Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bill Haslam - Needs to Take a Stand

Bill Haslam as Mayor of Knoxville is the presiding officer of the Knoxville City Council for that reason what he believes is often revealed in the council's actions or in actions. Now, the most current issue is Guns in Parks. The Mayor in concert with Council got the Council Attorney Charles Swanson to opine that a 1980's Council ordinance supersedes last years Private Act of the Tennessee General Assembly. One, that is the worst legal opinion in the history of the state. Second grade civics class teaches us that Federal law supersedes State law and State law supersedes Local law. Swanson would have gotten away with it, until City Councilman Steve Hall asked for a public hearing and vote to allow Guns in Parks.

Here is a history of Billy Boy Haslam. He signed an anti gun pledge with Mayor Bloomberg back a few years ago. As he began running for Governor, he rescinded that pledge. Now, the pro second amendment constituents are asking for this professed gun advocate to take a stand. He hides behind his council and the paid council attorney.

So, while he ducks, dodge and attempts to avoid the issue. The issue will require the youngest boy of the gas price gouging retailer to take either a pro second amendment or an anti second amendment stand. Come on, Bill, man up!

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Anonymous said...

The Haslam's don't know it but Billy the Kid cannot be elected Governor. The guns in parks was the final straw. He is unelectable. No matter how much money they raise.