Saturday, August 06, 2011

Joe Armstrong is Stacey Campfield 2.0

So, State Representative Joe Armstrong has disliked State Rep and now State Senator Stacey Campfield. However, his actions in strong arming UT over banning the sales of mints is so much more worse than aborted baby death certificates, baby daddy bill, don't say gay bill or wearing a mask to a UT game for the Halloween football game. Where was Armstong in censoring anti Bush sale items? No where. Actually, he was probably buying them. So in regards to Armstrong I will refer to Armstrong as Stacey 2.0. With great apologies to Senator Csmpfield.

I hope Campfield visits the UT bookstore and demands any books or material with or by Obama be pulled just like the mints.

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Mike Donila said...

this is a good point. and i'm not sure if the story is out yet, but i beieve the company is doing some mints about armstrong. wonder if he'll want them banned, too.