Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scripps Writer Lashes Out on County Mayor

Betty Bean, E.W. Scripps contracted writer for it's Shopper publication posted a negative, profanity filled (if pissed, damn and hell are profanity in your definition) comment on this (the comment is the 16th one down) thread about the Mayor Tim Burchett's Carter Elementary School proposal last evening. It is interesting to note that she liked Burchett this time last year when she was convinced that the Mayor was going to hire her for his Communications Director. Obviously, Burchett hired the communication professional Michael Grider and not Bean. She has made it no secret that she ain't happy with him since. Come on Scripps, how long you going to let her bias continue to plunge your bird cage liner further into the bird cage?

They Mayor wasn't the only one she lashed out at, she even said Conley Underwood was offensive. Underwood has been praised by EVERYONE involved for his style and approach to this multi year campaign. So that demonstrates how out of touch the E.W. Scripps employee is. 


Anonymous said...

E.W. Scripps will never get a clue and realize that the writers are the reason the subscriptions keep falling. They do not have a single writer that is not connected to some liberal candidate. So anytime they write a article about a Republican they are never going to tell the truth. I wish we had another daily paper in this town.

your away pal said...

Comments on Knoxviews claiming that 2.5mm would have renovated Carter wile defending the Powell renovation as being far more extensive than carter would have been are exposing the lack of knowledge these posters have regarding the carter project's needs as a renovation.

There is no way Carter could have been renovated per the design they had approved for even $5mm.

I base my claim on my experience building 10 schools and my walking every foot of the existing Carter school.

Sandy Loy CCM

Anonymous said...

Bean is angry and bitter. Her best days were long ago. Why would you believe her? She is a hater.

Tamara Shepherd said...

Sandy, I didn't say that Carter Elementary could have been renovated for $2.5 million.

I did say that I twice left messages for Conley Underwood to suggest how/where the Carter community might find more $$$ for the renovation.

I also said that Powell Middle required approxiately 9 times the number of classrooms (about 36) that Carter Elementary required (4), and that Powell Middle also required a cafeteria.

Unlike Carter Elementary, Powell Middle needed to place 300 students from trailers in classrooms AND 600 students from "quads" (four-plex classrooms holding 100+ kids each) in classrooms, too.

For these reasons, it would not have been unreasonable to see a renovation budget at Powell Middle that was 9 times larger than the one proposed for Carter Elementary.

But we didn't see that. The Powell Middle budget was about 6 times bigger.

The math is pretty straightforward.