Friday, April 03, 2009

News Sentinel Got It Wrong

Today The Big Metal Shed on the Hill rushed to put a scandalous election story on it's website. It is not an issue. It is tabloid journalism that only Editor Jack McElroy can do. What amused many of us is that in their rush to publish anything, they reported that the last day for voting is Saturday. Actually voting will continue Monday and Tuesday.

So, now when you click on the story it has this notice at the top of the story. Editor's note: This article has been corrected to note that Tuesday is the last day for Farragut residents to cast a vote in the town elections. Come on little Editor Jack McElroy, how hard is it to get the facts. Only the facts. No, tabloid journalism, No agendas, No bragging about your finest hour because of multiple deaths at Columbine High School like you once said when in Colorado.

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Anonymous said...

The story is more about the election commission than the race. It is the job of the election commission to remove material like that. How could they walk by it for over a week and not even notice it? I have never seen newspapers articles in a polling place. They say the election workers are all from outside Farragut. What is that about?

Why does this election commission have so many problems? Every single election has problems like this. Time for new management. Mackay is a democrat and the Republicans should take their turn. Let's get someone that can do the job.