Sunday, April 05, 2009

Michael Silence is the Bill Haslam Gun Lackey

Michael Silence writes the same spin for the Knoxville Mayor twice in two months. First, this one on February 1, 2009. Then today, April 5, 2009 is this one. The same spin, two months apart. We asked the question on January 28, 2009 about his spinning. We came under attack by a Nashville blog for our post. The evidence now reveals that we were right and we are NOW cleared of their accusation. Silence is trying to re-create the gun issue for the Knoxville Mayor. Come on Silence quit being so quiet about what you are doing. It is about being open and transparent. Right? If he looks like, talked like and signed a pledge that was anti-gun then today the Knoxville Mayor is anti-gun.

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