Friday, August 12, 2011

Knox County Is Led By a Servant Leader in Mayor Tim Burchett

Yesterday morning at Knox County's NEW STEM High School Academy ribbon cutting, a young male student passed out from either heat exhaustion or he locked his knees up. He tumbled down the entire lower stair case that leads from the L&N Station to the sidewalk that takes you to the World's Fair Park. He laid just behind a set of stairs where some of the presenters were sitting. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was the first to get to him. Many others were right there surrounding the student after Mayor Burchett.

After the student sat up and then walked back into the school. Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre sent all the other students back in to the air conditioned building. Good move, Dr. McIntyre!

However, Board Chair Indya Kincannon recognized Principal Becky Ashe to conclude her remaining remarks. Then Kincannon delivered her prepared remarks. Then Knoxville Mayor Daniel Brown delivered his prepared remarks (even thanking former Mayor Bill Haslam, who wasn't there). Finally Mayor Burchett was recognized. He stated "the ACLU may sue us, but I would like to pray for that young man" He then led the crowd in a prayer for the young man and said the remarks I had prepared for today will be posted on the website, let's cut the ribbon. We are so fortunate to have a servant leader like Mayor Tim Burchett.

Afterwards I walked through the new academy with the Mayor. Many people thanked him for praying and many people Congratulated him and thanked him for getting Carter a new Elementary School.

Here Mayor Burchett leads the attendees of the STEM Academy ribbon cutting and opening in a prayer for the young student that passed out.


Concerned Community Activist said...

Being a servant of the people and doing what is RIGHT for the people, thats Tim Burchett!

Concerned Community Activist said...

Doing whats right for the people thats Tim Burchett!

Anonymous said...

Class act Mayor Burchett, I guess what the others had to say must have been really important. Maybe they just wanted some more kids to passout.