Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Corey DeHart Tenure Remains Intact

Early this morning, Corey DeHart's tenure as a Knox County Schools teacher was left as is. This is a decision that is contrary to Superintendent McIntyre's recommendation. Sources that followed the hearing closer than any member of the Brian's Blog team said that the Knox County Law Department Attorney appeared to be less prepared and competent than the Tennessee Education Association Attorney Virginia McCoy. McCoy represented teacher DeHart.

The damage to Corey DeHart's name, professional image and reputation has been severely hindered. We hope that he is able to fully recover from the damage created by all the adverse publicity put out by the local daily newspaper.

An interesting quirk in this issue is that either Superintendent McIntyre or Corey DeHart may appeal to Knox County Chancery Court for a FINAL over riding decision. Half of the individuals (that are close to this incident) that we have spoken with believe that Superintendent McIntyre is likely to appeal. If that occurs, it will be an interesting development in that all 9 of Superintendent's employers decision could be appealed by their employee. We will wait 30 days to see what happens.


malachi said...

Corey Dehart was a teacher of mine in the mid 90s, he made me love school, I could never believe he would do something like this, I knew him well.

Brian Hornback said...

You were right. Because he was cleared. So sad that an allegation can be made and take someone down