Friday, December 11, 2009

News Sentinel's Bias is U G L Y

This story is interesting. The News Sentinel led by Jack McElroy has devoted several stories in prominent positions in the paper to a few car dealerships that have filed bankruptcy and tried to make a BIG deal about how Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison and Cedar Bluff Towing Executive Randy Hinton were stock owners in the Limited Liability Company that owned the dealerships.

But then you get this story in today's paper and an executive with Citadel is current Fifth District Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond. Hammond runs the Knoxville operation for Citadel Broadcasting and has since Citadel entered the Knoxville market. With the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Citadel Broadcasting does Jack McElroy display Hammond's name with the story? NO. Why not? Because Hammond takes his marching orders from Jack McElroy and that is why Hammond is intending to run for County Commissioner at Large. So, that he can continue to represent the Big Metal Shed on the Hill's interest.

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