Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Knox County School Board Chair Violates Sunshine Law

Knox County School Board Chair Indya Kincannon in the middle of Board discussion on a lease agreement with the Knoxville / Knox County Volunteer Rescue Squad has taken a 2 minute recess to discuss the item prior to a vote on the lease. This is a DIRECT violation of the State of Tennessee Sunshine Law.

She stated that she discussed the item with Superintendent and Rescue Squad Chairman. She stated that she did not violate the Sunshine law. Because it was a item in discussion, a protest will be filed with Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett for review of her violation of the sunshine law. Because the modified language that was crafted in secret is the language that passed unanimously, Kincannon violated the sunshine law.

The Chair made the motion (which is a violation of Roberts Rules of Order) crafted in secret and seconded by Robert Bratton. The amended motion passed unanimously.

*Please note that Superintendent McIntyre was forced by one of his employers to participate in the secretive meeting, for this reason the Board Chair Kincannon is the only participant that a complaint will be filed on.


Anonymous said...

who is filing the complaint? You?

Brian Hornback said...

As long as it gets filed, what's it matter? You trying to make some threat here?