Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liberals Don't Walk Their Own Talk

In response to this blog post that we posted this morning, the local liberal blog through Eric Lykins posted a response defense, here. So, while the liberal Democrats through their leader President Obama, Senator Reid and House Minority Leader Pelosi called for "civility" following the Republican wins in November. Evidently liberals EconGal, EricLykins, BBeanster and others either didn't get the civility memo or selects to ignore it.

As for the defense that Rogero's experience would create a champion of collective bargaining. It is not believed that her actions in the 70's had anything to championing collective bargaining. It had to do with forcing wages and benefits for "illegals". It is believed by some sources of Brian's Blog that the 1970's migrants are the 2000's illegals.

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