Daddy and Big Brother's business to be Mayor. "You want TN homegrown businesses." Daddy and Big Brother's business was formed in Delaware, according to this State of TN filing.

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