Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Strip Searches Have NO Place In Public Education

The United States Supreme Court heard arguments today concerning strip searches by public schools. As a former School Board Member and a parent of three, I will tell you that NO employee of a public or private school should be conducting strip search on any minor child/student.

I will NOT even use the argument that there are so many incidents of inappropriate teacher actions toward students. It is NOT appropriate for an individual whose training is to teach educational foundations and fundamentals to students to be conducting a strip search.

If a public education facility suspects that my child has something illegal on their person and the only way is to have them take of their clothes. They had better not conduct a strip search and instead call my wife or I to come to school to determine if they have what they suspect on their person.

For a school system to take the place of police state is going to far. What we see here as the old saying goes, "Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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