Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Left Leaning Knoxville Liberals Are Uncivilized

The national liberal democrats call for civility. However, right here in the river city of Knoxville the left leaning liberals are any thing but civil. The day started out with some individuals displaying "Vote No to the Rogero rain tax" signs. Over at West Hills, Madeline Rogero, her son, another supporter and former embattled Election Administrator Greg Mackay all tried to scare away a citizen. The citizen was unbowed, unbent and maintained her first amendment right.

At about 5:30 pm, I ventured over to Sequoyah Elementary School. I had not even made it to the parking lot and had stopped to speak with Councilman Joe Bailey, his lovely wife and three children (all under 6) as I was talking to the Bailey family. A male driving his SUV drove rather fast around the Bailey car and yelled "scumbag" Councilman Bailey asked me "what did he say" I said oh, Joe, he called me a scumbag.

As I went down to talk with some friends, I recognized the male supporter and I asked someone who he was. He was identified to me. As I was talking with some other campaign volunteers, Madeline Rogero and her son walked by. I said hello, Madeline! She said "hello" I said "good luck tonight" she did not reply.

Mrs. Rogero's son was very belligerent to a voter that had asked me about the "rain tax", who had said I don't want anymore taxes. I left shortly thereafter and headed home, but it clearly had some of the left leaning liberals reaching for their blood pressure medicine.


Ian said...

How did Madeline try to scare away a citizen?

Did she wave her arms and yell "booga booga?" I mean, that's how I would've done it.

Brian Hornback said...

Thanks for asking, she got in the ladies face and said that is not true re: rain tax. The lady said on 9/7 in the Metro Pulse you said you would implement the study you co-chaired it calls for the tax.

At which Rogero was getting more angry and said you do not even live in the city. The lady said my husbands business is here and I work here.

All this information is third hand but I know the lady. I visited with the lady after the intimidation occured.

With three different occurances involving Rogero yesterday. Several individuals said she wasn't mayoral. I wished her good luck yesterday. I congratulated her last night on the blog.

I sincerely hope she matures in her job as Mayor.

jeff_ownby said...

This has been the campaign of old, it has been very mean. I got several calls from poll workers of different incidents and was even called a sexist and a racist from a supporter of Madelines, but I am a big boy and know that during this whole campaign I was not nasty to anyone and know that I slept well last night. I wish Madeline and all the other winners the best.