Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Am Coming Off The Sidelines For 1 Play

A few City Council members are upset with County Mayor Tim Burchett's budget. If you wanted to make decisions for the county, then run for and get elected to commission.

After-all, previous Mayor's and Council members gave up the jail, library, indigent care and schools. So, you have absolutely no street creed on Mayor Butchett's or County Commissions budget.

Your predecessors gave up on the students a long time ago.


Deathstar Vader said...

Brenda Palmer has the mind and temperment of a child...and she really likes to throw her weight around. These City Councilmen don't get it: the City sets off fireworks for Boomsday, has a one judge court system, serves ZERO warrants inside City's like a government but smaller and less useful or important.

Anonymous said...

The city's elite don't care for the "county conservatism" of Burchett.

It scares them. The Gloria Ray exposure and clean up of that debacle scares them.

Calling for accountability from a superintendent who is making a power, that's right, power grab in the county, and is appointed on top of that? How dare those county conservatives!

Well, we and our Mayor dare, that's who.

Knoxville voted for Rogero and the county for Burchett.

The vast majority of McIntyre's support is from the city.

It's a huge philosophical and political difference.

'Nuff said.