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Shock And Awe Has Moved!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sheriff Jones Influence Goes Worldwide

This news item I have borrowed and republished from the Knox County Sheriffs Department website.

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones returned from a 7 day trip to Taiwan on Monday. He and Assistant Chief Lee Tramel visited the country at the request of Fang-Chin-Chiu, the Acting Speaker of Chia-Yi City Council. They toured police agencies and the court systems in Chia-Yi and Taipei. Chiai-Yi is a city of 270,000 people and Taipei has just over 2 million.

Sheriff Jones said drugs are becoming a problem in Taiwan as they are in the United States. He said a drug called “ice” is becoming very prevalent. “It’s similar to our meth problem. One of the components of ice is pseudoephedrine which is found in cold medicines and also used to make meth. The police officials were very interested in how we control the cold medicines, the data bases, and cracking down on how much medicine can be sold to one person,” said Sheriff Jones.

The media found the visitors very newsworthy. The Sheriff topped their newscasts and made the front page of their newspapers. Sheriff Jones said he found the trip to be highly educational and a good informational exchange. “I found the police agencies to be very community oriented and progressive,” said the Sheriff. Sheriff Jones added that there are over one hundred Taiwanese families living in Knox County and several students who attend the University of Tennessee and Knox County Schools.

Several police agencies in Taiwan are planning to visit Knox County next August to take a look at law enforcement agencies and correctional system.

Sheriff Jones said thanks to the generosity of Acting Speaking Fang-Chin-Chiu and the other law enforcements agencies in Taiwan, the trip was not at the expense of Knox County taxpayer.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is South Knoxville Getting Screwed Again?

South Knoxville got screwed when the Henley Street Bridge had to close, get torn down and is bring rebuilt. Many businesses have not survived while the remaining ones are barely hanging on until the bridge is completed and the world can once again visit South Knoxville.

Sources now indicate that the State of Tennessee is saying that they plan to complete the James White parkway. The next phase will take it from where it ends at Moody Avenue to then connect at the John Sevier Highway and Chapman Highway area. It would create a complete South Knoxville bypass.

I hope Governor Haslam will stop this in the tracks. South Knoxville does not need a bypass to make Chapman Highway a ghost town drive.

Post Removed

The HPUD and Mayor's Boy post was removed early this morning for the reason that a lot of comments had criticized or asked the question about Cook being at a board meeting on Monday during normal business hours. A comment was posted that pointed out that Monday was Veterans Day and a holiday for Knox County. While that issue wasn't raised in the blog post itself, I made the decision to remove the entire post.

RIP Mayor Leonard

Farragut Mayor Robert "Bob" Leonard has passed away, Mayor Leonard was the first Mayor of Farragut when it was incorporated in 1980. He served for many years before stepping down and the town selected Mayor Eddie Ford. A few years ago, Mayor Ralph McGill was elected and is in his first four year term.

While I have never owned property or resided in the Town of Farragut. I still consider it home because I live so close and have participated in so many things within the Town.

RIP, Mayor Leonard!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Post Election Analysis

My friend Sean over at Meat and Potatoes Blog has a post election analysis that he posted a couple of days ago.

While I probably don't agree with everything he posted. Especially with his analysis that everyone on food stamps or welfare automatically voted for President Obama. He makes some commentary that is worthy of our consideration. Read it here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dr. Bill Warner to Speak at West Knox Republican Club Tonight

Dr. Bill Warner an expert in Islamic Doctrine and Sharia Law will be the Speaker tonight at the West Knoxville Republican Club.

The club meets at the Red Lobster located at 8040 Kingston Pike. If you plan to eat dinner there (dutch treat) is from 6-7 pm with the program beginning at 7 pm.

Dr.Warner can be located on the web at and

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank A Veteran for Their Service!

Hubert Smith Radio Show Today

Today from 10-Noon on FM 90.3 the Hubert Smith Radio Show had one term Former State Representative Julia Hurley. A couple of things that caused a couple of chuckles.

First, Hubert asked her about any political experience. She began to list out campaigns that she had "worked" in and she said that she worked in George Bush, Jr's campaign. Had she actually worked in his campaign, she would know that George W is not a Jr. His father is George Herbert Walker Bush and his son is George Walker Bush.

Second, she said the Great Depression ended 70 years ago. As the show went to a song her microphone was still open and she said, well my math is obviously not very good. Then her microphone went silent. When they came back she did not correct her obviously not very good math.

Lastly, as they were wrapping up the show. Hubert asked what she would be doing now. She said that she was working for TN Strategies a consulting firm of Mike Ragsdale and Mike Arms, Hubert asked you mean the former Knox County Mayor and former Chief of Staff. She said yes. A caller called in and asked what Mike Ragsdale was up to. She said it is a consulting firm and that they have 12 firms between each other and she is happy to have added a 13th client. HR Comp a female run company. She directed the caller to the TN Strategies website.

Shock And Awe had previously reported that she was with TN Strategies. I was unable to confirm it and removed it promptly from the blog. Obviously she went on record and disclosed it.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hurley Has Hatred In Her Heart and Posted It Online

Today one term former State Rep Julia Hurley posted a hate filled spew about the nearly 70% win by State Representative Kent Calfee.

While she can spew her verbal vomit about Rep. Calfee, it is offensive that she would post totally erroneous information about Marilyn Calfee, Rep. Calfee's wife. I know Marilyn Calfee and do not believe that she has ever voted for Obama.

Leave Mrs. Calfee alone!

What Is Next for the GOP?

I have waited a couple of days post 11/6/2012 election to offer my own thoughts about the 2012 Presidential election.

First, the Republican National Committee put Mitt Romney out there and did not insist that he campaign with talk radio. He did not participate in interviews with talk radio hosts.

Second, the RNC did not focus enough on the Senate seats in Indiana, Massachusetts and Missouri. First, allowing Romney to publicly call for Missouri's Aiken to pull his candidacy.

Third, Romney did not have adequate handlers that shoulda, woulda told him to never speak of his 47% belief in America and her people.

Clearly, the Republican Party nationally is broken. (I will have a separate post on the TN GOP later) It must be taken down and built back with tea party, minorities and all of America. Time is critical, the Time Is Now.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Here Is A Good News Item

Why Were The Demos Cheering in the Square Room?

So, why were Gloria Johnson and her cronies cheering and carrying on like Gloria won? You see she left the Square Room and went to the Knox Co Election Commission and stayed there till about 4 am. If she knew she won, why was she at the old courthouse harassing the election commissioners?

Status Quo Will Have To Do

President Obama won. The US Senate stayed in control of Harry Reid and Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. The US House stayed in control of the Party of Red. So, status quo of gridlock will have to do for 2 years. Republicans have to pick up seats in the Senate in the off election year of 2014 and make Obama a lame duck near do well for the last two years. Our Representative Republic is strong enough to survive another four years of Obama and Crazy Uncle Joe.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How did Rep. Hurley Spend Her Last Day as a Representative?

Campaigning for Harry Wampler!

Vote or Don't Complain

Today is the day! If you haven't early voted. Vote today before the polls close. If you do not vote, don't complain for four years.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Judge Blackwood Orders Vanessa Coleman a New Doo

On Saturday, a friend sent me a link to a story that Vanessa Coleman's (the female in the Christian Newsom prosecution) Attorney asked Judge Jon Kerrey Blackwood to order Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones to allow a private hair stylist to give Coleman a new Doo for her upcoming retrial.

Blackwood ordered it, so when the jury thinks that Coleman is a normal everyday female. Is the Judge to blame? Just asking!

Thanks to Sheriff Jones for making the defendant go through the proper channels, no matter how ridiculous it is.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Mayor Appoints County Employee to HPUD Board

Sources indicate that Mayor Tim Burchett has appointed Knox County Sheriffs Department Employee Todd Cook to the Hallsdale Powell Utility District Board.

Cook is a participant in the Knox County Sheriffs Department pension plan. Now, he will collect an additional $300 per month to serve on the HPUD Board.

Sources in the Halls community indicate that Cook grew up with HPUD President Darren Cardwell through his early school days in Halls. In addition, sources indicate that Cook has NO experience with the operation of a utility district.