Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Is the Way It Should Be

This is retail grassroots politics. Why can't we get retail grassroots politics like this in Knoxville/Knox County?

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Steve Mule said...

There are several reasons why you don't have retail grassroots politics like that in Knoxville/Knox County? Not all of these reasons are "bad" and several are the direct result/manifestations of your strengths.
#1.) Republicans are conservatives (not all conservatives are republicans) and as such gravitate more toward an authoritarian MO, which necessitates a top-down method. This isn't 'bad" or "good" it's just one of thiose things that is.
It's a strength in that lends itself strong organization, planning and coordination.
This I think is the biggest reason.
There are others:
#2.) "grassroots" anything (organizing, sign distribution, etc ...) tend to be a younger crowd thing. Republicans aren't attracting a young enough crowd.
#3.) The Republican message is lame. No one is going to bust their butts for something lame.
This reason is rather subjective and many might/will disagree. It is also time and space dependent; "pendalum swings" and NY20 vs TN1.#4.) Localizing it a little: The local GOP leadership doesn't inspire "grassroots" activities.
"Grassroots" activities necessitate surrendering a certain amount of control. Leadership tends to resist losing control. (that's true of almost any leadership structure/membership.
#5.) Complacency: Republicans pretty much "own" TN. At least the eastern part. So ...
Why would any TN Republican see a neeed for that type/quanity/quality of "grassroots"?

It's possible to go on, but I hope you can see my point, even if you disagree (and you probably will, and that's cool too).