Monday, July 13, 2009

Sandra Clark Is Hoping Against All Hopes To Eliminate Hunley

Before reading this post, I make this disclosure that I and neither Sandra Clark nor Steve Hunley can be counted as friends of Brian's Blog or Brian Hornback. Both of them can be counted as acquaintances but not friends that I would socialize, eat dinner or attend the same party functions with. Here is the post.

The second Sandra Clark Gossip and Lies from this weeks Shopper publications reveals her obvious birthday wish.

Will Steve Hunley enter the race for Knox County mayor? That’s the word on the street about the man who owns a newspaper for which he doesn’t write or take pictures. Trust me. People don’t own newspapers to make money!

Apparently, Clark is hoping to eliminate a competitor if Hunley runs and is elected as Knox County Mayor, then she is obviously hoping the Knoxville/Knox County Focus will cease to exist.

Sandra Clark first purchased and continued the Halls Shopper which evolved into the Halls Shopper News. She then added a Powell Shopper as a sister publication. Hunley then began the Fountain City Focus. Clark then unable to operate, print the newspaper and keep all things running. She then sold it to the parent company of the News Sentinel. With Clark and all Shopper employees answering to Publisher Bruce Hartmann. Hunley then took the Fountain City Focus countywide making his publication the Knoxville/Knox County Focus. Here is Hunley's publications website.

It seems Hunley has been able to do as an owner of a weekly community newspaper something that Clark was and has been unable to do. So, while Clark says "People don’t own newspapers to make money!" Only people like Clark, I would presume.

By the way, I have witnessed Hunley take pictures that appeared in the Focus. So, Clark is wrong on that account as well.

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