Monday, September 07, 2009

The Line Is Drawn, What Will You Do?

Political Leverage posted this tonight. It is clear that Political Leverage will NOT be supporting Briggs and crew. Will you join Political Leverage?


Alan Summers said...

I would actually like to see Knox County have non-partisan elections. Our school board is already non-partisan. I looked at the charter and talked with the election commission, and if a charter change could be done to the election section of the charter Knox County could have non-partisan elections. I don't think we need to change anything else, just make elections non-partisan. If we can get away from local party politics, our government would be in much better shape. I may pursue this after the 2010 elections.

Anonymous said...

Why single out Briggs by name? He changed his vote after the fact. (a strange thing, indeed) Tony Norman created the problem by passing on the second round. Brad Anders changed his vote from Leuthold to Tank on round 2. Ivan Harmon, Shouse, Hammond, Lambert were solid "Tank" votes throughout.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Call them ALL out.

Brian Hornback said...

Because Doofus, me and Political Leverage live in Briggs district. We ain't supporting somebody that ain't one of us. Leuthold is term limited and he voted for himself and Hammond is term limited and is a BIG old frog with warts.

Brian Hornback said...

Alan, This is the wrong thing to do. The reason is that it waters down the Republican Party. You cite the school board being non partisan as an example. I will take your example and show you where it is wrong.

Back when the school board was partisan you had two Democrats, Sam Anderson and Anne Woodle. There were seven active Republicans. Today, there are only three board members that vote Republican, Cindy Buttry, Thomas Deakins and Bill Phillips.

The Democrats of the 8th district are trying to oust the Republican Phillips in order to put a Democrat in.

So, your idea is a bad one.

Alan Summers said...

I am sure you have checked my voting record, and you probably saw that I have picked republican. And I do so mainly for the presidential elections. But, because I HAVE to pick a party it makes me have to not vote for some local races in the primary election. I have to leave some blank. I study the people running, their background, their morals - not the party they are associated with. The party is not my deciding factor in an election. Sadly, for most it is. Most people run down the line of their chosen party when electing people, without any research, or care. In my opinion, without the party system in Knox County people would have to actually find out who the people are that are running. We have too many stupid (or uninformed) people voting in this country, just look at what that got our country now.

I think the recall of Phillips is needed because of his actions, I also think Bratton should have been removed from the school board because of his actions. The same applies for Lockett. And the list goes on...mayor Ragsdale, ex-sheriff Hutchison. On and on and on in this county, and country.

All the above makes me sad for our county and country. Elections have consequences, and we see those at our local and national level. And no party is exempt from bad apples getting elected, we see it everywhere. Sadly, it seems there is nothing that can be done. Or, the sadder fact is that most people don't care.

Brian Hornback said...


I research the candidates also. Because the Democrats rarely are challenged, so those are the party members that vote blindly.

Republicans research their candidates and vote informed. Because our Republican primaries always have more than two candidates.

So, you want to dissolve the current system that provides you multiple candidates to chose from. So, your argument is flawed, my friend.