Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Were The Motives of WATE?

WATE's Consumer Reporter Don Dare aired two stories on a local transmission repair business. The first story the customer and the owner are at an impasse. The customer and owner both presented their case to WATE. It is clear from Dare's comments and mannerism that he is taking the side of the consumer. The next hour the station felt compelled to run a second negative story. On the second story was because the solenoid had to be replaced after the transmission repair, the customer feels her transmission did not need to be repaired in the first place. The shop replaced her solenoid and now she wants a full refund on her transmission repair. Huh? Dare mentions that there are several lawsuits filed against this business. That doesn't mean there are judgements against this business. Name me a successful business that has been around for any length of time that has never been sued and I will show you a useless entity. How many lawsuits has Young Broadcasting or WATE had filed on them? Do a story on that.

What we find interesting is that WATE's advertising department in the past has gladly accepted thousands of dollars from this transmission shop and this owner to air commercials to pay the salaries of Dare and others at the station. The owner has appeared in his own television commercials so he is a recognizable figure. Brian's Blog just wonders why is WATE singling out this one guy and his business?

Here is the link to the WATE website where both stories video links are located.


Michael said...

What's your point? A TV station accepts advertising from a local business and that means they can't report on them? There's a wall between the Sales Dept. and News for this very reason.

Brian Hornback said...


Thie point is clear. There does NOT appear to be a problem here other than a disagreement between the owner of the business and the owner of the cars. When there is NOT a clear error on the businesses part. the story should not have aired.