Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shock And Awe Has The Power To Affect Change!

The liberals like to say that Shock And Awe doesn't make a difference. That no one reads my blog. That no one really cares. On Monday, as Commissioners were debating a rules committee change that would require a 48 hour notice for a meeting. Amy Broyles credit's this blog with the change. I appreciate the credit and recognition. Here is the original post of September 24, exposing Broyles meeting. Here is the second post September 26 that exposes where Broyles was in violation of her "directional training". Here is the October 10 post where we reported that the Commission would be discussing this issue.

Now, while Broyles says that "Commissioners have violated the 48 hour rule" she has not cited individual commissioners, dates and specific incidents. Broyles should really embrace the example of Commissioner Jeff Ownby in giving sufficient notice as detailed on Mike Donila's Screams from The Porch blog here.  


Rikki Hall said...

Nice job, Brian. You just made government bigger! Now Jolie has to do PR work for every political club and neighborhood organization in the county.

Brian Hornback said...

How is one person sending a few more press releases making government bigger? Come on Rikki, even the Broyles press release in question was not sent to the media, it was BroYles sending an email to all commissioners after hours late Friday night about a Sunday meeting with Shouse.