Saturday, December 12, 2009

The News Sentinel Bias Continues

Today, this one story of a business closing as a side bar brief without naming the business in the headline.

This story on December 2, 2009 naming the business in the headline. This follow-up story on December 3, 2009 expanding with the business name in the headline. Then this story 5 days later with the company name in the headlines again. Then a different reporter with this follow-up story the next day. Then this blurb again today.

Unfortunately due to this tough economy there will be businesses that will suffer slow downs, financial hardship and ultimate closure. Why would Jack McElroy and his cronies at the Sentinel single out one company and one person for public embarrassment? It is not right.

Where were the 5 stories on the company that went belly up that the former News Sentinel Publisher lost all his stock investments?

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