Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Metro Pulse Does Better Than Spelling My Name

Mike Donila sent me a twitter message this afternoon. He asked me if I selected my new Metro Pulse name "rogue Conservative blogger". I then went to the Metro Pulse and searched the pulse website. Cause I got more bird cage liner than I can use. (I don't even have a bird cage). I found this story and sure enough right then near the top of the story it says about my buddy Buck Cochran, and has been hailed by local rogue-conservative blogger Brian Hornback as “100% Republican."

First off, Cochran has been hailed by me as "100% Republican" because he is. He has consistently voted and consistently voted Republican. Marshall "green horn" Stair has consistently avoided making decisions. He has NEVER voted in a City of Knoxville PRIMARY election.

Secondly, rogue-conservative blogger is the most complimentary term that Metro Pulse or it's sista publication Slopper News has ever printed about me. Let's review, rogue means "no longer obedient (check), belonging (check), or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; (check) deviating (check), renegade (check). Five different descriptors that are the independent, call it like it is ShockAndAweHornbackIAm. Thanks Metro Pulse it seems that it has only taken you 7 years (the blog has been in operation since August 2004) to finally credit me with a descriptor that remotely fits.

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