Sunday, September 27, 2009

Burchett Kicks Off County Mayor Campaign

Friday as the rain set in State Senator Tim Burchett kicked off his campaign for Knox County Mayor. He is the first official candidate. It is expected that Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison and CPA Louis Cosby will announce as well. Here are a few photos from Burchett's kick - off event.

Jim Clayton introduced Senator Burchett, here Senator Burchett honored WWII Veteran Bill Beeler.

Here Senator and Mrs. Tim Burchett thank all those in attendance and recognizes the dignitaries in attendance.


Anonymous said...

Heard only a third of the people who went to the baloney cutting showed up. Timmah losing support?

Anonymous said...

The parking line was wrapped all the way down the mile-long driveway, and backed up to Keller Bend road. It took some of us 30+ minutes just to get in. Rumors are Tim raised over $50,000 at this event (it was only $50 bucks a head. That's alot of heads.)

Anonymous said...

700 is not less that 300...good try though