Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commissioner Norman Advocates Commission Violence

County Commissioner Tony Norman use to act fearful and was quoted in the media of the past drama that Commissioner Greg Lambert use to act out on the Commission dais. However, Norman now advocates and states that his pet project "Ridgetop Protection Plan" is now in "hand to hand" combat. In an email sent to the task force members, Norman wrote

"Subject: Re: County Commission Workshop & Meeting: Tues, Feb 22nd & Mon, Feb. 28th

Task Force Members,
Calling all available for Monday's meeting. It's hand to hand combat now. The avenue of attack is to publicly say anything and everything that might lead to confusion or doubt. So we need bodies and especially business oriented people to speak for the plan. It's being misrepresented as anti-business/anti-development/anti-American etc. etc. Hope to see you Monday and spread this widely. Regard, tony"

I would like to thank Commissioner Norman for asking that this communication be spread widely, because I am able to share this with all readers of Brian's Blog. Everyone can now see that what Commissioner Norman feared was himself. At what point does his blind passion for this proposal denigrate to an un-civil, un-healthy discussion for Commission? Does Norman plan for himself to personally handle the hand to hand combat of the one female Commissioner?


Anonymous said...

How old is that picture? Isn't that Parkey in the background?

Brian Hornback said...

That picture is from the Sunshine Lawsuit from a few years ago. Remember when Tony Norman was one of 19 found guilty for violating the shunshine law. Yes, that is my HERO, Parkey Strader. I miss him often