Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roddy First in Cash, First with a HQ

In today's Georgiana Vines column, Knoxville Mayoral candidate Marilyn Roddy is reporting that she has secured a HQ for her campaign to be Knoxville's next Mayor. Roddy has raised the most money so far. The interesting great take away from this story is that Roddy has no one on payroll. In contrast, Madeline Rogero has two paid staffers. Ivan Harmon has one political consultant and Mark Padgett is reporting three paid staffers. He identifies them as Zak Kelley, Samantha Edwards and Lauren Braden. Although, in his first financial disclosure he reported payments to Kelley and Edwards. However, he has also paid consulting fees to Terry Quillen and Georgia Bacon. So it appears that he has five staffers. Here is Padgett's financial disclosure.

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