Saturday, November 28, 2009

Knox County Election Commission Only Follows the Rules on a Case by Case Bases

Here is an interesting story in today's News-Sentinel. The subject is that Don Daugherty in his compliance with Knox County's Home Rule Charter Form of Government is deciding whether he wants to run as a Second or Third District Commissioner. You see the Home Rule Charter removes the 1 year residency requirement for the first General Election after a reapportionment. Which will be the election of 2010. Scott Frith of the Election Commission told Georgiana Vines of the News-Sentinel the residency issue will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Frith is quoted as saying "Our hope is that candidates follow the spirit of the law and seek office in the community where they live and district they represent." As Knox County taxpayers do you desire that the Election Commission follow the law and enforce it on everybody. Or would you support what Frith is suggesting and allow them to enforce it on a case-by-case basis. Effectively set up a rewards and punishment Election Commission. One that turns their head for a crony and imposes a stricter standard for someone they do not support. This is what Frith is advocating in his statement in today's paper. If Frith and Mackae believe in honoring the spirit of the law, don't you believe that they should enforce the spirit of the law on Mike Hammond with the term limit provision of the Charter? However, because Hammond is a crony of Frith and Mackae they will allow him to file for the at large Commission position.

Brian's Blog reported here where the Election Commission has not enforced the rules on the appointment of Treasurer forms. We will be reporting very soon on other irregularities that we have recently uncovered at the Knox County Election Commission.


Alan Summers said...

Don't forget that Andrew Graybeal is doing the same thing, he signed up for two different districts also.

Brian Hornback said...

Alan, Graybeal has on paper signed up for two treasurers. The issue of this post is not whether one, two or a hundred people have done it or are doing it. There is NOTHING wrong with what they are doing.

The issue here is Frith/McKae ruling on a case by case basis. Their cronies get a pass, while their non cronies are given extensive exposure.