Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congressman Fleischmann's Town Hall Meeting in Oak Ridge - Rowdy!

I have never been in the same room with Congressman Chuck Fleischmann so when I got a facebook status to my blackberry this afternoon from Terry Frank that the Congressman would be having a town hall meeting in Oak Ridge, I decided to attend.

I still have NEVER personally talked with Congressman Fleischmann. I went to observe and report here on Shock And Awe how the town hall went and to observe and get a feel for what kind of Representative Fleischmann is. In the Republican Primary, I was supportive of Robin Smith because I have worked with Robin and have a personal acquaintance with her. So, this was my effort to give Fleischmann an opportunity.

The town hall meeting of Congressman Chuck Fleischmann was getting ready to start. The Congressman's Chief of Staff Chip Saltsman is seated in the front on the wall. Wearing the blue shirt, khaki pants.

Congressman Fleischmann presented a 20 minute presentation on the US debt crisis. He was interrupted once by a man on the front row wanting to know about defense spending.  

Here the man that interrupted the Congressman about defense spending asked the first question. Actually it was not a question, it was a bizarre statement and then he said that he wanted National Health care. Some of his comrades clapped. When the Congressman explained how he disagreed, the other half of the crowd clapped over he and his comrades. Which caused this man to scream out "SHAME" at the crowd.

This gentleman asked about the Congressman had signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes. He asked if the Congressman would ever reconsider that pledge. Another war? Anything? The Congressman said NO! He believes that America should grow jobs in order to grow revenue.  

This lady is the President of the newly formed Anderson County Republican Women Club. She presented the Congressman with a pin from 1976. She asked the Congressman how old he was in 1976. He calculated and determined he was 14.

This lady is the face of extremist liberal. She was confrontational, she was lacked any form of civility. She was simply there to incite a riot and fire up her comrades.

Here Oak Ridge Mayor Tom Beehan is trying to restore some civility to the uncivilized lady with Congressman Fleischmann. The problem is about half of the crowd were not the civilized kind.

Here my friend Richard Esparza asked the Congressman about his campaign pledge to vote to abolish the Patriot Act. But when he became the Congressman he voted to extend the act. The Congressman attempted to explain that he looked at both side and came down on the side of not allowing the terrorists to win. Mr. Esparza followed up with a question if the Congressman had read the entire 1,000 page Patriot Act. The Congressman said he had not. What is interesting about that is that prior to Mr. Esparza getting there, during the Congressman's presentation he made a statement that he couldn't believe that Congress would vote for a bill to find out what is in the bill.  

The gentleman in the black shirt asked the Congressman about his 2010 campaign. In that campaign the Congressman did not appear at any debates with his Republican opponents. He asked the Congressman to pledge to debate his Republican and his General Election (Democrat) opponents in next years election. The Congressman did not pledge to debate any opponents.

I have not concluded what my thoughts are on Congressman Fleischmann. I am past step one in evaluating him and his abilities as the Representative for the Third Congressional District of Tennessee.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ivan Harmon Gives a Glimpse at Rogero's Office of Business Support

This is the complete Press Release / Advisory from the Ivan Harmon Campaign: The plan recently hatched by the Rogero campaign for an Office of Business Support, with a full-time business liaison and a Business Advisory Council is a fine example of what President Ronald Reagan would have called “fuzzy thinking.

This plan is a typical liberal response to a real or imagined problem. It will make more unnecessary government, and add more layers for people to go through and to ultimately pay for. This plan will make it harder to talk to the mayor, and his chief of staff. You probably will be redirected in circles and instead of talking to the mayor, you will get “Peggy” like the (discover card) commercial on TV. Only this time WE will be paying for Peggy. "The business liaison will work closely with businesses and the Chamber of Commerce to help businesses navigate through the maze of city offices on matters such as permitting, inspections and licensing," Madeline is quoted as saying at a fundraiser recently.

“One staff position would be needed for carrying out the initiative.” Rogero said at the fundraiser. Pardon my skepticism but this looks far too much like the camel’s nose going under the tent. City government is big enough. We don't need an office that taxpayers haven't approved of, that will undoubtedly expand, need more and more staff, red tape and money. If you go to the City Of Knoxville web site and click on business, the information you would need to start a business is available already.

As city mayor I would make some changes however. I think you should be able to go to a part of the Business site and submit the kind of business you want to start and get a free package emailed to you, with all the information you need to start your business included in it.

Ivan’s plan for business is simpler and more effective.

1. I am for strong neighborhoods that have been revitalized after blighted properties are returned to the taxpayer and put back on the tax rolls. Strong neighborhoods make an environment that helps business and ultimately, job growth.

2. I will work toward making a Knoxville where the taxes are low and the city services are the best possible.

3. I will improve the city of Knoxville’s business web site. You should be able to submit the kind of business you want to start and get a free email package of everything you need to know to start that business in Knoxville.

4. I will work with the Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders to help and encourage small business. I believe that if you have expertise in a field, you should use it.

As a conservative I feel that we need to put people to work by encouraging business, especially small business to thrive and prosper in Knoxville. The largest creators of jobs in the business sector are small business and most fail in the first two years of operation.

Government doesn't create jobs. Government creates an environment that encourages business and they create the jobs. As a conservative I believe that one way is to try to keep government out of the way as much as possible.

The issue of the Hill Side and Ridge Top protection plan for instance, is an example of too much government meddling. This plan will discourage business. It could cause some properties to loose value and if they were being used as collateral for a business or a mortgage, the borrowers would have to make up the difference.

Since properties are taxed according to value, even the city tax base will change and again the difference has to be made up with more taxes.

We need to help and encourage the business community. Streamlining tax collection is also a start. Why pay your taxes with two envelopes to two tax collecting agencies, for instance.
TIF’s for businesses that qualify, a strong infrastructure and low taxes, will stimulate job growth and new businesses, as well as an aggressive program to recruit new business from other places. We will also work as closely as possible with our governor and the county mayor on business related issues.

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Baptist Concord - A Rich Heritage

I was talking with my Mom today about the history of my home church. I found this video that the church used in 2005 on it's Founder's Day. First Baptist Concord has been mine and my immediate families Spiritual home since we began visiting in 1993. In 1993, it was only my wife, our first child and me. Today, our family consist of my wife and three kids. Oh how time flies.

Buck Cochran & Bill Owen's City Council at Large Opponent - He is an Entertaining One!

This morning between 9:00 am and 10:00 am on The Ed and Bob Show on WNOX FM 100.3 the three candidates for City Council At Large Seat B debated. The candidates are Buck Cochran, Bill Owen and a 33 year old Attorney.

Here's the link to listen to the debate.

Buck Cochran is 100% Republican as Shock And Awe previously reported,
here. Buck Cochran stated he is voting and supporting Ivan Harmon for Mayor. He wants red light cameras abolished. As City Councilman, Cochran will only accept $1,000 a month in salary. He will return the rest to the City general fund, because City Council is a part time job.

Bill Owen a former State Representative and State Senator has been an activist Democrat. Owen supports making Knoxville a "wifi city". He says "Get out and Get online". Chattanooga is implementing a wifi city as are other communities. It can be accomplished by private enterprise (ie. att or comcast) by public and private or as a total public cost. Owen proposes that it will be done with out additional revenue. Bill Owen is supporting both Mark Padgett and Madeline Rogero. He stated that jobs and a wifi city are his biggest issues.

The 33 year old Attorney said this is his first race and he is staying out of the Mayor's race. He said that the biggest issue is bringing communities to the city. What does that mean? More annexations? He said that having a "wifi city" is "hard to do. Hello, the city is not electing you to do an easy job. But, his analysis is wrong and is a smoke screen because you didn't think it. The Attorney believes that the homeless problem is "a county problem" and that the "county should help fund the solution". He stated that litigation should be avoided, because it only helps Attorneys. Wait, he is an Attorney!

Bill Owen pointed out that the 33 year old Attorney has not voted in the City of Knoxville Mayors race. Did not vote for Haslam. Has not voted in the City Council at Large race. Has not voted in a city primary. The Attorney said he voted in 2005, (Owen said once) 2006 (Owen said once) 2008 (Owen said once) and 2010 (Owen said once) Owen said you voted in 5 elections but there were 20 elections during those times. The Attorney was eligible to vote in 1997, he registered in 2000, but didn't vote until 2005. Again, never voted in a City primary, the City Council At Large or City Mayor's race.

The 33 year old Attorney impugned the integrity of Ed and Bob during the closing remarks in asking them if Bill Owen was going to dictate the show. Them there are fighting words here at Shock And Awe. No morning talk show is more fair to everyone than Ed and Bob. I am intentionally not publishing his name here, because he has impugned the integrity of MY friends, Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas. It is my blog, I can do that.

Thomas Deakins Announces Candidacy For School Board Chair

Tonight during Board Forum (the time when board members can say whatever they want) Thomas Deakins of District 6 announced that he is a candidate for Knox County School Board Chair. The positions are voted on the first meeting of every September.

Chair Indya Kincannon immediately congratulated him for submitting his name and said that she would nominate him. She then proceeded to make the case for her to become Vice Chair. In an effort to "help" Deakins.

The last thing the board needs is to continue a confrontational attitude with the funding body and fiscal head of county government (county commission and county mayor) I would hope that the board would make a clean break with it's leadership, in order to create a working relationship with the funding body and fiscal head of county government. Deakins as Chairman and Kim Sepesi as Vice Chair would be a good clean break.

Dr. McIntyre Evaluated Receives a Top Grade - Board Member Fugate Receives an F

This evening the Knox County School Board publicly performed the one duty they are obligated to do. Evaluate the Superintendent of Schools. Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. came through with flying colors. There were collective concerns about ACT scores, Teacher and School Staff Morale and the ongoing price tag for the Five Year Strategic Plan. His contract was extended another year tonight, extending his employment until 2015.

I applaud Dr. McIntyre on a good to better job of any previous Superintendent in modern history. Better than Hoffmeister, better than Morgan, better than Lindsey. Roy Mullins did a better than good job as interim between Lindsey and McIntyre.

Now, I have read each of the nine board members individual evaluations, the Board's combined narrative evaluation that was approved tonight. I will read Dr. McIntyre's 14 page self evaluation later tonight. However, when it comes to fulfilling their job performance on the evaluations. We must remember that three School Board members were late turning in their evaluations, needing a 2 day extension that was approved by the board as a whole. The three board members were Lynn Fugate of District 4, Pam Trainor of District 9 and Chair Indya Kincannon of District 2. The three evaluations that were the most interesting to me. Lynn Fugate submitted a one page evaluation, FOUR paragraphs (one half paragraph that she copied from Dr. McIntyre's self evaluation) Fugate did not follow the form of four questions that were approved by the board. She clearly earned an F in her work. Kincannon spent a considerable amount of time discussing only her own districts school performance. Which is interesting in that she spends time saying that the board must consider the school district in it's entirety. Trainor submitted a lot of verbiage that really didn't seem to make a coherent point. She spent a lot of space referring back to her PTA position and not from her current school board position.

The best all around evaluation goes to Thomas Deakins of District 6. He considered the district as a whole and presented the data prior to his conclusion. Cindy Buttry of District 3, Gloria Deatheridge of District 1 and Kim Sepesi of District 7 were good all around evaluations.

Congratulations Dr. McIntyre. While Board Members Fugate, Trainor and Kincannon need to do a better job next year.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Picture of Hypocrite

Thanks to a Shopper News Employee capturing this photograph and then publishing it in tomorrow's Shopper News. We can report that when the picture edition of online dictionary is released, this is the photograph of Hypocrite. Let's review as former Knox County GOP Chairman from back in the forever years ago, he publicly endorsed a DEMOCRAT over the Republican nominee for Chancellor of Knox County in 1998. Before that he moved to Nashville to be the lap dog and top advisor to State Income Tax Proposing Governor Don Sundquist. Last year, he was quoted in this News Sentinel story for Shock And Awe being an independent reporting blog. He was quoted as saying about me and Shock And Awe "speaks for itself. You don't want somebody that generates controversy on every issue."

His record of being a State Income Tax Proposer, an endorser of a Democrat for Chancellor, an endorser of an extremist candidate for Mayor over a loyal Conservative Republican Mayoral candidate in Ivan Harmon. Being the candidate that unleashed the sewer political campaign of the last two decades on the most effective, Conservative Senator in our State's history in Jamie Woodson is not the generator of controversy on every issue? Right!

I have NEVER endorsed a Democrat over a Republican. Now, he has joined the ranks of supporting ultra extreme liberal Madeline Rogero. Hopefully, Rogero will embrace him, because when Senator Jamie Woodson first ran for the State Senate, he challenged her in the Republican Primary. he garnered a whopping 25% of the vote. At least when he criticized me. I spent ZERO dollars and received 38% of the vote. While his guy spent over $15,000 to win by his winning percentage.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Marshall Stair Motive

Sources close to the Marshall Stair campaign indicate that the motive for young Marshall's run for City Concil is to build a group of volnteers and bolster a weak resume in order to challenge State Senator Stacey Campfield in two and a half years.

Madeline Team Shake Up

It was reported on the "Blab" that Madeline Rogero fired Tom Jester from her campaign team recently. If you can believe anything other than what I say on the "Blab" and I don't post that much over there.

Why would she fire Jester? A) she didn't like the advice he was giving B) she wanted to buy a few more tv commercials, so free up some revenue C) she is actually listening to the California crowd (fruits, nuts & flakes) that volunteer for the Rogero campaign D) she actually I believing the rhetoric that she has sold to E.W. Scripps (Knox News Sentinel, Metro Pulse & Slopper News) that she is so far in the lead that no one can catch her.

Firing Jester is not a good move. He orchestrated the 1994 Tommy Schumpert commercial pulling the 1980 Cadillac out of the mud. He orchestrated the Tim Burchett commercial of him pulling over to get the turtle out of the middle of the road, after the road kill bill.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The City Should Go Out Of Business. But Rogero and Hultquist Want To Grow Government

Hultquist was first wanting to take the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) into the City of Knoxville government. Now, Rogero wants to create another city department, Offce of Business Support. These two candidates want to grow government, not grow business and private sector jobs.

The Beginning of the End for Shelby County Schools

Yesterday an agreement was hatched in mediation and approved by the Judge that a consolidated Shelby County / Memphis City Schools will be governed by a 23 person board. This ends the legal challenge to protect Shelby County Schools from being forced to consolidate with the falling Memphis City Schools. Yesterday was the beginning of the end for Shelby County Schools.

A Source Says Amy Gibson is back!

Yesterday I received a voicemail that said Amy Gibson has returned to her Facebook profile picture with the buttons of Rogero, Saunders and Bearney. You will remember Gibson (the author of the Compassion Knoxville report) came under fire for bias the day of the reports release. She removed the picture in question. But now it is back, according to a reliable Shock And Awe source.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So, Bette's Mind Wants to Know

This afternoon over on the local liberal blog, Scripps writer Bette Bean was making a deal over a Shock And Awe blog post from late Friday night / early Saturday morning. She says that "schlong and gawn" I guess that is how a Scripps writer writes Shock And Awe had intentionally tried to portray a political sign at an adult book store.

Evidently, the candidate in question reads Shock And Awe because the moved the sign and now have it connected to the Big Fatty's sign. Big Fatty's is the restaurant next door to said adult bookstore. I have photographs from Friday night where it was NOT connected to the Big Fatty's sign. So the campaign obviously moved the sign further EAST.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Phil Ballard's People Are a Thirsty Group

Last week the Halls Republican Club moved their August meeting to the Beaver Brook Country Club. The club heard from two of the three Republican candidates for State Senate. The club also conducted a cake auction. The dinner was coordinated by longtime Republican activist Sandy Merryman. The word is that it Merryman did an exceptional job.

The one thing that couldn't be controlled was that having it at the country club allowed attendees to partake in adult beverages. An observer noted that the table where Phil Ballard's employees and campaign workers were sitting had a large amount of beer glasses. They must be a thirsty bunch.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Will Marshall Do?

So, I am at the Farragut football game last night and got a call from a West High School supporter that alerted me of where the latest Stair sign was located. When the game ended I drove east and took this picture. (Granted it is dark, it was almost midnight after the 2 hour weather delay)

If Marshall is elected, when issues involving adult businesses are on the Council agenda, What Will Marshall Do?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Metro Pulse Does Better Than Spelling My Name

Mike Donila sent me a twitter message this afternoon. He asked me if I selected my new Metro Pulse name "rogue Conservative blogger". I then went to the Metro Pulse and searched the pulse website. Cause I got more bird cage liner than I can use. (I don't even have a bird cage). I found this story and sure enough right then near the top of the story it says about my buddy Buck Cochran, and has been hailed by local rogue-conservative blogger Brian Hornback as “100% Republican."

First off, Cochran has been hailed by me as "100% Republican" because he is. He has consistently voted and consistently voted Republican. Marshall "green horn" Stair has consistently avoided making decisions. He has NEVER voted in a City of Knoxville PRIMARY election.

Secondly, rogue-conservative blogger is the most complimentary term that Metro Pulse or it's sista publication Slopper News has ever printed about me. Let's review, rogue means "no longer obedient (check), belonging (check), or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; (check) deviating (check), renegade (check). Five different descriptors that are the independent, call it like it is ShockAndAweHornbackIAm. Thanks Metro Pulse it seems that it has only taken you 7 years (the blog has been in operation since August 2004) to finally credit me with a descriptor that remotely fits.

Author of Compassion Knoxville Changes Photographs

This morning, while listening to the Ed and Bob Show on WNOX FM 100.3 a caller brought up that Amy Gibson the author of the Compassion Knoxville study that is being released today had as her Facebook profile picture a photograph with the three campaign badges for the three candidates that have supported the Ten Year Plan. I didn't think much about it. Until I  got back to my office this afternoon and received an email from one of my sources. The source informed me that Ms. Gibson had changed her profile picture to a photograph without campaign badges. Why would she do that?

Sources close to Compassion Knoxville have raised the possible reasons today. Gibson is apparently concerned that people would perceive a bias towards favoring the old Ten Year Plan. This Compassion Knoxville report is the old Ten Year Plan with two more big ticket items paid for with local tax dollars. The "wet shelter" safety center and the mobile health clinic. So this is the old Ten Year Plan but more expensive. That is not what the voters want and this raises the question that a Madeline Rogero supporter was in charge of Compassion Knoxville. The comments and the topic group discussions do not match the recommendations of the Compassion Knoxville Report.

According to my source, this is the photograph that was on her Facebook page this morning.

According to my source, this is the photograph on her Facebook page this afternoon after it was mentioned on Ed and Bob Show.

Madeline Says YES to Scattered Housing for YOUR Neighborhood

From a Mayoral Forum this week at Harvest Park. The question was do you support scattered or central housing for the homeless. Hear the difference in two of the five candidates.

Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon says NO!

Mayoral Candidate Madeline Rogero says YES to scattered housing because Fourth and Gill has them now and the City of Knoxville doesn't own the property. So, if you do not live in Fourth and Gill and you want to protect your neighborhood. Cast a vote for someone else for Mayor.

How Many Times Before Mark Padgett Learns a Lesson?

Do you remember this story from January 2011 where the Boys and Girls Club of the TN Valley felt used by City Mayoral candidate Mark Padgett? Well imagine my shock and surprise when I was directed to the Padgett this event. You see here is the Facebook event that has the following descriptor. "Join us for a great night of shopping, wine/cheese, and catching up with old friends. And come meet Mark Padgett, candidate for Knoxville City Mayor Mark is a Knoxville native and small business owner focused on creating jobs and economic growth to strengthen our neighborhoods and improve city services.10% of all sales will go towards Florence Crittenton Agency of Knoxville (Katie’s favorite local charity)." What part of  NO political campaign involvement by charities does Mark not understand?  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rachel Craig is a NO SHOW!

Rachel "Ms. 50% or less attendance as MPC Commissioner" Craig who ranted and railed against Mayor Burchett's alternate selection to MPC was slated to be the speaker at the So. Knox Democrat Club meeting this week. Guess what? She was a NO SHOW! What a shocking surprise! NOT! So what will be the attendance record of the candidates Marshall Stair or Madeline Rogero if they were to be elected? Those are her two favs.

Marshall Stair - Trying to Be All Things to All People

When Marshall Stair is talking in East Knoxville, Island Home or to the "Progressives" he talks like a Democrat. When he is in West Knoxville he talks like he is a Republican. Over the weekend, a vehicle was spotted by me in West Knoxville. Not that I am trying to profile or stereotype supporters. But you should know which message matches.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gloria Johnson Responds

So, I posted this link over at the local liberal blog (here) and at least one other person did some additional research and posted their thoughts and research over there and lo and behold Gloria Johnson came clean. She does not live in the 6th. But, she says that Central High School where she is employed is in the 6th.

I am aware that state law allows someone to be a resident of a county for one year and run for an office and if you are successful then you can move to that district. It is a quirk in state and federal law. A gentleman from Chattanooga ran against our Second District Congressman twice. But clearly he was not successful. For the same reason multiplied with others is why Gloria will not be successful.

One reason Gloria will not be successful is that in the 6th, we don't take kindly to political opportunist carpetbaggers saying " well, I will become one of you, once you elect me." Secondly, it is interesting that the Democrats floated out Actor David Keith's name as a candidate. Clearly, he turned them down. They couldn't find a resident of the 6th that is a Democrat that would run so Gloria is D team or less selection.

As for Betty Bean's comment that for someone that bad mouths the local liberal blog, I am promoting over there. NO! Actually, I recognize and point out people that post over there who are foul mouthed, unprofessional. R. Neal doesn't fall in that category. Only Bean and a few rogue commenter's and posters. So, I am there to provide balance, objectivity and defend myself from baseless, unprofessional, derogatory comments from a rogue reporter.

By the way, Gloria gave her phone number if anyone has a question or needs anything. It is 865-660-9800 but she also said don't bother calling 8:30 am - 4:15 pm That is not what we want in a Senator, one that will not be available when we need them. We need a Senator of the People, that will represent us. One that will do our business, when we need it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Knox Focus Disses Farragut Football

The weekly newspaper that originates from Ftn. City but changed it's name to Knox Focus because it wanted a countywide presence. Tomorrow's edition has all the high school football schedules. Well, not all. They dissed Farragut Admirals. Was that intentional?

BREAKING NEWS: Democrat Gloria Johnson Is NOT a Resident of State Senate District Six

The other night, TN Democrat Chairman Chip Forrester announced at the Knox County Truman Day Dinner that Knox County Democrat Chair Gloria Johnson would be the Democrat candidate for State Senate District Six. But, you see the problem is that according to our sources Johnson resides at 2506 Brice Street. That residence is in the district served by State Senator Stacey Campfield. So, the TN Democrat party is so clueless they recruit a candidate that is not a resident of the district. You can go here on the kgis website and search for 2506 Brice Street and it will inform you that property is in Senator Campfield's district

Saturday, August 13, 2011

State Representative Bill Dunn and Facebook

State Representative Bill Dunn, Michael Patrick and I were talking about Facebook and social media in general before the ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday morning at the STEM Academy. Representative Dunn said he initially got on Facebook to reconnect with his old flames. He then realized that he didn't have any old flames and then got off Facebook. That my friends is funny, I don't care who you are.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Breaking News: KCDP Chair Gloria Johnson to Run for State Senate District 6

Hubert Smith called me from tonight's Knox County Democrat Party's Truman Day Dinner. It was announced at the dinner that Knox County Democrat Chair Gloria Johnson will be a candidate for State Senate District 6. Meaning that the winner of the Republican Primary will have to face Johnson in November. The Republican candidates as of this date are Victoria DeFreese, Becky Massey and Marilyn Roddy.

Knox County Is Led By a Servant Leader in Mayor Tim Burchett

Yesterday morning at Knox County's NEW STEM High School Academy ribbon cutting, a young male student passed out from either heat exhaustion or he locked his knees up. He tumbled down the entire lower stair case that leads from the L&N Station to the sidewalk that takes you to the World's Fair Park. He laid just behind a set of stairs where some of the presenters were sitting. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was the first to get to him. Many others were right there surrounding the student after Mayor Burchett.

After the student sat up and then walked back into the school. Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre sent all the other students back in to the air conditioned building. Good move, Dr. McIntyre!

However, Board Chair Indya Kincannon recognized Principal Becky Ashe to conclude her remaining remarks. Then Kincannon delivered her prepared remarks. Then Knoxville Mayor Daniel Brown delivered his prepared remarks (even thanking former Mayor Bill Haslam, who wasn't there). Finally Mayor Burchett was recognized. He stated "the ACLU may sue us, but I would like to pray for that young man" He then led the crowd in a prayer for the young man and said the remarks I had prepared for today will be posted on the website, let's cut the ribbon. We are so fortunate to have a servant leader like Mayor Tim Burchett.

Afterwards I walked through the new academy with the Mayor. Many people thanked him for praying and many people Congratulated him and thanked him for getting Carter a new Elementary School.

Here Mayor Burchett leads the attendees of the STEM Academy ribbon cutting and opening in a prayer for the young student that passed out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scripps Writer Lashes Out on County Mayor

Betty Bean, E.W. Scripps contracted writer for it's Shopper publication posted a negative, profanity filled (if pissed, damn and hell are profanity in your definition) comment on this (the comment is the 16th one down) thread about the Mayor Tim Burchett's Carter Elementary School proposal last evening. It is interesting to note that she liked Burchett this time last year when she was convinced that the Mayor was going to hire her for his Communications Director. Obviously, Burchett hired the communication professional Michael Grider and not Bean. She has made it no secret that she ain't happy with him since. Come on Scripps, how long you going to let her bias continue to plunge your bird cage liner further into the bird cage?

They Mayor wasn't the only one she lashed out at, she even said Conley Underwood was offensive. Underwood has been praised by EVERYONE involved for his style and approach to this multi year campaign. So that demonstrates how out of touch the E.W. Scripps employee is. 

Breaking News: Who Would Madeline Choose For Law Director?

Sources close to the City of Knoxville Mayor's race are saying that Madeline Rogero will hire Stephanie Matheny as Law Director. That the Ten Year Plan for scattered housing will be implemented in it's entirety. Why am I not surprised? Read here Ms. Matheny's guest column on housing for the homeless.

Breaking News: Commissioners Oppose Mayor Burchett's Sale Plan

Sources near Channel 6 have informed me that Commission Chairman Mike Hammond is using words that caution selling Three Ridges Golf Course may not be a good idea. Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith is telling Channel 6 that he is not opposed to selling Hillcrest North Nursing Home but would like a public hearing. Well, that is opposition.

When I asked Commissioner Jeff Ownby about Hillcrest. He said "well, I am not going to lease Hillcrest for a $1". That rocks, Commissioner Ownby!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Will the "Metal Shed" Bury The Carter School Story?

The Metal Shed on the Hill has editorialized three times against a new Carter Elementary School. So, now that the school board passed the Mayor's proposed Carter Elementary School tonight in a 5-4 vote. Where will Jack McElroy bury the story in tomorrow's bird cage liner? My bet is that the Ball Camp ribbon cutting will out play the Carter Elementary School vote. The Carter story has been ongoing since I was on the school board, when as a board we purchased the property on Strawplains Pike for the NEW Carter Elementary School. Come on Jack! Give Carter it's due. Credit Community Activist Conley Underwood and Mayor Tim Burchett for making this happen.

Thomas Deakins Was Like a Proud Dad at the Ball Camp Elementary Ribbon Cutting

This is the way Ball Camp looked about 20 minutes before the ribbon cutting ceremony. Preparations were orchestrated by Knox County School PR Agent in Charge Melissa Copelan.
Superintendent of Knox County Schools Dr. Jim McIntyre arrives and is talking with County Commissioner Jeff Ownby. While the Ball Camp School Board Member Thomas Deakins fields a last minute cell phone call.
Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones along with Knox County Mayor Chief of Staff Dean Rice look over the crowd and new building. Beginning Monday slow down in the school zones, Sheriff Jones guys and ladies of the Sheriff's department will be looking for you.
Conley "Mr. Carter" Underwood was present at today's ribbon cutting. Tonight the School Board will vote on whether to accept Mayor Burchett's proposal to build a Carter Elementary School with out the school district having to commit any more dollars that $2.5 million, which was slated for Carter Elementary renovation.
The crowd of students, parents, community members of Ball Camp mixed in with elected officials and lots of media enjoy the sun on fresh asphalt.
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jim McIntyre makes a few remarks about the renovation and expansion of Ball Camp.
School Board Member Thomas Deakins, the elected representative for the Ball Camp community delivers a few remarks.
Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett shared a few comments before the ribbon cutting. As always, Mayor Burchett got the crowd laughing a couple of times.
Mayor Burchett, County Commissioner Jeff Ownby, School Board Chair Indya Kincannon, Mr. Deakins, Ball Camp Principal Dr. LaKisha Waters, Superintendent McIntyre, School Board Member Cindy Buttry and others cut the ribbon.
Thomas Deakins does a fist pump after the ribbon was cut. He was like a proud dad on his son's base hit in a competitive little league game.

Always the gentleman Deakins takes the ribbon to put away. The students of Ball Camp will have a school building that will last for generations to come. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

School Board Encouraged to Meet and Create Deals!

JIm McClain, former Knox County School Board Member and vocal supporter of Madeline Rogero addressed the Knox County School Board tonight opposing Mayor Burchett's Carter Elementary School proposal. His rationale was that the board had not negotiated with the Mayor. He advocated that the board postpone the Carter Elementary School issue and go to the Mayor and say if you want this (Carter) project, well we want (fill in the blank) for our communities.

Those individuals observing the McClain meltdown were wondering where McClain left his brain. In the days of Knox County where the media demand and hold accountable elected officials to conduct the peoples business in an open and transparent process. In an era where Superintendent McIntyre has established new procedures (like the architect selection on Southwest Elementary) in an open and transparent process. McClain is advocating a return to the era where he was a high school principal and Earl Hoffmeister was Superintendent.

Shopper Reporter Admits to Publishing Critical Article and Failing to Meet with the Subject

Over on the local liberal blog is a thread about Charles "lying" Thomas decision to not keep his word from January 2011 that he would be a caretaker for the 5th district City Council seat and would NOT be a candidate for the post this year. Yesterday he filed the necessary paperwork to have any write-in votes counted.

In the
comments of this thread, Shopper writer Bean posted that she wrote a critical column about the only legitimate candidate Mark Campen. That he contacted her to meet and discuss it. She acknowledges that they were not able to meet she states "at no fault of Campen."

So, this is proof from Bean herself that she wrote an unbalanced story and failed to meet and correct any erroneous material in her story. When will E.W. Scripps management (the owner of the Shopper) intervene and quit allowing Bean to further her own agenda with any unethical journalistic tactics?

Bean said in part, "I wrote a very mild criticism about Mark's county commission service a couple of months ago (he was not very active), and he emailed me wanting to talk about it. We had some scheduling problems (no fault of his), and the qualifying deadline came." She further stated he never contacted her again. Well, hello it isn't his turn to call her back. If she were a legitimate journalist she would have 1. made it important to meet with him and 2. would ensure that they establish a meeting.

If Sandra Clark the managing publisher of the Shopper would run the Shopper like a legitimate business unit, Bean would be forbidden from being a rogue, bully reporter with a bias agenda. But, that is the reputation that Bean and Clark have established and E.W. Scripps doesn't desire to treat this business unit like the other business units they own and operate. No wonder E.W. Scripps had a loss of $2.0 million plus dollars last quarter!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Mayor Ivan Harmon - He Won't Skirt The Issues

I have been meaning to post this for a while. Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon subjected himself to an interview with Knoxville's Skirt Magazine. In doing the interview, he also subjected himself to being photographed in a skirt. While his friends have used this to poke fun at him, he should be given credit for doing whatever it takes to get his message out. After all, He is a Man of the People, For the People. Here is the picture that was in the June 2011 Skirt Magazine. You are a good sport, Ivan!

Knoxville Mayoral Forum on Social Justice

Redeeming Hope Ministries, the publisher of Knoxville’s street paper "The Amplifier," is proud to announce a mayoral forum and debate focusing on social justice issues concerning Knoxville’s homeless community. The event will be held at Redeemer Church, located at 1642 Highland Ave, on Wed., Aug. 10th beginning at 10:00 AM.

The forum is intended to continue The Amplifier’s mission of giving a voice to the less fortunate in our community. This forum shall serve to introduce new homeless voters to the mayoral candidates and provide an opportunity for them to submit questions that directly relate and impact them as members of Knoxville’s homeless and formerly homeless population.

The forum will be moderated by Hubert Smith, host of "The Hubert Smith Radio Show" broadcast each Sunday on WUTK-FM 90.3.

The forum is expected to last one hour. The questions will be generated by recently registered homeless voters, members and volunteers at Redeeming Hope Ministries, and homeless vendors and volunteers of "The Amplifier."

Charles Thomas, Politician -vs- Mark Campen, Statesman

Interim City Councilman Charles Thomas who was appointed in January evidently likes the job. After telling the Council that he would not seek the election to the post this year, he has gone back on his word. Today, one hour and a few minutes before the deadline Thomas filed the necessary paperwork to have any write-in votes counted in the September 27 primary election. Currently, Mark Campen is the only qualified candidate, so if  Thomas finds enough people that wants to honor a person that in 7 months goes back on their word, then Campen will be forced to run with and against Thomas. However, the General election shouldn't be too hard. Campen can just look at Thomas and say to the voters, if you want a liar, there you go!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

He is Where?

Clarification: I received an email this morning (Sunday 8-7-11) from Mark Padgett's campaign spokesperson that clarified the information from my sources. "what you heard isn't true. Mark was in Florida this weekend for a close friend's wedding." I appreciate her contacting me and clarifying Mark's whereabouts. It demonstrates that even Shock And Awe can sometimes use a little clarification. I guess I owe Mark a cup of coffee now. I digress.

Original Blog Post: Today was the Lonsdale parade, Ivan Harmon candidate for Mayor was there with volunteers handing out school supplies. Madeline Rogero arrived late and had to hustle to catch up to her group. Mark Padgett was represented by his father and a supporter or two. Brian's Blog sources overheard that Padgett was out of town taping a television commercial. Do What? Why do you have to tape a commercial out of town? Doesn't Knoxville have what you need for a backdrop and don't we have the capabilities to do that here?

Joe Armstrong is Stacey Campfield 2.0

So, State Representative Joe Armstrong has disliked State Rep and now State Senator Stacey Campfield. However, his actions in strong arming UT over banning the sales of mints is so much more worse than aborted baby death certificates, baby daddy bill, don't say gay bill or wearing a mask to a UT game for the Halloween football game. Where was Armstong in censoring anti Bush sale items? No where. Actually, he was probably buying them. So in regards to Armstrong I will refer to Armstrong as Stacey 2.0. With great apologies to Senator Csmpfield.

I hope Campfield visits the UT bookstore and demands any books or material with or by Obama be pulled just like the mints.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Superintendent McIntyre Recommends New Carter Elementary School

The Knox County School Board agendas for next weeks workshop (Tuesday August 9, 2011) and Meeting (Wednesday August 10, 2011) on the item of a New Carter Elementary School. All the documents are linked on the agenda (here) and in Superintendent McIntyre's Memo, he recommends proceeding with the contractual documents and agreement for a NEW Carter Elementary School.

Beck Center Violates it's 501(c) (3) Status

Beck Cultural Center is a 501 (c) (3) and because of that status they are NOT allowed to engage in political campaign activities. Well, tonight Beck Center Director Avon Rollins and his wife. Along with County Commissioner Sam McKenzie and his wife. Along with former County Commission Chairman and Knoxville Mayoral employee Thomas "Tank" Strickland and his wife had a Meet and Greet for City Council Candidate and Former County Commissioner Finbarr Saunders. The Meet and Greet was held tonight at the Beck Center from 5 - 7 p.m. Below is a picture of the invitation.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Marshall Stair - Supported by the We Won't Show Up

City Council candidate Marshall Stair, you know the guy that doesn't show up for City of Knoxville Primary ELECTIONS has garnered the posted support of former MPC "50% or less attendance" Commissioner Rachel Craig.

She has posted her support for her candidate boy wonder on knoxblab. Today, she has posted that I have endorsed Bill Owen. I support people that believe in showing up for the job. In 2 years of serving on the MPC, Craig was a 50% or less attendee. Even Commissioner Amy Broyles has publicly stated that Craig's non attendance at MPC meetings was/is a problem.

So, if you want a Councilman that has NEVER bothered to vote in City of Knoxville Primary ELECTIONS. Then cast a vote for the endorse of the 50% club.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Rogero Has Peaked! It is now Harmon, Padgett, Bennett and Hultquist to Win

Last week, Madeline Rogero released an "opinion poll" that her campaign paid for. A poll that says that she has 40% of the vote, Ivan Harmon 20%, Mark Padgett 13%, Joe Hultquist 4% and Bo Bennett at 1%.

I intentionally waited until Monday night to give my perspective. I wanted to see what all the other pundits had to say. It seems that she scored with the pundits giving her a "front runner status". Even former Knox County Republican Party Secretary Steve Hunley's newspaper ran a nearly full page color photo of her.

But, here's my take on the "front runner status". she has topped out at 40%. Here is my reasoning, in 2003 she received 48% of the city vote in challenging Bill Haslam. A few years later, Haslam tapped her to be in a highly visible position within the city government and his administration. She has been the front man on all community initiatives (ie. Ten Year Plan etc.) While the other candidates have either been out of the public eye for a while (Harmon and Hultquist) or are new comers to elective office campaigning (Padgett and Bennett).

So, for her to poll at 40% with her high visibility that tells me that all the undecided are decided on one thing, they are not voting for her.