Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops, Sandra Clark is Wrong AGAIN!

In her weekly column (here) Sandra Clark a Scripps employee missed the little detail known as facts. You see, Sandra was "quote" making the case for re-electing Indya Kincannon to the Second District School Board position and Karen Carson to the Fifth District School Board position. In making the case for Kincannon, she accurately described the new school board district that includes Fountain City and Shannondale. However, in making the case for Carson, Clark said her district "includes Bearden High School and the area surrounding it".

In fact in the redistricting, (that was approved two weeks ago) Bearden High School moved to the Third District and the entire Town of Farragut is in the new Fifth District. If you know anything about West Knox County, The Farragut Admirals do not take kindly to being confused with the school to the east. Come on Scripps!

As a community service to the readers of Shock And Awe and to Sandra Clark, here is the redistricting map for the School Board that includes the high schools. Print this out and make it your friend, Sandra! You will probably need it the next 8-10 years.

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