Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Status Quo Will Have To Do

President Obama won. The US Senate stayed in control of Harry Reid and Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. The US House stayed in control of the Party of Red. So, status quo of gridlock will have to do for 2 years. Republicans have to pick up seats in the Senate in the off election year of 2014 and make Obama a lame duck near do well for the last two years. Our Representative Republic is strong enough to survive another four years of Obama and Crazy Uncle Joe.


Anonymous said...

I don't know.

I think we're taking Europe's path to self destruction.

Anonymous said...

It will take considerable efforts at the grass roots level to rebuild a Conservative movement from the grass roots and work up from there. Take over the GOP from within and take the Senate in 2014!
The only hope for the Republican party is to be the institutional home of conservatism and not the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce. We need to relentlessly promote the idea of limited government which will confine itself to carrying out the enumerated powers as spelled out in the text of the Constitution. In addition, the public will eventually have to see that states like Tennessee and Texas are prospering while California, NY, Michigan, and Illinois continue to sink into bankruptcy. In addition, replace get-along/go-along "leaders" like Boehner and McConnell with true Conservatives like Marsha Blackburn and Jim Demint and fight to limit the suicidal spending habits of Obama, et al.