Wednesday, December 02, 2009

NS Reporter Lola Alapo Leaves Out Critical Information in Article

Did you see this News Sentinel article yesterday where the paper through it's reporter Lola Alapo promotes two possible candidates to replace Ninth District School Board Member Robert Bratton. What Alapo left out of this article is that Pam Trainor has previously ran for public office and was soundly rejected in the same Ninth district. Pam Trainor was a Democrat candidate on the 8/6/2004 ballot as Pam Maroney Trainer. She garnered 1,583 votes or 30.02% of the vote. Martin Pleasant an Independent received 435 votes or 8.25%. County Commissioner Paul Pinkston a Republican won the election with 3,255 votes or 61.75% of the vote. In addition to the shoddy journalistic work on Maroney Trainor, Alapo left out that the other possible candidate Tammy Sommers in addition to attending religious observances at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist, a fellow member of the same organization is School Board Chair Indya Kincannon. This would raise questions concerning the open meetings law with Kincannon and Sommers possibly deliberating at observance functions. Why would Alapo not research the background of two likely candidates prior to publishing the article? The article as presented yesterday left out key information that would shed critical light to the issue it supposedly addresses. School Board Member Robert Bratton will seek re-election.

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